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2014Oct 7

SPAD Month in Review – September 2014

By Blog Contributor David Maika

As October rolls in, SPAD students are finally all settled in and ready for fall. Postseason baseball has been captivating and the start of the NHL season created a buzz that can only be found in the Great White North. Looking back over the month of September, all four years of the Sports Administration program had a fun and eventful opening few weeks. Here is a quick overview of the month that was for SPAD students:


SPAD Frosh Jake Sparks goes one-on-one against Nethu Srikanthan as Bradley Case and Alex Pittman look on at the 2014 LU Flag Football Tournament.

First Year

New beginnings have started for the first year students. For the majority of the frosh who are on campus, gone are the days of mom’s fresh cooked meals, clean laundry and bedtime curfews. As overwhelming as the process can be, the group of SPAD frosh have adjusted well to life in the Sports Administration program. With icebreaker events such as SPAD Frosh Day, the first years have become more acquainted with each other, as well as with the upper years.

When asked about his first month in the SPAD program, Graydon Ronson was eager to answer. “First year has been so awesome and never actually thought it would be this good. The cool thing about this program is not that you get to know your own age group, but you get to know the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th years as well. There are a lot of opportunities to do great things with your life in SPAD and I can already feel it becoming a big part of my life.”


Second Year

Having completed two midterms already, the second year SPAD students have gained a greater understanding of the workload that is involved with ‘core year.’ Second year is a balance of Commerce and SPAD courses, which allows students to learn the core principles of business theory;  these theories become the foundation for all upper year applied courses.

With more than capable students, the second years are still finding time to socialize and be involved with the program and extracurricular activities. Second year student Scott Birkbeck is also a Peer Mentor on his floor in residence. “My role as a Peer Mentor has been a great social experience. I have been helping plan activities and helping the frosh out by teaching them how to get the most out of their time here at university. With regards to SPAD, I feel that we have also developed a very strong support group within our program. There is always help available for those that need it, whether it is from our peers or our Profs. It’s amazing to think of how close we have all become since first year. By working together it helps us be more successful in our studies and gives us the time to fulfill the social aspects of that balance.”


Third Year

As third years focus on their SPAD courses, there is a sense of excitement around the students. With the responsibility of running fun and interactive events, the third years have hit the ground running, trying to build on the legacy and past success of SPAD-run events. Last Saturday, a group of third year students hosted the ‘LU Flag Football Tournament’ with a number of teams in attendance, ranging from frosh to fourth years. Tournament organizer Sami Sherry said “I’m very pleased with the outcome of the tournament. I think it went as smoothly as it possibly could have despite the weather. It turns out the ingredients to a great day are university students, football and a soggy patch of grass.”

With the tournament complete, the rest of the third year students are eager to organize and run their own events. The next event is the Ultimate Frisbee Tournament, which will be held on Saturday, October 25th.  For more information, visit their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter (@FrisbeeLU).


Fourth Year

Entering into their final year, the fourth years have begun to reflect on their memorable SPAD tenures, just as the great Derek Jeter reflected on his final year of being a Yankee. Some of that reflecting however was put on pause, as many of the fourth years are busy gaining valuable work experience as interns for a variety of organizations.

For the fourth years that have completed their internships this past summer, it is back to the grind for one last year at Laurentian University. Using their valuable experience from their internships, the fourth years are already excited about their year-end fieldtrip.


Program-Wide Notes

Overall the first month of the 2014-2015 academic year for SPAD students has gone very well, highlighted by these events:

  • With the excitement of the NHL season looming, SPAD Student Council has created their annual SPAD Hockey Pool picks for SPAD students and faculty to compete for a chance to be fantasy hockey king or queen.
  • SPAD Student Council have added two new members, Spencer Karn and Roberto Bagnato, who will become First Year Representatives.
  • The annual John Molson Sports Marketing Conference is just around the corner and planning for the event has already begun!
  • SPAD Student Council is in the process of determining a SPAD wear provider. Stay tuned for more information!
2014Oct 1

SPAD and Voyageurs Continue Partnership in 2014/15

By Blog Contributor Tyler Fitch

One of the most attractive features of the Sports Administration program at Laurentian University is the amount of hands-on work students experience before earning their degree. Building off of last year’s success, SPAD and Laurentian Athletics have once again partnered in order to give students the opportunity to apply material learned in class, while playing a prominent role in the production of Voyageurs hockey, basketball, and soccer games.

Voyageurs Hockey returned to Laurentian in the 2013/14 Season.

Voyageurs Hockey returned to Laurentian for the 2013/14 Season.

Third-year SPAD students Erica Newman and Melissa Johnstone are managing the men’s basketball twitter account (@VoyageursMBB) for the second year and have also spearheaded the women’s soccer twitter account (@VoyageursWSOC) for the upcoming season. Johnstone believes the experience will help her with her job aspirations.

“I really enjoy social media as well as marketing, and those are two things that I consider as career opportunities for myself,” she said. “I’ve really learned the value of the information we provide and the effect it has on some of our followers. We have people who regularly retweet us and tweet at us, mainly on the men’s account, and are very interactive and engaged in the teams. I think they are very happy [with Athletics adding social media].”

Men’s and women’s hockey, basketball, and soccer all have twitter accounts that are managed by SPAD students, with others helping out in different ways. Second-year student Ben Goodman managed the statistics for both hockey teams last year, and will now be the video coach for the men’s hockey team this year. Like Johnstone, he is confident this experience will be beneficial in the future, as he hopes to one day pursue a career in hockey operations.

“I think my position with the team will be a really valuable experience and a huge step for my development. Over the last year I’ve been trying a lot of different things in different parts of the game so that I could really understand the kind of environment that I’ll be dealing with, but this is really my first shot at contributing directly to a hockey team,” Goodman said. “This season is going to give me a lot of room to grow and a lot of chances to make an impact. I’m really looking forward to it.”

We are excited to closely follow SPADs contribution to Laurentian Athletics and sharing in all of the Voyageurs successes this season. Best of luck to all of our teams, and click on the link below to follow them on twitter.

Women’s Basketball
Men’s Basketball
Women’s Soccer
Men’s Soccer
Women’s Hockey
Men’s Hockey