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2014Mar 22

@LU_SPAD Students Host 2nd SGA Dodgeball Tournament

By: Kevin Domaratzki

1975164_10153913794870385_1655199430_nOn March 15th 2014, third year event management students hosted the 2nd annual SGA Dodgeball Tournament presented by Toppers Pizza. The event was held at the Ben Avery Gym on Laurentian Campus and ran from 9-4:30. The event was a huge success as it attracted a record breaking 22 teams, with each team having 6-8 players.

The event began just prior to 9am as teams who registered were treated to complimentary morning snacks, including granola bars, fruit, water and Gatorade. Participants also had the opportunity to snack on bags of chips supplied by Frito Lay, a proud sponsor of the event. Players had the opportunity throughout the day to play the Topper’s Pizza Accuracy Challenge, attempting to hit the most pizza boxes in a row with a dodgeball. The round robin began at 9am as all three courts (Toppers Pizza court, frito lay court and pepsi court) had games running simultaneously. Every team was guaranteed 3 games in the round robin. The round robin ran smoothly and on time, until pizza arrived just before noon. Each team was given a large pizza, generously donated by presenting sponsor Topper’s Pizza.


2014Mar 20

@LU_SPAD President Profile – Sean Meyers

1235263_10153274027850517_2064817181_nQ: What are some of your duties as SPAD President? Tell the readers more about your role on council and within the program.

As the President of SPAD, I am responsible for facilitating a strong group of leaders that is this years’ SPAD Student Council. Throughout the year we are responsible for planning all Council run events including: SPAD Frosh Day, the annual trip SPAD students make to Montreal for the John Molson Sports Marketing Conference, SPAD Formal, as well as several other events taking place over the course of the year. In addition, I host monthly meetings with our Council, as well as work on tasks throughout the year including the program’s prestigious “SPAD Wear”. Through my role on the Council, I am ultimately responsible for ensuring that the students of SPAD receive the best extra circular experience possible over the course of the year.

Q: Why did you choose to run for this position and what made you want to represent the program as their Student Council President?

During the 2012-2013 school year I served as the Second Year Representative on the SPAD Council. I really enjoyed assuming this role, and decided I wanted to explore a larger role within the program the following year. In talking with upper year students and alumni of SPAD who had been apart of the SPAD Council, they had talked heavily of the benefits and great experience in which the Council experience provided. When the opportunity arose, I immediately knew I wanted to pursue the role of President on the SPAD Student Council. Growing up I’ve striven to become a leader, and SPAD Council President role has not only allowed me to grow as a leader, but it has also allowed me to grow a team of leaders, which is the students within SPAD. I would encourage any first and second year students with the slightest interest in a Council position to take advantage of it, as the experience has been all I could ask for.


2014Mar 14

4th Year @LU_SPAD Students Talk Internships

SPADindexOn February 27th, 2014, 4th year SPAD students took the time out of their busy schedule to talk to 2nd and 3rd year students about their experiences last summer and fall while working on their internships. The students, although approaching the busiest time of a SPAD students 4 year career with field trip, gave back to the younger students looking to complete their own internships over the next 1-2 years. These 4th years talked about their favorite aspects of the internships and gave advice to others about how to be successful while working on an internship. (more…)

2014Mar 13

2nd Annual SGA Dodgeball Tournament This Weekend!

1975164_10153913794870385_1655199430_nIt’s that time of year again; time to dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge! SPAD’s third year event management students are organizing the 2nd Annual SGA Dodgeball Tournament which is taking place on Saturday March 15th at the Ben Avery Gym. The tournament begins at 9:00am on Saturday and runs until 5:00pm. Teams consist of 6-8 players, and registration cost is $80.00 per team. Please note that every team must have a minimum of 2 members of the opposite gender. Registration will continue all week in the Great Hall!

Event organizers have a ton of fun activities planned for all participants. A number of raffle prizes will be available courtesy of the generous sponsors. Moreover, mini games will be played at the event, with the opportunity to win some great prizes. The games include an accuracy challenge, and one vs. one sudden death competition (as seen in the classic Dodgeball movie). A free pizza lunch will also be provided to all of the tournament participants. You won’t want to miss out on all the fun!

For more information on the event, be sure to check out the official Facebook and Twitter pages! Make sure to get your team in for the weekend! Lots of fun to be had. Check in to the blog for an event recap next week! Also, be sure to check out some highlights from last year’s tournament here:

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2014Mar 6

@LU_SPAD Students Host 2nd Annual LU Snow Battle

1962676_598977603530621_815083389_nOn March 1st 2014, third year Event Management students hosted the 2nd annual LU Snow Battle at the varsity fields, here at Laurentian University. The event was a tremendous success which attracted nearly 100 students and faculty to the athletic fields. A total of six teams braved the cold, and competed for the prestigous LU Snow Battle Title!

The event got underway early Saturday morning, where players were treated to some free snacks and coffee courtesy of Country Style. Teams battled it out throughout the morning during the round robin rounds. Every player was then invited back to the Ken Banuk Lounge and were treated to a delicious lunch provided by Pillers. The new concept of “Ski Ball” was a big hit during the lunch break, which eventually saw SPAD student Ross Wallen come out on top.

After lunch, players and spectators returned to the field to take part in the skills competition. The first skills contest was based off of throwing accuracy, and saw SPAD Student Mark Norris put on a brilliant display to run away with the competition. Next up was the very exciting “Gauntlet” event which saw players from all teams participate, however, no one could touch the speed of SPAD’s Tom Zapletal who came out on top of the competition. Teams then proceeded to compete in the elimination rounds, which eventually saw “Snow Up Your Nose”, group of 4th year SPAD students come out victorious!

Event Organizers (Jenna Woodward, Tim Smith, Jason Reichart, Kaite Doyle, Scott Bond, and Jason Rabski)

Event Organizers (Jenna Woodward, Tim Smith, Jason Reichart, Kaite Doyle, Scott Bond, and Jason Rabski)

Everyone who came out to the event had themselves a blast. The event organizers would like to thank everyone who came out and participated in the event. Also, a big thank you to all of the generous sponsors who made the event possible. We look forward to next year’s “battle”! Be sure to check out all of the pictures from the event here (Photos courtesy of Jenna Woodward).

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