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Teaching Excellence at LU

Kathleen Zinn was born and raised in Sudbury, Ontario. She loves the city and so she also went to Laurentian k zinn (5)University to graduate in the Bachelor program of Commerce. “Commerce is an excellent program that opens a lot of doors for job opportunities.” Afterwards she stayed for her Master program of Business Administration. During that time she volunteered as the Vice-President of the Sudbury Women’s Recreational Hockey league. After graduating both Commerce and Business Administration she started working in the sports industry in 2008 as a research assistant for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. “That position opened up several other job opportunities and projects within the industry for me.” She was involved in other projects with big companies such as Pepsi, Gatorade or the Olympics.

In 2013 she started another chapter of her career. There was a free position at Laurentian University in her home town Sudbury. So she became a Master Lecturer for different courses of the Sports Administration and Communications programs. She has also taught overseas in South Korea. “Teaching oversees really helped me see my passion for teaching and working in education.”

Leonie: What do you like more? Working for companies or being a lecturer?

Kathleen: “I love teaching. I thoroughly enjoy working with students and helping them discover where their lives are going to take them. Teaching is an amazing career and although I enjoyed my other jobs, I truly enjoy teaching and working with University students.”

This passion for teaching was honored by the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance in 2017. She received the OUSA teaching award because she has the “ability to transform a classroom into a next level learning environment with hands on experiential learning for her students to use to ensure they are ready for their career upon graduation.”

Besides her amazing career she loves the outdoors. “Since I grew up in Sudbury it gave me the opportunity to truly appreciate and enjoy nature.” She likes to hike, swim and kayak. But also plays a lot of other sports including hockey, soccer, baseball and tennis. When she is not performing a sport herself, she is very engaged in Sudbury’s sports landscape. “I run a women’s hockey ice time in the city of Sudbury. I have also worked for the Sudbury Canoe Club and was the Vice-Commodore several years ago.” And “I love supporting all of the university teams and watching our athletes perform. I thoroughly enjoy researching hockey, more specifically university hockey.”

Teaching in South Korea also made her realize that travelling is her passion. “It also showed me more about the world and how many amazing other countries there are.” She has been to many countries in the world and looks forwards to exploring more as time goes on. She also said: “it would be great to work in a different country for a different institution. It is still early in my career.”

Leonie: What are your goals for the future?

Kathleen: “I look forward to seeing what the future holds. Sometimes people are in the right place at the right time.”


Contributor: Kathleen Zinn

Written by: Leonie Kraft