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2015Jan 26

SPAD Hockey Tournament – 40th Anniversary Recap

By Blog Contributor David Maika

One of the most highly anticipated events of the year has come and gone. Marking its 40th anniversary, the SPAD Hockey Tournament was one to remember.

Tournament organizer Kevin Baxter was euphoric when asked to talk about his experience managing the event. “Running this tournament was like nothing else I have ever done. The experience this has given us for our future in the business world is worth all the effort we put in as an organizing committee. The tournament was a huge success with 24 teams total participating! We also had the inaugural Shoot for a Car contest during the Staff vs. Faculty game, which raised money for the United Way.”

The tournament ran from Wednesday, January 21st to Friday, January 23rd at the Gerry McCrory Countryside Sports Complex in the South End of Sudbury. The tournament featured 24 teams competing, 19 mixed and 5 competitive teams.

With plenty of coffee in hand for an early wake up call, the first day began at 7am with the commencement of round robin games. Overall, there were 18 games played between both ice pads, with intense battles and slick goals throughout. The first day ran very smoothly, with plenty of excitement generated from the games, raffle table and the sheer exhilaration that comes with the tournament.

The second day consisted of another 18 games, with the thrill of playoffs looming for many teams. For 3rd year SPAD dynasty, The Morning Sherwoods, their dreams came to a halt with a record of 1-1-1.

Team Captain, Kyle Cormier had this to say about his team’s performance. “This year’s tourney was a tough one for us. We left it all out there, which is all anyone could ask for. We were just on the wrong side of some bad bounces. Sam Dodington played stellar for us in his debut with the Morning Sherwoods and kept us in the games. It was nice to end it with a big W. Couldn’t be any happier of this group and we’ll be back next year to challenge for the championship.”


The opening face-off of the Competitive Finals in the 2015 Hockey Tournament

The third day started off with 3 games to finish the round robin play before the commencement of the Mixed Quarter-Finals and the Competitive Semi-Finals.  At the end of the day when the dust settled, only two teams stood victorious. The Brew Crew took home the Mixed Division Championship, while the Backdoor Bandits captured the Competitive Division title. Congratulations to both squads and to all the teams for making the tournament a great one!

The Staff vs Faculty game also highlighted the last day of the tournament. In a hard fought battle, Staff trounced the Faculty, 5-1. All proceeds from the Staff vs. Faculty game went to the United Way. After the game, the moment fans had been waiting for arrived. The Shoot for a Yaris! Before that could happen, two lucky fans were chosen to shoot for Sudbury Wolves ticket package and an NHL All-Star Jersey. SPAD grad and tournament sponsor Bryce Newton was up first, shooting for the Wolves ticket package. Though he didn’t win the ticket package, he did win 3 Wolves tickets! For the All Star Jersey, Nick Valliant was selected to shoot. Ben Vincent was the lucky individual to Shoot for a Yaris! Ben fell short of making 17 out of 20 shots from the far blue line, but put in a gallant effort!

The tournament organizers would like to thank all the volunteers and teams that participated in the tournament, as well as all their sponsors:

Muskoka Brewery – (Website,Facebook, Twitter)

Toronto Blue Jays – (Website, Facebook, Twitter)

Laking Toyota–(Website, Facebook, Twitter)

MLSE – (Website, Facebook, Twitter)

United Way–(Website, Facebook, Twitter)

GoodLife –(Website, Facebook, Twitter)

Source for Sports – (Website, Facebook, Twitter)

Tony V’s– (Website, Facebook)

The New Hot 93.5 – (Website, Facebook, Twitter)

DiBrina Sure Group – (Website)

Bryce Newton of Investors Group- (LinkedIn)

Dairy Queen- (Website, Facebook, Twitter)

Crocodile Printing Services – (Facebook)

Gloria’s Restaurant – (Website, Facebook)

Molson- (Website, Facebook, Twitter)

Sudbury Wolves- (Website, Facebook, Twitter)

Vrab’s Independent – (Website)

Desjardins Insurance – (Website, Facebook, Twitter)

SPAD Class of 2014

Fionn MacCools – (Facebook)

The Positive Inception – (Website, Facebook, Twitter)

Tim Hortons – (Website, Facebook, Twitter)

S.R.O Nightclub – (Website, Facebook, Twitter)


For pictures and other information regarding the tournament, please visit


2015Jan 20

The SPAD Hockey Tournament Marks Its 40th Anniversary

By Blog Contributor David Maika

The 2015 SPAD Hockey Tournament is just around the corner! Celebrating its 40th anniversary, the tournament looks to build off the success of past years.

From Wednesday, January 21st to Friday, January 23rd, teams will congregate at the Gerry McCrory Countryside Sports Complex. The 2-pad arena is a perfect fit for the 5 competitive and 19 mixed teams competing in this year’s event. With familiar teams returning, as well as a plethora of new teams, the tournament is bound to be full of fun and enjoyment for players and fans.

10425106_1013178645365429_1811635254025217456_n“Being able to run this tournament is a great opportunity for myself and my 4 classmates,” said tournament organizer Andrew Vani. “With it being the 40th year we have incorporated a new event at the tournament, the shoot for a car competition that we hope will continue to be at this tournament for many years  to come. We hope we can make it the best year yet!”

A new feature to this year’s tournament is the ‘Shoot for a Yaris’ presented by Laking Toyota. For $2, you can attend the Laurentian Staff vs. Faculty Hockey Game and your name will be entered for a chance to shoot for a Yaris! All proceeds of the game will be going to United Way.

Another feature of the tournament includes The Official After-Party of the 40th Annual Hockey Tournament Presented by Muskoka Brewery.

Come out and support the guys and girls participating in this year’s tournament! The week is bound to be full of good hockey, great fun and maybe even a brand new Toyota Yaris. Make sure to check out the official website at for more information. You can also visit the tournament’s official Facebook page and follow them on Twitter.

For directions to Countryside arena, click here. See below for full schedule.

Hot 93.5 Rink (Pad 1)



DiBrina Sure Rink (Pad 2)


2015Jan 13

The ODR Classic – “The League” Holds Outdoor Rink Games This Week

By Blog Contributor Alex Saunders & Guest Writer Mitch Seabrook

“For me, hockey started in the backyard with my old man, not in an arena with heaters and the chants of 50/50 tickets. No coaching politics or crazy parents. Hockey was just a sheet of ice, a stick, a puck, and a net. (…)”


Third year SPAD student, David Maika, pronounced an image so vivid in his mind that he could paint a picture that many Canadian kids could relate to. For the 2014-15 academic school year, the SPAD Shinny Hockey League has undergone a massive rebranding process. “The League” was born. Aside from the new branding properties, the organizing committee for this year’s anticipated hockey league have been allowed the opportunity to bring forth many new and exciting ideas for the students of Laurentian University. When asked about what excites him the most for the upcoming season of play, Nathan Didone, a member of “The League’s” organizing committee, didn’t even have to pause to think about it.


“The ODR Classic. No doubt.”


On January 16th the ODR Classic (known as the Outdoor Rink Classic) will consist of three regular season games between the league’s six teams. Modeled after the National Hockey League’s “Winter Classic”, the ODR Classic is designed to bring the game of hockey back to its roots by skating on the proverbial pond, where dreams of playing in the NHL first began for many. Teams will now have to adapt to new challenges that they wouldn’t normally  endure during an indoor game, such as glare from the sun, skating against the wind, and depending on the weather; snowfall. Laurentian students and players will continue to wait in anticipation of the unique opportunity to play a league-organized game of hockey out in the elements.


“(…) The outdoor classic offers a chance to relive those childhood memories while also creating new moments with friends.”


David Maika is just one student of the participating 96 Laurentian University students who will lace up the skates for a brand new year of SPAD hockey. Regular season games for “The League” will take place on Friday afternoons at the Carmichael Arena. Puck drop will be at 1 PM, 2 PM and 4 PM during game days. For a complete schedule, statistics, player bios and more, visit


2014Dec 2

GameDay 2014 – The Experience of a Lifetime

By Blog Contributor Tyler Fitch

Having three hours of class on Thursday night, and then three more on Friday morning can be tiring, especially when it’s the same subject. It’s not like there are breaks either, the full three hours get used. But Professor Tom Blake’s Championship Selling class is, in my opinion, an experience that truly prepares every student for life. It’s incredibly valuable, regardless if you go into sales or not, regardless if you pursue a career in sports or not. It affects every conversation you will have, whether it’s with your parents or your spouse or your coworkers.

GameDay, for those unaware, is the culminating project in the third year Championship Selling course.  Students are put into groups, and paired with a company and industry professional. My group had the pleasure of being paired with Paul Tepperman, the Managing Director of Bacardi Canada. Our task was to find a way to increase rum sales for the LCBO in Ontario. For a few weeks, our group met and tried to think of ways to tackle this issue. We surveyed a hundred students around campus, and even stood in an LCBO for an hour observing customers, the displays, and promotions going on. We came up with our solution, created samples, and finalized our presentation.

Thursday night, we had the opportunity to attend a networking event at a local restaurant, giving us the chance to meet the industry professionals that would be taking part in GameDay. This gave us the chance to get to know our client, but also the clients for other groups. It was undoubtedly a great experience.

The next morning, students, clients, faculty, and special guests packed into Alumni Hall for GameDay. The sales call between students and clients was divided into two roughly half an hour meetings. During the first meeting, students applied the skills learned in the course by asking questions, “playing catch”, and gathering information on their clients and the situations they were in. They then had thirty minutes to prepare a solution to the problem, and re-convened with their clients.

It was amazing to be able to take the concepts learned in class and apply them practically. Sales has the same group element that other SPAD classes have, but differentiates itself based on the fact that GameDay isn’t about having a presentation, it’s about having an open conversation, reacting to the customers needs, and thinking on the fly. It isn’t rehearsed.

At the conclusion of GameDay, winners were announced, and everyone had the pleasure of listening to SPAD Grad and Optime CEO Hugues Gibeault give a talk, summarizing the day and providing great advice. When Hugues probed the students to share their “aha” moment over the course, each and every student came to the front to share something they learned. All the responses weren’t based off course concepts, but on internal attributes that they learned, such as the ability to show confidence, step out of the comfort zone, and the importance of listening.

I know that I speak for the entirety of SPAD students that participated in GameDay when I say that it was truly a once in a lifetime experience. I’d like to thank both personally, as well as on behalf of the entire program the following companies who sacrificed some of their valuable time to participate:

–          Bacardi Canada

–          American Standard

–          Bell

–          Canadian Paralympic Committee

–          Great-West Life

–          Pepsico

–          Proctor & Gamble

–          Sprout Wellness Solutions

–          Toronto Blue Jays

–          Twentyten Group

–          Optimé

In addition, I’d like to congratulate Premier Sports Business on winning GameDay 2014, and thank Tom Blake and Jennifer Taylor for making the course happen, as well as the entire Sports Administration faculty for putting the course on.

2014Oct 7

SPAD Month in Review – September 2014

By Blog Contributor David Maika

As October rolls in, SPAD students are finally all settled in and ready for fall. Postseason baseball has been captivating and the start of the NHL season created a buzz that can only be found in the Great White North. Looking back over the month of September, all four years of the Sports Administration program had a fun and eventful opening few weeks. Here is a quick overview of the month that was for SPAD students:


SPAD Frosh Jake Sparks goes one-on-one against Nethu Srikanthan as Bradley Case and Alex Pittman look on at the 2014 LU Flag Football Tournament.

First Year

New beginnings have started for the first year students. For the majority of the frosh who are on campus, gone are the days of mom’s fresh cooked meals, clean laundry and bedtime curfews. As overwhelming as the process can be, the group of SPAD frosh have adjusted well to life in the Sports Administration program. With icebreaker events such as SPAD Frosh Day, the first years have become more acquainted with each other, as well as with the upper years.

When asked about his first month in the SPAD program, Graydon Ronson was eager to answer. “First year has been so awesome and never actually thought it would be this good. The cool thing about this program is not that you get to know your own age group, but you get to know the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th years as well. There are a lot of opportunities to do great things with your life in SPAD and I can already feel it becoming a big part of my life.”


Second Year

Having completed two midterms already, the second year SPAD students have gained a greater understanding of the workload that is involved with ‘core year.’ Second year is a balance of Commerce and SPAD courses, which allows students to learn the core principles of business theory;  these theories become the foundation for all upper year applied courses.

With more than capable students, the second years are still finding time to socialize and be involved with the program and extracurricular activities. Second year student Scott Birkbeck is also a Peer Mentor on his floor in residence. “My role as a Peer Mentor has been a great social experience. I have been helping plan activities and helping the frosh out by teaching them how to get the most out of their time here at university. With regards to SPAD, I feel that we have also developed a very strong support group within our program. There is always help available for those that need it, whether it is from our peers or our Profs. It’s amazing to think of how close we have all become since first year. By working together it helps us be more successful in our studies and gives us the time to fulfill the social aspects of that balance.”


Third Year

As third years focus on their SPAD courses, there is a sense of excitement around the students. With the responsibility of running fun and interactive events, the third years have hit the ground running, trying to build on the legacy and past success of SPAD-run events. Last Saturday, a group of third year students hosted the ‘LU Flag Football Tournament’ with a number of teams in attendance, ranging from frosh to fourth years. Tournament organizer Sami Sherry said “I’m very pleased with the outcome of the tournament. I think it went as smoothly as it possibly could have despite the weather. It turns out the ingredients to a great day are university students, football and a soggy patch of grass.”

With the tournament complete, the rest of the third year students are eager to organize and run their own events. The next event is the Ultimate Frisbee Tournament, which will be held on Saturday, October 25th.  For more information, visit their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter (@FrisbeeLU).


Fourth Year

Entering into their final year, the fourth years have begun to reflect on their memorable SPAD tenures, just as the great Derek Jeter reflected on his final year of being a Yankee. Some of that reflecting however was put on pause, as many of the fourth years are busy gaining valuable work experience as interns for a variety of organizations.

For the fourth years that have completed their internships this past summer, it is back to the grind for one last year at Laurentian University. Using their valuable experience from their internships, the fourth years are already excited about their year-end fieldtrip.


Program-Wide Notes

Overall the first month of the 2014-2015 academic year for SPAD students has gone very well, highlighted by these events:

  • With the excitement of the NHL season looming, SPAD Student Council has created their annual SPAD Hockey Pool picks for SPAD students and faculty to compete for a chance to be fantasy hockey king or queen.
  • SPAD Student Council have added two new members, Spencer Karn and Roberto Bagnato, who will become First Year Representatives.
  • The annual John Molson Sports Marketing Conference is just around the corner and planning for the event has already begun!
  • SPAD Student Council is in the process of determining a SPAD wear provider. Stay tuned for more information!
2014Mar 22

@LU_SPAD Students Host 2nd SGA Dodgeball Tournament

By: Kevin Domaratzki

1975164_10153913794870385_1655199430_nOn March 15th 2014, third year event management students hosted the 2nd annual SGA Dodgeball Tournament presented by Toppers Pizza. The event was held at the Ben Avery Gym on Laurentian Campus and ran from 9-4:30. The event was a huge success as it attracted a record breaking 22 teams, with each team having 6-8 players.

The event began just prior to 9am as teams who registered were treated to complimentary morning snacks, including granola bars, fruit, water and Gatorade. Participants also had the opportunity to snack on bags of chips supplied by Frito Lay, a proud sponsor of the event. Players had the opportunity throughout the day to play the Topper’s Pizza Accuracy Challenge, attempting to hit the most pizza boxes in a row with a dodgeball. The round robin began at 9am as all three courts (Toppers Pizza court, frito lay court and pepsi court) had games running simultaneously. Every team was guaranteed 3 games in the round robin. The round robin ran smoothly and on time, until pizza arrived just before noon. Each team was given a large pizza, generously donated by presenting sponsor Topper’s Pizza.


2014Mar 14

4th Year @LU_SPAD Students Talk Internships

SPADindexOn February 27th, 2014, 4th year SPAD students took the time out of their busy schedule to talk to 2nd and 3rd year students about their experiences last summer and fall while working on their internships. The students, although approaching the busiest time of a SPAD students 4 year career with field trip, gave back to the younger students looking to complete their own internships over the next 1-2 years. These 4th years talked about their favorite aspects of the internships and gave advice to others about how to be successful while working on an internship. (more…)

2014Mar 13

2nd Annual SGA Dodgeball Tournament This Weekend!

1975164_10153913794870385_1655199430_nIt’s that time of year again; time to dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge! SPAD’s third year event management students are organizing the 2nd Annual SGA Dodgeball Tournament which is taking place on Saturday March 15th at the Ben Avery Gym. The tournament begins at 9:00am on Saturday and runs until 5:00pm. Teams consist of 6-8 players, and registration cost is $80.00 per team. Please note that every team must have a minimum of 2 members of the opposite gender. Registration will continue all week in the Great Hall!

Event organizers have a ton of fun activities planned for all participants. A number of raffle prizes will be available courtesy of the generous sponsors. Moreover, mini games will be played at the event, with the opportunity to win some great prizes. The games include an accuracy challenge, and one vs. one sudden death competition (as seen in the classic Dodgeball movie). A free pizza lunch will also be provided to all of the tournament participants. You won’t want to miss out on all the fun!

For more information on the event, be sure to check out the official Facebook and Twitter pages! Make sure to get your team in for the weekend! Lots of fun to be had. Check in to the blog for an event recap next week! Also, be sure to check out some highlights from last year’s tournament here:

Stay connected to the SPAD Blog on social media. Follow us on Twitter at @LU_SPAD or like us on Facebook for all the latest updates.

2014Mar 6

@LU_SPAD Students Host 2nd Annual LU Snow Battle

1962676_598977603530621_815083389_nOn March 1st 2014, third year Event Management students hosted the 2nd annual LU Snow Battle at the varsity fields, here at Laurentian University. The event was a tremendous success which attracted nearly 100 students and faculty to the athletic fields. A total of six teams braved the cold, and competed for the prestigous LU Snow Battle Title!

The event got underway early Saturday morning, where players were treated to some free snacks and coffee courtesy of Country Style. Teams battled it out throughout the morning during the round robin rounds. Every player was then invited back to the Ken Banuk Lounge and were treated to a delicious lunch provided by Pillers. The new concept of “Ski Ball” was a big hit during the lunch break, which eventually saw SPAD student Ross Wallen come out on top.

After lunch, players and spectators returned to the field to take part in the skills competition. The first skills contest was based off of throwing accuracy, and saw SPAD Student Mark Norris put on a brilliant display to run away with the competition. Next up was the very exciting “Gauntlet” event which saw players from all teams participate, however, no one could touch the speed of SPAD’s Tom Zapletal who came out on top of the competition. Teams then proceeded to compete in the elimination rounds, which eventually saw “Snow Up Your Nose”, group of 4th year SPAD students come out victorious!

Event Organizers (Jenna Woodward, Tim Smith, Jason Reichart, Kaite Doyle, Scott Bond, and Jason Rabski)

Event Organizers (Jenna Woodward, Tim Smith, Jason Reichart, Kaite Doyle, Scott Bond, and Jason Rabski)

Everyone who came out to the event had themselves a blast. The event organizers would like to thank everyone who came out and participated in the event. Also, a big thank you to all of the generous sponsors who made the event possible. We look forward to next year’s “battle”! Be sure to check out all of the pictures from the event here (Photos courtesy of Jenna Woodward).

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2014Feb 13

@LU_SPAD Students Host PepsiCo SB Party 2014

1900590_10153853828710061_932728461_oOn February 2nd 2014, third year Event Management students hosted the annual PepsiCo SB Party at Alumni Hall, here at Laurentian University. The event was a tremendous success which attracted nearly 100 students and faculty to Alumni Hall to watch the game. Every guest was provided with complimentary Lays chips thanks to party title sponsor, PepsiCo/Frito Lay.

The big game took place from the Meadowlands in New Jersey, and saw the Seahawks rout the Broncos by a very lopsided score. The game itself wasn’t close, but guests were kept entertained throughout the night with various contests, water pong, and the very popular field goal challenge station. Moreover, two separate Madden stations were set up in the hall to allow guests to put their skills to the test in some friendly competition. DJ Chasse was also on hand to keep the atmosphere alive in the room during commercials!