2010Feb 16

Alex Lea & Mike Latty – SPAD student volunteers for Right to Play

Day 4 at the Olympic Games.

By Alex Lea and Mike Latty Current SPAD Students
Hello from Alex and Mike here in Vancouver at the Olympics and there is no better word to describe this city but alive. We have now completed two days of volunteering at Right to Play doing communications and promoting the organization out on the streets.

For any SPAD students who are in Vancouver, the Right to Play tent is located at Concord Place right next to the Molson Canadian Hockey House, which has been nothing less than a treat to see the molson girls on a daily basis. But back to the subject, the Right to Play tent is free to enter, has a bunch of cool information, and is accepting donations for hot chocolate, soccer balls, and Cadbury products so come on by.

The city has brought chills to our bodies as there is so much Olympic spirit in the air at all times, with Canada clearly winning the race with the most spirit. The atmosphere in the city is absolutely mind blowing and leaves us no other choice but to go out there and hit it hard.
Till next time. GO CANADA GO!!

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