2011Jan 25

36th Annual Home Hardware SPAD Hockey Tourney is upon us!

By: SPAD Blogger Brent Hurley

The best weekend of the year is here. Put away the books and sharpen your skates, because the action kicks off this Wednesday! The 36TH Annual Home Hardware SPAD Tournament features a total of 23 teams, with 13 in the competitive division and 10 teams competing in the mixed division.

SPAD will be very well represented in this year’s tourney, as there are four SPAD teams vying for the competitive championship, not to mention numerous SPAD individuals scattered throughout the mixed division. In the competitive division, a group of first years has assembled to form The Royals, while the Nammerville Hammers will be making their second appearance at this sacred event. Another rookie team in the tournament will be the Peterborough Pipe Layers, who are comprised

SPAD Hockey Tournament Begins!!

of mostly frosh and they will be battling the veteran SPAD squad Cecchetto and Sons in their division. This battle of new vs. old will surely peak during the game Thursday night against each other at 7:00 pm at the Sudbury Arena. Be there, you won’t want to miss this one!The tournament will conclude Saturday afternoon at the Sudbury Arena, with the mixed championship happening at 1:00 pm and the competitive championship immediately following at 2:00 pm. Regardless of the final standings, this is shaping up to be another epic tournament and weekend. For the first years, another unique SPAD experience is at your fingertips.

A big thanks goes out to all the tournament sponsors and fabulous (SPAD) organizers who make this weekend possible and keep this tradition going. Here’s to another great year and wicked experience for all! Be sure to check the SPAD twitter and spadblog.com for updates during the tournament and a follow-up story with all the highlights!

To all the players: Skate fast, shoot hard, and don’t rip the sweaters. And remember,

“Pain heals. Chicks dig scars. Glory…Lasts forever.”

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