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2017Aug 30

SPAD to Host Inaugural Northern Sport Industry Conference

SPAD has announced it’s first annual Northern Sports Industry Conference (NSIC) set to host over 20 sport business experts and over 100 students. The event is set to take place March 2nd to 5th 2017 and will take place both on campus and at the Holiday Inn in downtown Sudbury.

In addition to key note speakers Geoff Beattie, David Chilton, Brodie Lawson, and Ryan Benoit, speakers will be divided into three panels:

Panel #1: International Sport and Sponsorship

  • Andrew Baker – Director of Games, Canadian Olympic Committee
  • Francois Robert – Executive Director of Partnerships, Canadian Paralympic Committee
  • Andrew Greenlaw – Senior Director, Sponsorship Marketing and Strategy, CIBC
  • Jennifer Delvechhio – Senior Marketer, Coke
  • Mark Cecchetto – Business Executive Officer, Nestle

Panel #2: Leaders In Sport

  • Kyla Csumrik – Account Executive, Partnership Marketing, NHL
  • Alannah Della Vedova – Brand Specialist, Loyalty and Innovation, Rogers
  • Peter Cosentino – President, DEC Sports
  • Mark Soder – Senior Manager, Brand Marketing – Golf, RBC
  • Blaine Smith – President, Sudbury Wolves

Panel #3: Breaking Into The Industry

  • Mckenzie Young – Marketing Coordinator, Ottawa Senators
  • Stephen Tihal – Account Executive, Partnership Marketing, NHL
  • Tyler Fitch – Account Coordinator, Season Seat Services, Edmonton Oilers
  • Chris Ackroyd – Manager, In-game Communications, NHL
  • Scoot Rodgers – Manager, In-game Communications, NHL

Delegates will also have the opportunity to work in two different breakout sessions. One with Laurentian University’s Director of Digital Strategy, JP Rains and another with Joey Abrams, former Assistant General Manager of the Montreal Alouettes.

Students can take the time to learn, network, and enjoy themselves at the conference with a full weekend of planned activities, meals, and socials.

For More Information please visit:

Instagram: @NSIC_LU

Twitter: @NSIC_LU

Facebook: Northern Sports Industry Conference – NSIC


2014Mar 14

4th Year @LU_SPAD Students Talk Internships

SPADindexOn February 27th, 2014, 4th year SPAD students took the time out of their busy schedule to talk to 2nd and 3rd year students about their experiences last summer and fall while working on their internships. The students, although approaching the busiest time of a SPAD students 4 year career with field trip, gave back to the younger students looking to complete their own internships over the next 1-2 years. These 4th years talked about their favorite aspects of the internships and gave advice to others about how to be successful while working on an internship. (more…)

2014Jan 14

Voyageurs Get Set To “Shoot For The Cure”

1609599_10153650812845147_1833029723_nBasketball season is in full swing here at Laurentian University. Both the men and women teams’ are battling for position within their respective conferences. As per tradition, the women’s team, LU Athletics, and SPAD will be hosting the annual “Shoot For The Cure” game with proceeds going to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. This year, the game will take place on Saturday, January 18th at the Ben Avery Gymnasium on campus. Tip-off is scheduled for 6:00pm.

The CIS began the “Shoot for a Cure” campaign in 2007, and it has been a tremendous success ever since. All CIS Women’s Basketball schools take part in the fundraising campaign. This is a total of 45 teams nationwide. In it’s 6+ years, the campaign has amassed over $600,000 in donations, and has generated over $520,000 for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. You can read more about the fundraising efforts here.

Much like the “Pink The Rink” game back in November, “Shoot For The Cure” allows for SPAD’s Event Management students to get involved with LU Athletics, and give back to the community. Students have been hard at work organizing and preparing for the big game, so be sure to come out and show some support on Saturday night!

A number of fundraising initiatives have been planned for the event. Official event t-shirts will be on sale in the Great Hall throughout the week and at the gym before/during the game. Fans at the game will also receive a “rally towel” to add to the game’s atmosphere. Furthermore, raffle prizes will be available at the game. Moreover, a halftime contest will be held for prizes where a participant will shoot from varying distances for different prizes. Fans will be able to buy a chance to enter the halftime contest.1609812_10153657024795147_1396126192_n

For students living on residence, there will also be a “Pep Rally” taking place in West Residence from 4:30-5:30pm on game day. Everyone will be wearing Pink, Blue, and Yellow so you won’t want to miss out on all of the excitement!

For more information on the event, or to find out how you can help, please visit the Event Page on Facebook, and follow the event on Twitter! Hope to see everyone at the gym on Saturday night!

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2013Dec 10

@LU_SPAD Championship Selling GAME DAY™ Highlights

GAME DAY™ 2013

GAME DAY™ 2013

On Friday November 29th, 2013, Tom Blake’s Championship Selling course came to an end, with the 5th Annual GAME DAY™ held at Alumni Hall. Nine groups of third year SPAD students (with a few notable exceptions) presented case solutions to nine different high-profile companies. Students had the opportunity to put their sales skills to the test by presenting to representatives from companies, which included: The Canadian Paralympic Committe, Great West Life, LG Electronics, Molson Coors, Mondelez, CIBC, Procter & Gamble, Pepsico, and Sprout.

The Championship Selling course is unique to Laurentian University and SPAD. This is the 5th year that Tom has run the course through the program, and it offers a totally unique experience to students. Every second week throughout the semester, Tom would make the trip up to Sudbury from Toronto, to lead two, three hour sessions. During these sessions, Tom would lead great hands-on activities, which enabled students to practice their selling skills. Tom promised to teach willing students three things throughout the course:

  • How to get a better job
  • How to be better at the job
  • How to better at life

He delivered on his promise. Getting a University degree is the first step in becoming successful in the business world. However, it is experiences such as these, that allow students to develop and demonstrate the skills necessary to make it in the industry.


2013Nov 13

IBAC Second Year Business Simulation

By SPAD Blog Contributor Noelle Kelly

14248b9f4ac0001From October 30th to November 1st, 2013 the second year commerce and SPAD students participated in a life-like business simulation sponsored by the Insurance Brokers Association of Canada (IBAC), which consisted of 9 SPAD teams, and 16 commerce teams of 4, 5, or 6 students. Each team acted as the board of directors, with one chairperson, and ran a golf course with 8 simulations (or years) over the three-day period. The 25 golf clubs were located in the same region, and they had to compete against one another for the largest share value.

The IBAC simulation started with each club deciding on the quality of the golf course (low, medium, or high), setting prices, setting advertising costs, and making investments on the golf course, restaurant and pro shop. Each course had an original budget and had to make decisions based on their strategy, and decide what to invest the money into. For each subsequent year, the clubs had to analyze the data from the previous years, decide whether to change prices, and make decisions on what investments, if any, to make into the course, restaurant, and pro shop. The investments were based on how much profit the company made in the previous year, as well as loans. The data that was analyzed included business statements, sales reports, statistics, and an external analysis of the market and economy, with each company having an option of purchasing a market study and analyzing the competitors as well.


2013Feb 5

SPAD Interns Invade Georgia

georgia games logoBy SPAD Blogger Brianne Pankoff

This past summer five Sports Administration students travelled down to Atlanta, to help organize and run the Georgia State Games for their SPAD internships. The Georgia Games consisted of 42 different sport events from archery to rugby to lacrosse and track and field. Diane Ritskes, Jeff Tremblay, Adam Johnston, Kendra Lilly, and Jordan Kozak performed various duties in event management throughout the summer for the Games from May till August. These five students shared their experiences from their time in Atlanta working in the real sports business world.

Q: Why did you choose to apply to and go to Atlanta for the Georgia Games?

Diane: I really enjoy event management/sport operations, which is the field I hope to enter when I finish school, and through past interns and talking with Eric (our boss) I thought the GA Games would provide me with the most hands on experience. Compared to other, larger organizations, where you would be part of an event, the GA Games actually allowed interns to run an entire sporting event.

Q: What was your job title and what was your role at the Games?

Jeff: My job title was Track & Field Director for the Georgia Games. I was in charge of organizing and operating our youth and open/masters track & field championships which hosts approximately 900+ track athletes each year.

I was in charge of pretty much everything related to the meet including running the registration process for the 900+ athletes, handling all emails and phone calls pertaining to the event, acquiring sponsorships for the event (this was my favourite part), traveling to other meets in the surrounding area in the months of June & July to promote our track meet, recruiting officials & volunteers and planning all the logistics etc. The day of the event was also a great learning experience as I was in charge of an event that had roughly 1000 athletes, 2000 spectators and several vendors and sponsors. It was a great experience to be in charge and have to deal with situations that arise at events of this size.

Q: What did you learn from working at the Games and how did it prepare you for a career after Laurentian?

Kendra: Working at the Georgia Games was a phenomenal experience that allowed me to learn more about all aspects of event management. By being fully in charge of an entire event, I was responsible for marketing the event, gaining sponsorship, dealing with participants, securing a venue, and the implementation of the event on a very limited budget. This internship prepared me for a career after Laurentian by forcing me to deal with such a large responsibility, and therefore, improving my time management skills. I believe that the skills I gained from working at the Georgia Games will truly benefit me in any job in the future!

Q: How did what you have learned in SPAD help you in your duties in Atlanta?

Adam: The event management course taken in third year was the most applicable learning that was applied to my internship in Atlanta. The process of planning an event from beginning to end is one that gets easier as you complete more events. Although running the Grey Cup Party is different from running a sporting event, the elements of planning for the resources needed, having the proper people on your team and customer relations remain the same. The Championship Selling course was also very beneficial when trying to attract local companies to sponsor an event. In comparison to our co-workers in Atlanta from different sport management programs, I feel that the SPAD program has set its students up for success when completing their internships.

Q: As only a 2nd year student, did you experience any challenges? Do you think this experience will give you an advantage?

Jordan: As the only 2nd year student to go to Georgia, I was fortunate enough to learn a great deal about events in preparation for our 3rd year events class. I was able to apply many of the concepts discussed in second year sport marketing to the three events I directly oversaw.  The most important thing I learned during my time in Georgia was how to manage a deadline when working on an event. Currently, I am part of the committee responsible for running the 2013 SPAD Hockey Tournament. As an event that takes place during second semester, we have between three and four months to organize the event. In order to complete everything, I have learned that a sense of urgency is needed once a task is assigned, a lesson I can attribute to working at the Georgia State Games.

georgia gang

Some of the Georgia Games interns enjoying what little downtime they had. SPAD students are Adam Johnston (back row, second from right), Jeff Tremblay (back row, far right), Kendra Lilly (front row, third from right), Jordan Kozak (front row, second from right), and Diane Ritskes (taking the picture).

SPAD has become one of the the favourite programs of the Georgia State Games. Four years ago SPAD sent our first student to the Georgia State Games and, after rave reviews from the organization, they have recruited students each of the past three years. The organization has already started the process of looking for next year’s SPAD intern. Congratulations to the five students from this past summer and to all the SPAD interns who continue to show why SPAD is the best source of skilled sport business professionals and interns.

2012Dec 6

SPAD is Sold on How Important Sales are to a Successful Career in the Sports Industry

By SPAD Blogger Brianne Pankoff

Welcome, SPAD Blog readers! I would like to start off by thanking you for your support of the SPAD program by staying updated in its ongoings through this website. The purpose of this post is to go over this past semester’s third year course “Championship Selling” and last-week’s wrap-up “GAME DAY™”, run by Tom Blake, SPAD Grad and CEO of Optimé International and Sprout. First, I will go into the background of the “Championship Selling” program, then talk about what our class worked on these past few months, and finally, how we applied our knowledge during the capstone GAME DAY™ experience.

Tom Blake (humbly referred to as Tom by his peers), has been teaching the specialized Championship Selling class for SPAD students for four years now, and it is the only class in North America of its kind.  Typically, Sales in the Sport Industry has been a fourth year course and this was the first year it was moved to third-year, as this solution gave third-year students the benefits of being better prepared for their internships and 4th year Consulting Trip presentations.

Now, how the class works is several weeks in a semester Tom travels back up to Laurentian for six-hour sessions with students to teach students three simple things:

– How to get a better job

– How to be better at the job

– And how to be better at life

Of course, these three things entail much more. Tom has taught us basic tools from using basic manners and opening with a purpose and an agenda, to his company’s trademarked “Playing Catch™” method of asking questions, to his 7-Step Sales Process, used by companies all over the world.

Finally, all our efforts this semester, led up to the ultimate sales test: GAME DAY™. On Friday November 30th, ten teams faced off in a real-life simulation of sales calls in which actual executives from prominent organizations such as Procter & Gamble, the CFL, PepsiCo, Molson-Coors, the Toronto Blue Jays, The Dominion Insurance, Sprout, the Canadian Paralympic Committee, Smart Technology, and Optime, came to GAME DAY™ where the SPAD students act as the company and present a solution, as they act as their own company’s customer.  The teams are in contact with their “customers” leading up to GAME DAY™, where the students must apply what they’ve learned and are evaluated on their ability to Play Catch™ with their customers, and if they can execute the sales plan by offering them the best solution that both parties mutually confirm on.

Team Revised Class Inc. consisting of Mark Wiersma, Nick Andrews, Josh Dreith, Jon Ross, and Alonso Gutierrez, who sold to The Dominion were declared the Sales Champions of the day. Student Bryce Newton, who worked with P&G, assessed the event as “an experience that cannot be taught through textbooks. It is the closest to real life we will get in a school setting. We used our sharpened skills that we learned all year from Tom and proved that we had what it takes to sell like a champion.”

A huge thank you goes out to Tom, his assistant Jennifer for all of their hard work this semester, and to all of the customers and companies that came out to help run a successful GAME DAY™. From day one, every single person in that class improved themselves by becoming a better presenter, to being able to ask the right questions at the right time. Everything we practiced during the class was further emphasized, as we were able to transition our newfound knowledge into the game, and we can now move forward and succeed in our internships and future careers, based on what we have learned and demonstrated.

Now, that you have read about our classes’ experience with the Championship Selling and GAME DAY™ program, can you agree that these SPAD students have a better advantage to get better jobs, do better at these jobs, and be better at life?

EDITOR’S NOTE: Brianne wrote this article using Tom’s Seven-Step Sales Process. Hopefully you have now bought in to what an incredible experience and opportunity this is for our students.


2012Nov 27

Hockey at Laurentian Thrives in Spite of the Lockout

North Kariya members (from left to right) Sam Boutillier, Noelle Kelly, Scott Rodgers, and Camille Smith.

By SPAD Blogger Benoit Roy

Despite an NHL lockout, students at Laurentian University have kept their hockey spirits high with the 2012 SPAD Hockey League, organized by SPAD students Corey Krupa, Keith Martin, Graham Snee and Evan Wallace.  The league, which is in its fourth week, is comprised of roughly 70 players mixed into 4 teams and has become a staple among the events hosted by SPAD every year.  Games are held on Friday afternoons in arenas across Sudbury and players have come to enjoy the flexibility of these time slots, but this year’s organizing team have added additional value to better the experience for the players.

After a great game of hockey, the players have an opportunity to visit The Plaza Hotel in Minnow Lake by Carmichael Arena, a local bar that has agreed to sponsor the event this year.  This new sponsor has teamed up with the organizers to provide players and teams a spot to discuss strategy and recap plays after games, while getting the chance to build camaraderie over beer and wings.  “This year for the SPAD Hockey League we have looked at creating an atmosphere for players by getting sponsorship from a local bar called The Plaza Hotel.  They are offering us great deals and the bar is a great location for all players,” states organizer Evan Wallace.  “By changing the game this year, we’ve hopefully created additional value for our players that will eventually build continuity and growth for the SPAD Hockey League in the coming years, which is the ultimate goal.”

The SPAD Hockey League is home to one SPAD-dominated team: Team White, otherwise known as “North Kariya.”  The team has a record of 0-3, and is led in scoring by newcomer William Kealey who is a first year Sports Psychology student.  His play was unexpected, but his prowess in front of the net and his awareness are two key components to the team’s competitiveness.  To round out the scoring trio this year are third year SPAD students, Brady Scott and Robbie McLellan.  Once again, Bryce Newton is lacing up the pads for the second consecutive year and has shown some progress, making note that he is making more saves and has shown steady improvement since last year.  The remaining players from team “North Kariya” are Samantha Boutilier, Cassidy Stewart, Benoit Roy, Brian Kelly, Ryan Stewart, Connor Stevens, Scott Rodgers, Sean Meyers, Jordan Kozak, Matthew Kennedy, Noelle Kelly, and Camille Smith, most of who are SPAD students.

The SPAD Hockey League is the most successful and popular student-run league at Laurentian University.  As such, the coordinators recognize that although running the event is primarily a learning experience in event management, the leagues long-term sustainability is vital for both future students and for creating revenue for SPAD students’ Fourth Year Consulting Trip.  Evan Wallace knows that “as one of the organizers of the SPAD Hockey League it has been a great experience.  It has taught me a lot, about the logistics of a league, how to be a part of an organizing committee, and what it takes to make it successful.”  We’re confident the organizing team will achieve their goals this year.

The league runs until the end of the academic school year and we’ll inform readers of the triumphs and results of the SPAD Hockey League and team “North Kariya” as they arise.

2012Nov 18

SPAD Students Head to Montreal for Some Fun

By SPAD Blogger Brianne Pankoff

Last Thursday over 50 SPAD students made the annual trek to Montréal for the 2012 John Molson Sports Marketing (JMSM) Conference by Concordia University. An all-time high turnout of Laurentian delegates represented Sports Administration for the weekend, networking with other schools from all over Canada and countless business professionals from the sport industry. Four speaker panels, two keynote speakers, a marketing case competition, a dinner gala, social outings each night of the conference, and an optional tour of the Bell Centre lined up the busy weekend ahead.

The first night kicked off with a networking cocktail at the Best Western Ville-Marie where guests stayed for the weekend, and the case competition – a marketing case presented by one of the sponsors Reebok-CCM. The Friday included a Sponsorship panel and New Media and Fan Engagement panel, with five speakers on each topic. Friday evening concluded with a presentation from one of the keynote speakers and a delicious dinner at La Cage aux Sports. Julien Brisebois, the current Assistant General Manager of the Tampa Bay Lightning, and former Assistant GM of the Montréal Canadiens, engaged the audience as he spoke personably about his career and the decisions he made and opportunities that came his way to get him where he is today.

The final day consisted of the last two panels, “Winning is Eh-everything” featuring speakers from TSN, MLSE, NFL and NBA Canada, as well as the Edmonton Eskimos of the CFL, and Creating In-Game Moments panel, going along with the conference’s theme for the weekend, which was #makeyourmoment. Students enjoyed their last evening at the Forum de Montréal dinner gala, where keynote speaker TV personality Cabbie Richards entertained guests with humorous inside stories he had gained over the years.

The annual JMSM conference is a great opportunity for SPAD students to socialize with other aspiring sports marketers, as well as gain insight from the industry’s top leaders in the historic city of Montréal. Delegates can attest that the invaluable information gained and learned from attending this event for the last three years, and the wisdom shared from guest speakers has contributed to our knowledge as the future of the sports business industry.

2012Nov 6

SPAD’s Inaugural 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament a Huge Success

SPAD Ballers

By SPAD Blogger Brianne Pankoff

On Saturday November 3rd SPAD hosted its inaugural 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament presented by the SGA at the Ben Avery Gymnasium at Laurentian. The tournament consisted of a Men’s Competitive and a Co-ed Recreational Division with games beginning at 9:30am and continued until the champions were declared; all 20 teams guaranteed a minimum of 5 games and a free pizza lunch from Topper’s Pizza. The day also included a 3-point competition in front of 150 people. Tristan Ritchie won the competition and scooped up two lower bowl Toronto Raptors tickets. Other prizes were up for grabs from official tournament sponsors such as: Leisure Line, Ontario Basketball, Quizno’s, Eddie’s Restaurant & Sports Bar, Wallaceburg Bookbinding, Northside Toyota and Mardalvi Intl.

The Men’s 3 on 3 Champs.

With all teams advancing to the playoffs, the intensity was turned up, as two 3rd year SPAD teams faced off in the Co-ed division quarterfinals, where number 3 seed “Yao Know What I Ming” upset number 2 seeded “Dwight People Can’t Jump” to advance. The semi-finals were the end of the road for SPAD teams in both the Co-ed and Competitive Divisions as 2nd year competitive team the “T-Birds” were also eliminated. The 1st place winners of the SPAD 3 on 3 Tournament presented by the SGA for the Men’s Division were the “Scalabrine Crew” (Tristan Ritchie, Eric Lavergne Giroux, Mark Filliter, Joe Camelettie), who defeated the “Buddha Heads” in the finals. First place in the Co-ed division was won by “Gangnam Style” (Chris Crowder, Clint Knott, Roxanne Landry, Melissa Lariviere), as the “Carlos Boozers” finished in second.

With many comments from participants about the positive atmosphere and success of the tournament, a big thank you goes out to tournament organizers Mark Wiersma, Josh Dreith, Kevin Launeville, Chen Guang Zhu, and Alonso Gutierrez for a smoothly run event and fun day. Additional thanks to all the players and spectators who came out, as well as to all sponsors for their contributions. SPAD looks forward to many more years of the 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament to come. Check out more basketball action through the SPAD YouTube Channel.