2013Oct 26

A Frosh Perspective – Part 2

By SPAD Blog Contributor Matt Sallows

First year student Matt Sallows has agreed to be part of a SPAD Blog series which will be documenting his first year experiences. Here is the second entry, in his own words:

Frosh Team at the SGA Cup

Frosh Team at the SGA Cup

As I sit down to write this, it is hard to believe that Halloween is just around the corner and that means we are already two months into the school year, with only six to go. With October nearing its end, I find myself looking back and appreciating the program I have chosen even more. I’m also appreciative of all the amazing people I’ve met thus far. October is a crazy busy month for SPAD frosh. We experienced our first “SPAD Event” (the SGA Cup), First Year Council Representative Elections, and the daunting and dreadful time known as midterm season! We made it through it all and we did it together because we are a family; a family that we have come to love already.

October started off fast and furious. As most of us frosh have now become accustomed to life away from home, we can now start to fully participate and appreciate all that Laurentian has to offer. Let’s start with the flag football tournament known as the SGA cup. A team organized and captained by yours truly, led a team of high-flying SPAD frosh against the best Laurentian had to offer. Our first challenge, the round robin, where our team came out firing, rolling over all three teams we faced. The team was amazing and I was impressed with the level of commitment, effort and heart that could have only come from a family, a SPAD family. Unfortunately for us, our strategy became too predictable and our walk of fame was short-lived and we were defeated in the playoffs. Not to worry, we are already working on our game plan for next year. We will be back!

Later that week we had our first taste of a university and SPAD council election, where we elected our first year representatives; Jordan Hotta, A.K.A Dragon and myself, Matthew Sallows. The election had everything in it from a rendition of the ever so famous speech from Miracle, to being reassured that Enterprise Rent-a-Car has a great corporate structure. Guess you had to be there to appreciate the level of effort, commitment and thought that went into these election speeches. Some were absolutely hysterical and had everyone in stitches. I am very much looking forward to representing SPAD frosh on the student council and I was thrilled to be elected.

Next came midterms with all of us frosh beyond nervous and expecting the worst. I’m sure that many of us were wondering whether our worst fears of failing would come to life, or whether we would rise up to the challenge and come out victorious. Having survived my first set of midterms, I have to honestly say that the time leading up to the actual exams is scary and intimidating. The stress of never having experienced a university exam before really gets to you and can be crippling at times. However, this is where you learn to overcome that fear of failure and face your fear of studying for 12 hours straight because you know that every little mark matters to your future. Once my last exam was over, I may have slept for the next 12 hours, but I went to sleep knowing that I had made it through a big milestone, and what an accomplishment it was.

What have I learned over my first few months at Laurentian? It is important to be prepared, attend class, take good notes and make a commitment to yourself to study. If you do, midterms are not all that bad or at least I will find out once the marks come in! My other advice – get involved and make friends. I’m loving it at Laurentian!

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