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2015Oct 28

SPAD Wear is Back!

Roots LogoEach year the SPAD Student Council organizes SPAD-branded clothing for purchase by anybody in the SPAD family. This year’s Council is extremely excited to announce that ROOTS, a premier apparel company with a long history in sport, will be this year’s supplier of SPAD Wear. This year’s SPAD wear promises to offer quality products, in both women’s and men’s options that members of the SPAD family will be proud to wear. SPAD Student Council has also worked with Square and Weebly to allow for online ordering that is extremely easy to use.

SPAD Wear is a great way to represent yourself and the program you love. If you are hanging out with friends and family, in class, at other academic events, working on an internship or in the sports industry, this gear is a reminder of where you have come from and the family you have gained through this program.

Get your order started by clicking the following link:

If you have any questions at all or just want to find out more about SPAD Wear and the order process this year, please feel free to contact either SPAD Student Council President Neal Steven at or Kevin Miller at







2015Oct 23

Flag Football Tournament

SPAD Flag FootballSaturday, September 26what a great day to host SPAD’s first official event of the 2015-16 academic year – the LU Flag Football Tournament. The fun began in the morning at 9:00am and ran until 4:00pm that afternoon. The round robin games were fast and electric, with many highlight-reel plays by students from all years and programs. In addition to the action on the gridiron, there were several skills competition games testing the individual skill and athletic prowess of the players, including a QB accuracy contest won by Ben Machin, a field goal kickoff won by Randy Brabbs, and the 40 yard dash won by Ian Pendrill. A special thanks also goes out to Toppers Pizza who provided lunch for all teams, organizers, and volunteers.

FLAG12 teams in total competed in two divisions, playing a minimum of 3 round robin games with the top 8 teams advancing to the playoffs. The playoffs were very exciting, with some very close and nail biting games. In the end it would be Blue Mountain State (BMS) vs. Mitt DartinBroncos (MDB) battling to be tournament champions. The finals got started with two quick touchdowns by each team. It stayed tight throughout the first half, with the score even at 13 going into halftime. The game was destined to be a nail biter. Each team in the second half took their fair share of penalties as the game started to wind down. In the end it came down to the final play of the game where the BMS quarterback threw a strike to his wide receiver for the score, and they won the game by a score of 25 to 20. With BMS’s victory they were awarded their trophy and $150 for their victory. Congratulations Blue Mountain State.

What a great day it was for football. A special thank you goes out to all participants and everyone who came out, as well as tournament organizers, Davis Beamish, Brayden Misley, Scott Birkbeck, Silas McKinnon, and Andrew Young for running an exciting event. Flag Football was a great way to start the year off.






2015Oct 22

Frosh Day

Frosh DayEvery September, SPAD Students return to Laurentian, excited for the start of what is bound to be yet another incredible year. Returning students catch up with one another, sharing their summer experiences, and soon enough, everyone begins to settle back into a routine. On Friday, September 11, 2015, the SPAD Program welcomed 70 new faces to the SPAD family. The annual SPAD Frosh Day represents the start of a new chapter, a chapter that will surely lead to amazing experiences and lifelong friendships. As per tradition, the SPAD Student Council hosts a day dedicated to the Frosh, which helps them familiarize themselves with not only their own year, but upper years and faculty as well.

The day began at 11:00am at the Ben Avery Soccer Field where SPAD Student Council welcomed 70 frosh to the program, introduced themselves, and gave their biggest pieces of advice. It was then time to give the frosh some SPAD Swag, as they received a SPAD Frosh t-shirt, as well as SPAD branded lanyards. Afterwards, it was time for the frosh to get to know each other with some introductions and icebreakers. Although icebreakers can be embarrassing at the time, the Frosh will surely look back in the future and have a good laugh at some of the events that occurred. Following the icebreakers, it was pizza time, as over 300 slices of Toppers Pizza were devoured by these eager firsts years, it was quite the performance. Once everyone was fed, it was time for some Q and A with Student Council, before heading off to Sudbury Kartway’s. From 2:00pm to 4:00pm the Frosh had the opportunity to bond while racing each other on the track, competing like PGA Pro’s on the putting greens, and smacking home runs in the batting cages. Afterwards, the SPAD Frosh were surprised with some SPAD Shot Glasses before the bus ride back to residence.

Later, after a quick rest in residence, it was time for the frosh to head down to West Residence for the first ever SPAD-wide meet-and-greet dinner. This was an amazing opportunity for frosh to familiarize themselves with SPAD and talk to upper years and faculty. In addition to the wonderful dinner, there was a Toronto Blue Jays 2016 Season Ticket raffle, with the winners being first years Mitchell Peck and Luke Mackrell.

Finally, before the end of this action-packed day, the SPAD Faculty introduced themselves in style, with Dr. Church welcoming everyone back for what is bound to be another great year. A big thank you goes out to Student Council and everyone who made this day possible. For all the SPAD Frosh, I want to welcome you to the SPAD family. Coming to SPAD was the best decision you have ever made!

2015Oct 21

Doha GOALS Forum – The Gathering of all Leaders in Sport

IMG_0166SPAD always offers incredible opportunities…even during the summer. On July 24th, ten young and eager SPAD students made their way to Los Angeles, California to attend Doha Goals Forum. Ten Students, along with Dr. Dana Ellis, represented SPAD at Doha Goals 2015.

Doha Goals primary initiative was to foster and grow the sports leaders of tomorrow, as sport can be used as a tool for inclusion, health, initiative and tolerance for all parties involved. Doha Goals wanted to inspire the millennial generation to be a catalyst for change; a catalyst for equality and diversity in the culturally rich world we live in. “I believe sport has a power to change society and change the world,” said former NBA star Dikembe Mutombo, a board member of Special Olympics International.

This was for many of us the opportunity of a lifetime. Opportunities like this do not come along often…to those who are not in SPAD that is.  SPAD had never before attended Doha Goals. World Cup Champion and Captain of the Team USA Soccer Team Abby Wambach made an interesting remark about opportunities “Be willing to walk through any door, as you will never know what is on the other side.” Abby Wambach is an inspiration to females and males alike all over the world. What is interesting is that she talked about how she is not successful because she was the fastest on the pitch or the best scorer, but because she never left a door unopened. Opportunities are presented to each and everyone of us every single day. The morale of the story is, takes chances, take risks, that is how you become great. Do the impossible, be the best you can be.IMG_0154

Over the four day weekend, we had the opportunity to visit many cool places; such as the Toyota Sports Complex where we played in a soccer tournament with other student ambassadors. Unfortunately Team SPAD was unable to make the knock out stage after a 2-1 finish. The one loss of the tournament came at the hands of Sean Garnier, and for those of you who don’t know who that is, he’s only the Freestyle Soccer Champion of the World. On Saturday July 25th, we attended the Special Olympics World Games Opening Ceremony hosted at LA Memorial Colosseum. What an experience that was, to see the power of sport, helping so many fulfil their dreams. The ceremonies were highlighted by performances by Stevie Wonder, Avril Lavigne, O.A.R and appearances by Michelle Obama, Jamaal Charles, and Michael Phelps. The most underlying fact of these games is the idea of equality.

“Most people feel like in order to win in life, you have to beat someone, you have to win and someone else has to lose. There’s a whole other side of life. What you discover here is sport as an expression of human desire. …In some ways, I think we’re scared of that beauty. Because when you see someone fall and get up or someone in first place goes to help that person up, those kinds of things can’t be communicated with words. If we paid attention to this more, the sports page would look a lot different” – Tim Schriver.

Tim Schriver is the Chairman for the Special Olympics and was a speaker at GenUine, which was another conference being hosted at the J.W Marriot in downtown Los Angeles. Doha Goals was blessed by the opportunity to attend GenUine and hear from its many speakers, including NBA Allstar Damian Lillard, Author and Public Speaker Deepak Chopra, and owner of Tim’s Place, Tim Harris. Each and every speaker being as inspirational as the next.

The vast majority of speakers talked about how passion is a cornerstone to changing the world. George Sprour the Chief Dreamer with Building Tomorrow talked about how “passion eats the impossible for breakfast every single day.” Essentially what he means is; if you want something, do not let anyone stop you, you are unique, you can change the world. Sport is forever changing and evolving; passion and dedication is what drives change. A common theme present throughout Doha Goals 2015 was the power of sport.

“Sport has the power to change the world…it has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does” – Nelson Mandela.

So what did we learn, what did we take away from Doha Goals. I think for most of us Doha Goals provided us an opportunity to build awareness; it opened our eyes in showing us how powerful sport truly is. Everyone has the opportunity to be a game changer.

2015Oct 20

SPAD Jays Game 2015

Jays GameWhile most students attend university between September and April, in SPAD it’s year-round excitement and a lifetime of networking. The next two posts on the SPAD Blog will describe some of the great summer traditions and opportunities for SPAD students.

On August 15th, approximately 70 Sports Administration students ventured to the Rogers Centre for the annual SPAD Blue Jays game hosted by SPAD Council. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon, the sun was shining and the roof was open. It was going to be a great afternoon of baseball. The game was between the Toronto Blue Jays and the New York Yankees, both teams neck and neck looking to win the American League East.

The game is an annual tradition where SPAD students can catch up with fellow classmates, and kickstart the new year. Like every year before, this is the first opportunity for upper-year students to meet some of the new SPAD Frosh. It’s also the frosh’s first chance to fully appreciate the SPAD experience and the strong network of students and alumni. Unfortunately for all the Jays fans in attendance, the experience wasn’t perfect, as the Blue Jays’ bats didn’t show up and they lost 4-1 to the Yankees.

Fortunately the festivities didn’t end there as a large number of the attending students walked down the street to Real Sports, North Americas premiere sports bar. It was a great time to share some laughs over dinner and drinks; a great day for all.

SPAD Council President, Neal Steven, was pleased with the excellent turnout and had this to say: “It was great to see so many SPAD students, alumni, and some excited new frosh come out and enjoy a wonderful afternoon of baseball.”

The annual SPAD Blue Jays game is always a great time for students. It has definitely made every one of us excited to head back up to Sudbury for another great year in SPAD.