2011Nov 23

Cameron Brooks: SPAD’s Own OUA All Star

By SPAD Blogger Andrew Berlingieri

Cameron Brooks, 2nd Year SPAD Student

Cameron Brooks is currently in his second year of the Sports Administration program and a defender for the Laurentian Voyageurs varsity men’s soccer team. Cameron was recently selected to be an OUA All-star this year for his extreme soccer skills.

Q: When did you start playing soccer, and what interested you in the game?

A: I started playing soccer when I was about 4 and I’ve been playing competitive soccer since I was 10 years old. I was interested at first because when you’re young its just something to do to keep you active and have fun, but as I matured and started becoming more serious about playing I started to learn more about the game on a mental level and that’s something I really appreciate and love about the game, and that’s been one of the factors that’s helped me become as successful as I’ve have been and allow me to do some of the things that I’ve done especially over the last five years.

Q: How did you start playing for the Laurentian soccer team, and are you enjoying it so far?

A: Laurentian was one of my top choices from the beginning mainly because of the SPAD program, so soccer was always going to be an added bonus of going to university. Carlo (head coach) told me during my recruiting stage that he was quite impressed with what he saw when he had seen me play, and was willing to allow me to try and make an impact from the very beginning. Getting an opportunity like that was something I was not going to pass up, and the last two seasons with the team have been fantastic. Both the team and myself are constantly improving and I’ve loved every minute of it since day one.

Q: You were selected as an OUA All-star this year, how did you react to such an accomplishment?

A: Being named an OUA All Star in both of my first two years have been huge accomplishments and I take extreme honour to be thought of as one of the most elite players in the league. Since my last year of competitive youth soccer my coach told me to do what I do best and let your teammates do the same and that will make you successful, and with the help of my team over the last two seasons I have been very successful, and I do thank them for all the success I’ve seen.

Q: Do you have a favourite soccer player that you look up to? If so, how has that helped you getting to where you are now?

A: Growing up I did have a favourite player; his name is Nemanja Vidic, a Serbian defender who plays for Manchester United in the EPL. I’ve looked up to him just like any kid looks up to their sports idols, and it has helped me become a better payer because you do try to learn how to play the game should be played and try to mimic how they play and it has helped me in becoming a better player myself.

Q: Lastly, how are you enjoying your time in the SPAD program?

A: I love the SPAD program and the last year and a half have been a blast. The family atmosphere of the entire program is great and the friends I’ve made and people I’ve met have definitely made my time at LU a whole lot easier and its been everything I hoped it would be.

Thank you for your time Cameron and good luck throughout the rest of your career

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