2010Nov 26

2nd Annual SPAD Frosh Scavenger Hunt

By Cole Julien, SPAD Blogger


2nd Annual SPAD Frosh Scavenger Hunt Winners!!

The SPAD Colloquia class took part in the 2nd Annual SPAD Scavenger Hunt on Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 in their final class of the semester. For all the SPAD Frosh it was the first class they passed in their young University careers – congratulations to all!!

The students were divided into 7 teams and each team had to complete as many tasks as possible in an hour and a half. There were a range of activities and questions to answer, which had the SPAD students speeding around campus for the entire time. The honour of hoisting the SPAD CUP was on the line.

It was a heated battle that brought out the competitive side of all the students – something not hard to do in the SPAD program. In the end it came down to who wanted it the most. Team #7 and Team #3 tied for 3rd place with 194 point, Team #4 came 2nd with 196 points, and Team #6 blew everyone out of the water with a total of 216 points to take 1st place and the SPAD Cup. After the scavenger hunt the class relaxed and enjoyed some beverages and pizza. All competitors enjoyed the event and felt that it was a great way to end the semester and get ready for exams.

Winning Team: Team #4

Cody Cousineau, Brian Kelly, Liam Dougherty, Natasha Dufrense, Jonathan McQueen, Dave Richardson, Meron Tecle, and Evan Wallace.

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