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2014Sep 15

SPAD Frosh Day 2014

By: Tyler Fitch

2014-2015 SPAD Frosh

2014-2015 SPAD Frosh Class

For many, the beginning of September represents the ending of summer and the beginning of school. Making the transition from high school to university can seem daunting, especially for those who don’t know anyone at their new university. Luckily, the students entering their first year of Sports Administration are coming into a program that is close-knit like no other. SPAD Frosh Day, for many, is the day where people will meet others who will one day turn into lifelong friends. This year, there are 78 frosh, a much larger group than previous years. No matter how many first years there are, the tradition of going paintballing on Frosh Day needed to be upheld.

The day began by meeting at the Ben Avery gym, where ice-breakers and introductions were to be held. Students who arrived early took advantage of the location and played basketball while waiting for others who had come from Friday morning class. Once everyone had arrived, council began with their introductions before passing it off to the frosh, who shared their names, where they were from, and an interesting fact about themselves. This transitioned into another ice-breaking game, where students were split up into teams and had to work together to answer questions and elect members who best represented various categories.

From here, the students boarded two buses that drove across town to Dodge This Paintball. Each frosh was given a gun, 100 paintballs, and a mask, and began by playing in a wooded area filled with hills, trenches, and valleys. The students fought through rain, mud, and poor visibility in the beginning, and many emerged from the forest with mud and paint covering most of their bodies. As the first years returned to the front, council began handing out pizza that had just been delivered. During the break, the sun finally emerged and more frosh went out for subsequent rounds on the main course, filled with small buildings, cars, and obstacles. After a couple more hours passed by, it was time to take the iconic Frosh picture and return to residence for a break before reconvening later in the night.

Later in the night, frosh and council met Professor Zinn and Dr. Eastman at Wacky Wings, where the first years took the valuable opportunity to connect and network with the upper years on council as well as the faculty that will be working with them for the upcoming years.

Check out some of the highlights from the day:

SPAD Council would like to thank all the frosh as well as the faculty for making the day a great success, and look forward to seeing everyone at numerous SPAD events throughout the year.

2014Mar 22

@LU_SPAD Students Host 2nd SGA Dodgeball Tournament

By: Kevin Domaratzki

1975164_10153913794870385_1655199430_nOn March 15th 2014, third year event management students hosted the 2nd annual SGA Dodgeball Tournament presented by Toppers Pizza. The event was held at the Ben Avery Gym on Laurentian Campus and ran from 9-4:30. The event was a huge success as it attracted a record breaking 22 teams, with each team having 6-8 players.

The event began just prior to 9am as teams who registered were treated to complimentary morning snacks, including granola bars, fruit, water and Gatorade. Participants also had the opportunity to snack on bags of chips supplied by Frito Lay, a proud sponsor of the event. Players had the opportunity throughout the day to play the Topper’s Pizza Accuracy Challenge, attempting to hit the most pizza boxes in a row with a dodgeball. The round robin began at 9am as all three courts (Toppers Pizza court, frito lay court and pepsi court) had games running simultaneously. Every team was guaranteed 3 games in the round robin. The round robin ran smoothly and on time, until pizza arrived just before noon. Each team was given a large pizza, generously donated by presenting sponsor Topper’s Pizza.


2014Mar 6

@LU_SPAD Students Host 2nd Annual LU Snow Battle

1962676_598977603530621_815083389_nOn March 1st 2014, third year Event Management students hosted the 2nd annual LU Snow Battle at the varsity fields, here at Laurentian University. The event was a tremendous success which attracted nearly 100 students and faculty to the athletic fields. A total of six teams braved the cold, and competed for the prestigous LU Snow Battle Title!

The event got underway early Saturday morning, where players were treated to some free snacks and coffee courtesy of Country Style. Teams battled it out throughout the morning during the round robin rounds. Every player was then invited back to the Ken Banuk Lounge and were treated to a delicious lunch provided by Pillers. The new concept of “Ski Ball” was a big hit during the lunch break, which eventually saw SPAD student Ross Wallen come out on top.

After lunch, players and spectators returned to the field to take part in the skills competition. The first skills contest was based off of throwing accuracy, and saw SPAD Student Mark Norris put on a brilliant display to run away with the competition. Next up was the very exciting “Gauntlet” event which saw players from all teams participate, however, no one could touch the speed of SPAD’s Tom Zapletal who came out on top of the competition. Teams then proceeded to compete in the elimination rounds, which eventually saw “Snow Up Your Nose”, group of 4th year SPAD students come out victorious!

Event Organizers (Jenna Woodward, Tim Smith, Jason Reichart, Kaite Doyle, Scott Bond, and Jason Rabski)

Event Organizers (Jenna Woodward, Tim Smith, Jason Reichart, Kaite Doyle, Scott Bond, and Jason Rabski)

Everyone who came out to the event had themselves a blast. The event organizers would like to thank everyone who came out and participated in the event. Also, a big thank you to all of the generous sponsors who made the event possible. We look forward to next year’s “battle”! Be sure to check out all of the pictures from the event here (Photos courtesy of Jenna Woodward).

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2014Feb 20

@LU_SPAD Student Athlete Profile: Jordan Hotta – LU Varsity Swim Team

Jordan Hotta is a first year SPAD student on is also on the swim team here at Laurentian. Although Jordan is in his first year here at Laurentian, he does have some past post-secondary education. He also recently attended the OUA swim competition at Brock University. He discusses all of that, and more in this blog interview. Enjoy!

Jordan in the water

Jordan in the water

SB: Thank you for taking the time to do this interview. I’ll start off by asking how you are enjoying your first year in SPAD?

JH: My first year in SPAD was a nice change in pace from my Western Medical Science degree. Highlights of the SPAD program to me are definitely the personal learning experience afforded to students by the highly invested staff. In SPAD you can definitely tell that both students and teachers are here because they truly love what they are doing, and not just to ramble on, or earn a slip of paper.

SB: You used to attend the University of Western Ontario, what did you study there? What made you want to switch to Laurentian and SPAD?

JH: At Western I was enrolled in the Bachelor of Medical Science program, specifically in the Physiology and Medical Cell Biology streams. I decided that Laurentian would be my next step because I wanted to pursue competitive swimming at my home pool under a coach I know and trust, Phil Parker. Further, SPAD seemed like just the right mix of the practical and theoretical aspects of business, with some nice athletic flavor thrown in. Skills inherent in business, in my opinion, represent a highly transferable credential that could compliment my science background.

SB: How long have you been swimming competitively? Where did you find such a passion for the sport?

JH: I’ve been swimming competitively for around ten years up to this point; however, that span of time isn’t without a few breaks. I originally attended Western set on training, and competing in royal purple; but the rigors of academics bested me in my youth. After a four year hiatus, I realized that chlorine is in my blood and I needed to get back in the pool – enter Laurentian. The atmosphere at LU pool conjured from not only fellow swimmers and coaches, but from the history of Olympic gold and world record setting swims, is something that gets into your veins and builds an insatiable hunger for the roar of competition. When you get in the water, and this may sound cliché, it feels like the whole world, and all of the problems that hammer on you, day in and day out, just flow off. When you get in the pool, it’s just you, the water rushing by your ears, the black line running underneath you, and a goal of where you want to be in 1, 2, 3, or 4 years.

SB: You recently represented Laurentian at the OUA Swim meets earlier in February, how was that experience for you? Will there be any more competitions this year?

JH: The OUA experience was something that I’d been waiting for, for a long time – since I was a club swimmer looking up to the “varsity guys.” My expectations were definitely exceeded. The air in the Brock pool was electric, the stands were full, the deck was packed; and for a few exhilarating races you could tell everyone there had put their chips all in. In particular was the 4x100m freestyle relay, a classic underdog scenario. Off the third exchange the defending champs still held the lead but then the a team seeded third in the race began to charge; every spectator was on their feet cheering, chanting, whatever they needed to do to will their team on to victory. The gap was shrinking precipitously and the two last racers were running out of pool. As both competitors extended aching arms into the wall, the finish was too close to call. Everyone’s eyes darted to the scoreboard, the third ranked team had upset the defending champs, it was this sort of collective excitement that I had dreamt of experiencing as a chubby ten year old who just loved to fool around underwater.

For me personally, I had the bad luck of getting food poisoning on my first night of competition – it will be the last time I order a roast beef sandwich at a meet, instead of my usual pasta and chicken. Despite this, I was able to mine 3/3 for best times and get a second swim in my 50m breaststroke, finishing in 13th place. I knew going into the season I would need to fight every day in order to make up the ground I lost during my 4 year reprieve from the water. With that in my mind, my goals for 2013/14 were all very nearly met, aside from my ongoing battle to score a CIS time standard in the 50m distance.

The varsity season has drawn to a close; however, I will still be competing for the Voyageurs sister club, the Sudbury Laurentian Swim Club.

SB: Do you ever find it challenging to balance both school and sports?

JH: There are certainly times when the strains of meeting the expectations I set for myself both academically and athletically seem daunting. With that in mind, I think it’s important to be conscious of the balancing acts that everyone experiences. I’m fortunate enough to be balancing a sport I love with an education I find interesting. That being said, I always try to always remain relaxed and tackle one challenge at a time, whether it’s a monstrous set in swimming, or an assignment for class.

SB: What are some of your aspirations after completing your degree in SPAD?

JH: I would love to be involved with Swimming Canada; or aquatic sport in general. The understanding of the human body from my physiology background, coupled with management skills from SPAD will give me a unique perspective on how best to elevate and push the sport of swimming forward. I would also like to coach swimming on the side if time allows – the swim world is one I never want to stray from again.

SB: Thank you for taking the time to do this interview! Good luck with the rest of your semester!

JH: Thanks so much!

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2012Sep 27

Kicking Off a New Academic Year

Hanging out at Real Sports Bar

Hanging out at Real Sports Bar


By SPAD Blogger Ben Roy

SPAD set its sight on a new year with the 3rd annual SPAD Blue Jays Game, a tradition that allows all SPAD students to see familiar faces and to meet new ones.  On the afternoon of August 11, 2012, led by SPAD Student Council members, Frosh and students across all years battled through the rain on an unseasonably wet summer day, and arrived at the Rogers Centre to watch the Jays take on the Yankees.  The game finished 5-2 in favour of New York, but that did not dampen the SPAD spirit as students reunited and, were excited to kick off the coming school year.  After the game, the tradition continued with a lengthy supper at the Real Sports Bar in downtown Toronto where students caught some Olympic action and capped off the day in typical SPAD fashion.  The SPAD Blue Jays Game provides a great atmosphere for the Frosh in attendance to get familiar with the close-knit family that is SPAD at Laurentian University and is a fun way to ease back into the coming school year.  This year’s Blue Jays game demonstrated how vastly the SPAD family extends and the lengths each member will go to come together.

In addition to the Jays Game, the more formal SPAD introduction was this year’s Frosh Day, held on September 7, 2012.  The SPAD Frosh gathered early Friday morning and the day began with an inspiring speech by SPAD Student Council President, Scott Rodgers, giving notice that the 44 first year students were selected from hundreds of applicants.  Other Council members and students followed by introducing themselves, stating their career aspirations, their reasons for selecting SPAD, and each new member of the SPAD family was given a Frosh Day t-shirt.  To lighten the atmosphere, each student told an embarrassing story which certainly made some of them the butt-end of jokes later in the day – all in good spirit, of course!  The Frosh and Council members continued their talks with a pizza lunch, and left for Dodge This! Paintball.


2012Mar 15

SPAD 2012 4th Year Consulting Trip: We are off to Denver!!

SPAD Heads to Denver!

By SPAD Blogger Andrew Berlingieri

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is that time of year again; the Sports Administration program is taking its talents to Denver, Colorado. The Sport Consulting class is one of the most anticipated things to reach in SPAD program. When Field Trip is first mentioned in first year it seems mythical, like one will never get there. For the graduating class of 2012 that week has finally come. The fourth year students will be leaving this coming Friday for the annual SPAD Sport Consulting Trip.

This year’s trip to the Mile High City will feature SPAD fourth year students delivering presentations to major sports teams in the Denver area. These teams include the Denver Broncos, Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche, Colorado Rapids, Colorado Mammoth, and the Colorado Rockies. The students are asked to put their knowledge together and develop strategies, or plans that focus on solving specific real issues facing the organizations. A lot of hard work, and long nights have been put into these presentations so that SPAD’s true aptitude can be put on display. Once the presentations are complete the group will have the chance to relax, take in a Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche game and see what other adventures Denver has to offer.

As much as the trip is meant for the fourth years to apply their knowledge and consult in a professional, real world environment, it is just as much about celebrating their four years of hard work. The class of 2012 has earned this trip as a reward of four successful years in the SPAD program. SPAD wishes you a safe, and fun-filled trip and show the Mile High City what SPAD has to offer.

2012Mar 12

Annual SPAD Bowling-Highlights

SPAD Bowling 2012

By SPAD Blogger Adam Johnston

 On February 29th to celebrate Leap Year Day, SPAD students tried their hand at bowling. The student council ran the event and approximately 40 SPAD students came out to participate in the festivities. SPAD Bowling has become an annual event known for its shenanigans; this year most certainly did not disappoint. Listed below is what you missed if you didn’t have the chance to attend.

Preparation and Hydration- A new addition to the SPAD Bowling tradition featured the athletes (students) to gather in the games room for hydration purposes. The students played pool and Ping-Pong while others focused on mentally prepared for the evening’s activities.
Hey Laddy, Laddy Laddy– As per most events where SPAD students travel together, things were a little rowdy on the bus ride over. The main cause of this was the prestigious “Hey Laddy, Laddy, Laddy” chant. For those of you who don’t know, this chant attempts to publicly ridicule someone else on the bus. Honourable mentions for best Laddys go out to Jeff Howlett, Cassidy Stewart and Brianne Pankoff.
Scott Rodger’s Birthday Party– To provide a little extra fun, the lanes were booked under Scott Rodgers’ name and the reason provided was that it was his birthday party which only happens every 4 years (But it really was not!). This allowed for many jokes at Scott’s expense given the  throughout the eventing.
Beauticians in Training– SPAD Bowling gave the first years another chance to become part of the SPAD family. The frosh got a first hand experience of how much fun SPAD events are.  Frosh participation in upcoming events is highly encouraged.
When the students returned to the university, all eligible flocked to the local watering hole that is the Pub Downunder. Glory stories were exchanged and battle wounds compared. Needless to say, the evening created some legends as well as stories that will last for years to come in the SPAD family.

2012Feb 29

NHL Trade Deadline 2012: Not much happened!

By SPAD Blogger Andrew Berlingieri

Monday, February 27 marked one of the most exciting times of the year for hockey fans, Trade Deadline Day. It is the day hockey fans wait for every year. It is a day that all of @LU_SPAD wishes was a national holiday! Will a star player be traded to their team? Will the trade deadline be a bust, or will it produce blockbuster moves? Hockey fans across North America sit and hold their breathe as General Managers from all 30 National Hockey League teams take phone calls and send text messages. This years deadline looked to be promising with many big name, star players, like Rick Nash, Jeff Carter, and Dustin Brown to name a few, circling the rumour mill.

The deadline appeared to start a couple days early, with a huge trade taking place for the Columbus Blue Jackets’ Jeff Carter. Carter was traded to the Los Angeles Kings in return for defense man Jack Johnson and L.A.’s first round draft pick in 2013. Once this trade took place it appeared to many that this years deadline would be an exciting one. This was certainly not the case. A mere 15 trades were made on Monday, one less than in 2011, and 16 less than in 2010. The Vancouver Canucks were the Canadian team who made the most impact on deadline day. After losing in the Stanley Cup Finals of last years playoffs, the Canucks added grit, and depth to this year’s roster acquiring Zach Kassian from the Buffalo Sabres. The Sabres received the highly touted Cody Hodgson in return and the experts are calling it a great trade from both sides. With the 6’4” 230lbs Kassian headed to Vancouver, look for the Canucks to make another Stanley Cup run come April.

Although some may call the 2012 deadline a bust, it was very similar to last year. The reason for this? Well with the playoff race being so tight around deadline time, teams are unsure of whether or not they are a buyer or a seller. Teams are hesitant to give up assets because they could still be in the playoff race come April, and that player may assist them in getting there. Perhaps former coach, and NHL on TSN hockey analyst Marc Crawford summed up this year’s deadline with this tweet, “Trade Center 2012. Too many buyers too few sellers. No bargains and deals hard to complete. At least we saw return of the pure Hockey Trades”.

It looks like we will have to wait 364 more days to see what next year’s deadline has in store. And will it ever become an @LU_SPAD Holiday?




2012Feb 28

@LU_SPAD Sport Consulting Trip 2013: Miami Wins!!

Miami 2013!!

By SPAD Blogger Andrew Leach

Every year the 4th year SPAD students take their talents to sporting organizations across North America, next year will be no exception. The SPAD community is pleased to announce that in 2013, the SPAD students will be taking their talents to South Beach, with a highly anticipated trip to Miami. Sun, Sea, Sand, and SPAD….MIAMI 2013!

This year, the third year students had 3 locations which were presented as options for the trip. These options were Miami, Orlando/Tampa Bay, and Chicago. Each location was well presented and provided a plethora of excellent opportunities for the students to assess. Throughout the month leading up to the presentation day, the students had been actively voicing their opinions in various forms, including spirited Twitter disputes, friendly banter, and class discussion. This brought a tense atmosphere into presentation day.

Chicago was first up, and set the bar very high for the following presentations. The excellent presentation by Nick Arruda illustrated the  ample supply of sport organizations to choose from, as well as a variety of extra-curricular activities to provide entertainment for students, students were both engaged, and interested. Next up was the Orlando/Tamp Bay pitch by Jamie Howlett, Andrew Berlingieri and Kory Lafreniere. This location provided many avenues for the students to explore. With added components of Disney World, and beaches, the students were able to overlook the added cost of the trip. Leading into the final location, the contest was neck and neck. Finally, Miami took the stage presented by Andrew Leach (me). This option provided the best of both presentations witnessed to date. With ample supply of sport teams combined with the sunshine of Florida, students began to “warm up” to the idea of this being the desired destination for the trip.

After all was said and done, the stage was set for the final vote. The vote would be elimination style rounds, or until a team received 50% plus 1% of the votes, making it a majority decision. The votes were in and Miami took an early lead. It looked like it would be a landslide victory, however, late surges by both Chicago and Orlando/Tampa Bay kept matters close. In the end, Miami obtained a majority vote, securing it as the destination of choice for 2013!

There is still much to do before the trip is materialized, but with the talents and work ethic of the SPAD students, there is no doubt that budgets and deadlines will be met, and that the trip will be as successful as possible.

2012Jan 26

2012 Laurentian University SPAD HOCKEY TOURNAMENT

Updated Scores from Day 2