2013Sep 21

A Frosh Perspective

By SPAD Blog Contributor Matt Sallows

First year student Matt Sallows has agreed to be part of a SPAD Blog series which will be documenting his first year experiences. Here is his first entry, in his own words:

SPAD Frosh Day

SPAD Frosh Day

Every year, Laurentian University and the Sports Administration Program welcomes roughly 50 students to what will be an unforgettable four years in the program. It is the start of a new chapter for every single frosh, the start of what will be the best four years of their lives.

My name is Matthew Sallows, I am a first year SPAD student, or, a frosh as we are called. I am eager to get started and very excited to meet my new professors, my new classmates, and ultimately my new best friends who I will get to spend the next four years with! As enthusiastic as I was to get to university, I, like many frosh had never left home to live on my own before. I really did not appreciate what it would be like to care and support myself. Let me tell you, you learn it quick and you learn to love it. University provides you with the freedom of not having a set bedtime or having to eat at the same time every night. You can do what you want, when you want; it is a different experience, and there is nothing quite like it.

I remember wondering before I arrived on campus whether I was going to fit in with the SPAD family. I learned very quickly that everyone is accepted for who they are, regardless of their background. Every frosh was welcomed to the SPAD family with open arms.

After the first few days of getting accustomed to residence life and a few days of frosh activities, it was time for the first day of class. All of the frosh headed to their first SPAD class with Dr. Vincent and Professor Zinn. What an exciting moment it was for me, to finally say that I made it, I was officially a SPAD student. As class gets underway, you begin to have your mind blown away at the fact that you, as a huge sport fan, who thought you knew everything about the games soon realize when Dr. Vincent explains the business side of sport that there is more to sports than you have ever thought about before. It’s at this point you begin to think, maybe I’m not the biggest sport geek the world has ever seen. You instantly begin to appreciate sport even more than you did before and sport takes on a whole new meaning. That’s what SPAD does to you – it finds the meaning of sport and applies it to every aspect of the game. Whether its fan experience or social media, SPAD covers and explains new concepts that I had never heard nor thought of before. SPAD is just that great!

LU Pep Rally

LU Pep Rally

To top off an already great week, we participated in the annual SPAD frosh day, hosted by SPAD council. Frosh day is dedicated to help all the frosh familiarize themselves with each other, upper year students, SPAD council, and all of the amazing faculty. Frosh day started with all the frosh and council getting together in a conference room in West Residence where the council conducted some icebreakers that had every upper year and frosh in attendance laughing their tails off. It is true when they say you learn something new about everyone every single day. As a group we then proceeded to venture to paintball. Wow, that was a good way to meet all the other frosh. No better way of meeting someone than having to apologize for shooting them in the face, by accident of course!

By the end of the week, you begin to appreciate every class you are in, all the new friends you have made, the professors that teach you and the fantastic university campus and all that LU has to offer. SPAD has that effect on everyone, every hope and dream I had about SPAD came true.

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