2017Oct 30

Brotherly Love (Nico Correa)

Nico head shot

For as long I can remember, I have been playing soccer. 16 years of my life I have given to the sport that I love. I have played on many teams, each another chapter in my playing career. But the most recent years have had a different dimension that the others have not. As I finish up my second year as a center midfielder for the Laurentian Voyageurs one main aspect that sticks out to me is this:


The last years have allowed me to play with my older brother Daniel.



Growing up together in Burlington, Ontario we played lots of soccer together, just not on a club team. Because of our age gap (two years) we never got the chance to play on any club teams growing up. That said, we spent lots of time with one another and our friends playing games in the park or on the school field. And whenever one of us was on the road with our respective team, the other one would be there cheering the other on and practicing together if we had time.

But now we get the chance to suit up beside one another. As a second year Sport Administration student, or SPAD as it is generally called, I have had the opportunity to not only pursue my studies, but to play university soccer with my brother. Even though we played one year together in high school, I can say playing with him now is a totally new experience. Getting to experience living away from home, and playing with the Voyageurs together has been great.

Nico and Daniel Correa

The connection we have on and off the field has brought us to a whole new level of communication. After so many years of playing together, or watching the other play there is such a natural chemistry. We can look at each other and without speaking know exactly what the other one means. All this to say like any set of brothers we still have our issues whether that is on or off the field, but as brothers we can handle those issues with love for one another and with a mutual respect that has grown for each other as teammates and brothers. It is such a great feeling getting to experience Laurentian with my brother. The ups and downs of team success and success in the classroom as well. We are able to support each other when we win or lose, or when either of us is struggling. He is there for the good and the bad, and I get to be there for him as well.

Getting the chance to continue my playing career at a university level and pursue a field that interests me is an opportunity not everyone gets to have. I get both of those things, as well as the cherry on top: getting to do it all, with my brother beside me.




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