2014Mar 14

4th Year @LU_SPAD Students Talk Internships

SPADindexOn February 27th, 2014, 4th year SPAD students took the time out of their busy schedule to talk to 2nd and 3rd year students about their experiences last summer and fall while working on their internships. The students, although approaching the busiest time of a SPAD students 4 year career with field trip, gave back to the younger students looking to complete their own internships over the next 1-2 years. These 4th years talked about their favorite aspects of the internships and gave advice to others about how to be successful while working on an internship.

The following students talked about the positions that the held while on internship:

  • Alex Foeller – Premium Client Services, Ottawa Senators
  • Kyle Richey – Assistant Benefits Coordinator, Ottawa Senators
  • Steve Walsh – Group Sales Department, Ottawa Senators – Summer Sales Rep, Labatt
  • Mike Taylor – Hockey Marketing, MLSE
  • Jordan Kozak – Global Partnerships, MLSE
  • Bryce Newton – Media Sales, MLSE
  • Connor Stevens – Media Relations, MLSE (Leafs)
  • Brianne Pankoff – Corporate Sponsorship & Marketing, MLSE (Marlies) – Corporate Partners, Nashville Predators
  • Robbie McLellan – Fan Relations, Nashville Predators – Summer Intern, Adidas Group Canada
  • Scott Rodgers – Summer Intern, Hockey Night In Canada’s Play On – Summer Intern, North Bay Battalion
  • Darby Reive – Assistant Sponsorship, Trojan One
  • Benoit Roy – Assistant Coordinator of Strategy, Trojan One
  • Justin Simpson – Hockey Operations, Providence College
  • Jeff Howlett – Summer Intern, Whistler Blackcomb
  • Cam Brooks, Sponsorship, XMC

A lot of great advice was given to the 2nd and 3rd year students by the graduating seniors, many of whom talked about common themes to successfully completing your internship. These common themes included; working hard, keeping cool and collected while working in a fast paced environment volunteering for extra tasks and building relationships. As a 3rd year SPAD student going on internship this summer, this was a very useful tool and workshop to be a part of. The 4th years were able to give incredible insight into what internships are about, and gave the 2nd and 3rd years some great tools to use on their own internships.This is the type of strategy the makes SPAD the program that it is. No where else can you receive the insight and guidance that the 4th year students of this program are able to provide.

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