2010Feb 19

All good things…SPAD Olympic Road Trip Crew heads home

By Reuben, Dana, Nicole, Corey, Shannon and Jarrod

One last look before the journey home

If only the Olympics were held so ‘close’ every year. We talked about how crazy we were for doing this. I have absolutely no doubts anymore – 100% worth it. Honestly, the drive was not bad and totally worth spending my time cramped in such a small space. Odometer reads 4177km as we leave Richmond.

Since I last wrote we’ve actually experienced some Olympic events.
SIDE NOTE: just so everyone reading this knows, we didn’t go on this trip solely for the events. It was more about experiencing the atmosphere and overall Olympic movement. If we were all a little more wealthy we would have gone to many more (and maybe flown).

So last night we went to our first Olympic event – Curling. The Olympic curling venue was pretty amazing and even though we started off somewhat skeptical, by the end we were cheering and getting into the intense action. Great to finally experience the athletic part of the games.

Two nights ago we went to an area of Vancouver called Gastown. I split up with everyone to meet up with a friend of mine Chris Mckenzie from Durham College where we took their version of SPAD. After I chilled with Chris for a bit I went to another place called The Cambie where I met other SPAD students Mike Latty and Alex Lea who are volunteering for Right To Play in Vancouver during the games. The other guys met up with us after an hour or so and we spent the rest of the night debating greatest hockey teams with frenchmen and talking to 80 year old men about the Leafs – great times

much more from each of the SPAD Olympic Road Trip Crew at their blog: Sudbury to Vancouver

Thanks to the Crew for sharing their experience with all of SPAD – great stories to help us all enjoy the Olympics on home soil. Go Canada Go.

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