2013Dec 17

A Frosh Perspective – Part 3

By Blog Writer Matt Sallows 

At #JMSM13

At #JMSM13

As the cold December days go by, we find ourselves bundled up inside our new fresh SPAD wear trying to stay warm in the northern Canadian winter. Final exams have started, and once again, we face the stress that comes with being a responsible university student. Students are busy studying and the stress is starting to take its toll with long nights and early mornings. As the daylight hours get shorter, they get longer for us SPAD students as we prepare to complete our first university semester.

Now that December has started, we have a chance to reflect on how great of a month November was. There were so many great events, and fun times that we had with our new best friends. It is hard to believe, but the SPAD family continues to get tighter and tighter as we move throughout the year. November’s highlights included the SGA 3on3 Basketball tournament, the John Molson Sports Marketing Conference in Montreal, SPAD frosh scavenger hunt and the 1st ever poster day. What a very fun month that was enjoyed by all.

November started off with the 2nd annual 3on3 basketball tournament organized by the SGA. It was an early morning for us students with the first games starting at 9:30 am. After a cold walk to the Ben Avery gym it was time to challenge the best ballers Laurentian had to offer. The games were intense but friendly and some teams were victorious and others fell to defeat.

Now we move onto Montreal and what an exceptional experience that was. The speakers were phenomenal and the great times will forever be implanted in the minds of every SPAD frosh who had the opportunity to attend. I remember the long 8 hour bus ride like it was yesterday. Luckily for me the ride felt short due to the excitement I was feeling for what I was anticipating to be an amazing four-day trip. We all got off the bus in Montreal and rushed into the hotel, checked into our rooms and eagerly began to get ready for the events that would take place. On to the next day and our first round of speakers. The first panel was the most enjoyable, its name: Under the Microscope. The Speakers involved were Ned Colletti, Pierre Boivin, Chris Wallace, and Greg Campbell. The theme of the panel was decision-making under intense scrutiny. They spoke about having to make big decisions in high-pressure situations. The speakers offered a great deal of advice for us students who are trying to get into the sports industry. The panel was very informative and gave students a wide variety of perspectives in regards to decision-making. Everyone in attendance definitely benefited from the knowledge gained.

Now to the SPAD Scavenger Hunt – what a great time that was. The tasks were tough and the times were rough, from swimming in the freezing lake to “borrowing” a flag pole from the golf course. The teams were made and the hunt began. Teams eagerly set out to find and complete as many of the tasks as possible in order to have a chance of winning the ultimate prize, and of course the most important – bragging rights.

Then came the 1st ever poster day. All the first year SPAD students completed a statistical analysis on a topic of their choosing. All the posters looked great as a proud team member of each group presented them. During the presentations students were asked to vote on the winning poster. As a group we chose the poster done by Seth Board and Kevin Miller, “Is Calvin Johnson the G.O.A.T?” to be the winner. Congratulations Seth and Kevin.

Now that November has slipped away and we move into December, it’s exam time. Once again, it’s time to buckle down and study, study, study in order to make sure you have a tomorrow in SPAD and make it to the second semester. With Christmas just around the corner it’s hard to focus, when all you can think about is gifts and turkey. The stress is beginning to become instrumental, it’s hard to wrap your head around what’s about to come. University is a journey and we SPAD frosh are taking it together, we all have each others backs throughout exams and we will get through it together. Together the SPAD family can do anything.

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