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2014Feb 27

Opportunity For Current SPAD Students!

This message is being passed along on behalf of Sean Meyers and SPAD Student Council: 

CaptureGreetings SPAD students,

For the first time in many years, the SPAD Student Council has teamed up with Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment to present the MLSE Sport Management Forum. This unique event will be taking place on March 21 at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario. Tickets for this unique event are $37, which includes a ticket to the Sport Management Forum, as well as a ticket to watch the Toronto Raptors take on the Oklahoma City Thunder that evening. All students interested are suggested to reserve their spot through the Council ASAP as numbers are extremely limited. For more information, take a look at the attached document provided by MLSE or contact any member of the SPAD Council. Unfortunately, due to the event falling on the eve of the fourth year consulting trip in Chicago, this opportunity will not be available to those individuals attending the trip.

If you have any questions, or are looking to reserve yourself a spot, please contact Sean Meyers at by this Friday, February 28 to guarantee yourself a spot. We look forward to seeing you all take advantage of this unique opportunity!


Sean Meyers

On behalf of the SPAD Student Council

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2014Feb 25

The LU Snow Battle is back!

1974545_10152683197113266_1526492334_nThe LU Snow Battle is back at Laurentian University this weekend! On Saturday March 1st, 2014, a group of 3rd year SPAD student will be hosting the second year of this event. It was an incredible event last year that brought many participants and spectators out.

For those of you that do not know, organizer Scott Bond gives us a breakdown of how the LU Snow Battle takes place.

“This winter sport is played on a snow court 40 meters long by 10 meters wide. Armed with 90 balls per 3 minute period, each team of seven attempts to eliminate the opposing team and capture the oppositions flag. For a full list of the rules, visit our Facebook page at www.facebook/lusnowbattle.”

The event will take place on the soccer fields at the Ben Avery Gymnasium, with a “Learnament” taking place on Friday Februay 28th to help everyone new to this event learn the ins and outs of the sport. The organizers, along with to sponsors Piller’s Fine Foods, look forward to bringing you this event this weekend. If you are interested in entering a team, please contact the group on Facebook and look for the registration table in the great hall Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week.

Check out some of the highlights from last year’s event:

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2014Feb 20

@LU_SPAD Student Athlete Profile: Jordan Hotta – LU Varsity Swim Team

Jordan Hotta is a first year SPAD student on is also on the swim team here at Laurentian. Although Jordan is in his first year here at Laurentian, he does have some past post-secondary education. He also recently attended the OUA swim competition at Brock University. He discusses all of that, and more in this blog interview. Enjoy!

Jordan in the water

Jordan in the water

SB: Thank you for taking the time to do this interview. I’ll start off by asking how you are enjoying your first year in SPAD?

JH: My first year in SPAD was a nice change in pace from my Western Medical Science degree. Highlights of the SPAD program to me are definitely the personal learning experience afforded to students by the highly invested staff. In SPAD you can definitely tell that both students and teachers are here because they truly love what they are doing, and not just to ramble on, or earn a slip of paper.

SB: You used to attend the University of Western Ontario, what did you study there? What made you want to switch to Laurentian and SPAD?

JH: At Western I was enrolled in the Bachelor of Medical Science program, specifically in the Physiology and Medical Cell Biology streams. I decided that Laurentian would be my next step because I wanted to pursue competitive swimming at my home pool under a coach I know and trust, Phil Parker. Further, SPAD seemed like just the right mix of the practical and theoretical aspects of business, with some nice athletic flavor thrown in. Skills inherent in business, in my opinion, represent a highly transferable credential that could compliment my science background.

SB: How long have you been swimming competitively? Where did you find such a passion for the sport?

JH: I’ve been swimming competitively for around ten years up to this point; however, that span of time isn’t without a few breaks. I originally attended Western set on training, and competing in royal purple; but the rigors of academics bested me in my youth. After a four year hiatus, I realized that chlorine is in my blood and I needed to get back in the pool – enter Laurentian. The atmosphere at LU pool conjured from not only fellow swimmers and coaches, but from the history of Olympic gold and world record setting swims, is something that gets into your veins and builds an insatiable hunger for the roar of competition. When you get in the water, and this may sound cliché, it feels like the whole world, and all of the problems that hammer on you, day in and day out, just flow off. When you get in the pool, it’s just you, the water rushing by your ears, the black line running underneath you, and a goal of where you want to be in 1, 2, 3, or 4 years.

SB: You recently represented Laurentian at the OUA Swim meets earlier in February, how was that experience for you? Will there be any more competitions this year?

JH: The OUA experience was something that I’d been waiting for, for a long time – since I was a club swimmer looking up to the “varsity guys.” My expectations were definitely exceeded. The air in the Brock pool was electric, the stands were full, the deck was packed; and for a few exhilarating races you could tell everyone there had put their chips all in. In particular was the 4x100m freestyle relay, a classic underdog scenario. Off the third exchange the defending champs still held the lead but then the a team seeded third in the race began to charge; every spectator was on their feet cheering, chanting, whatever they needed to do to will their team on to victory. The gap was shrinking precipitously and the two last racers were running out of pool. As both competitors extended aching arms into the wall, the finish was too close to call. Everyone’s eyes darted to the scoreboard, the third ranked team had upset the defending champs, it was this sort of collective excitement that I had dreamt of experiencing as a chubby ten year old who just loved to fool around underwater.

For me personally, I had the bad luck of getting food poisoning on my first night of competition – it will be the last time I order a roast beef sandwich at a meet, instead of my usual pasta and chicken. Despite this, I was able to mine 3/3 for best times and get a second swim in my 50m breaststroke, finishing in 13th place. I knew going into the season I would need to fight every day in order to make up the ground I lost during my 4 year reprieve from the water. With that in my mind, my goals for 2013/14 were all very nearly met, aside from my ongoing battle to score a CIS time standard in the 50m distance.

The varsity season has drawn to a close; however, I will still be competing for the Voyageurs sister club, the Sudbury Laurentian Swim Club.

SB: Do you ever find it challenging to balance both school and sports?

JH: There are certainly times when the strains of meeting the expectations I set for myself both academically and athletically seem daunting. With that in mind, I think it’s important to be conscious of the balancing acts that everyone experiences. I’m fortunate enough to be balancing a sport I love with an education I find interesting. That being said, I always try to always remain relaxed and tackle one challenge at a time, whether it’s a monstrous set in swimming, or an assignment for class.

SB: What are some of your aspirations after completing your degree in SPAD?

JH: I would love to be involved with Swimming Canada; or aquatic sport in general. The understanding of the human body from my physiology background, coupled with management skills from SPAD will give me a unique perspective on how best to elevate and push the sport of swimming forward. I would also like to coach swimming on the side if time allows – the swim world is one I never want to stray from again.

SB: Thank you for taking the time to do this interview! Good luck with the rest of your semester!

JH: Thanks so much!

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2014Feb 19

@LU_SPAD in Sochi!

SPAD Alumni, Jamie Howlett, is currently in Sochi working with the Canadian Olympic Committee. He has agreed to work with the blog to give us some insight on his experience at the games! Here is his first of two entries. Enjoy!

Jamie Making Appearing on TV

Jamie Appearing on TV!

Week 1 in Sochi (The First Four Weeks) By Jamie Howlett

First off, what an incredible first week for our Canadian Olympians! As it stands right now, our athletes have us two medals behind the total medal count lead heading full steam into the second half of the games.

For myself and others on our team, the Olympics in Sochi began four weeks ago. Our advanced team came in and immediately hit the ground running preparing and setting up the plans and policies that the Canadian Olympic Committee has been waiting to implement since Sochi was awarded the games 7 years ago. With 145 000 pounds of freight at our disposal, it was time to get to work and set up for our 600 team members working across ten venues in the Sochi area. Through rain (a lot of rain), late nights, and caffeine, all was ready for our 221 athletes representing Canada by their arrival.

On February 7th, from our lounge in the mountain village I watched the Opening Ceremony officially open the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games and my energy level spiked right up. It was time. We were finally going to see how all our hard work would pay off for Team Canada.

For these games I have been based out of the mountain village as our logistics officer, looking over of all the movements of our Olympic team, both people and the equipment needed to have them work/perform at their highest, to our 6 venues in the mountain cluster. Being able to work beside our team, team leaders, coaches, and athletes has been spectacular and hearing the positive feedback directly from those we strive to serve is extremely motivating (the constant winning of medals helps with that too) and gives us the boost to keep pushing through the entire time of competition

During my time in the mountains I was able to find the time and make my way over to the moguls course to experience our Men’s team take 3 of the top 4 spots in the world (and make my Olympic television debut). I will never forget that night, not only because of the history that was made, but while getting texts and tweets from everyone back home all I could think about was how powerful the Olympic Games can be. Having an entire country stop and watch sport for a couple of weeks and celebrate it as a nation is simply incredible. I feel privileged and proud to be part of the Olympics and helping Canada showcase its greatness to the world.

Until next week, stay classy SPAD.

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2014Feb 13

@LU_SPAD Students Host PepsiCo SB Party 2014

1900590_10153853828710061_932728461_oOn February 2nd 2014, third year Event Management students hosted the annual PepsiCo SB Party at Alumni Hall, here at Laurentian University. The event was a tremendous success which attracted nearly 100 students and faculty to Alumni Hall to watch the game. Every guest was provided with complimentary Lays chips thanks to party title sponsor, PepsiCo/Frito Lay.

The big game took place from the Meadowlands in New Jersey, and saw the Seahawks rout the Broncos by a very lopsided score. The game itself wasn’t close, but guests were kept entertained throughout the night with various contests, water pong, and the very popular field goal challenge station. Moreover, two separate Madden stations were set up in the hall to allow guests to put their skills to the test in some friendly competition. DJ Chasse was also on hand to keep the atmosphere alive in the room during commercials!


2014Feb 11

SPAD Students Host SGA Suitcase Party

Event Organizers

Event Organizers

On the evening of January 25th 2014, third year Event Management hosted the annual SGA Suitcase Party presented  by Contiki Tours and Merit Travel Group. This year’s event took place at the Pub Downunder, and was attended by over 150 students. Many prizes were available, including two grand prizes of $1000 courtesy of Contiki Tours! Other prizes included electronics, tanning packages, gift cards, and more! These sure kept the crowd happy and entertained throughout the night.

This year’s party had a “Tiki Tropics” theme, which made for some interesting costumes and games for the event! Some of the highlights of the night included the limbo contest, which had a number of hilarious highlights. Everyone also really enjoyed the hula hoop contest which had the crowd in a frenzy!


2014Feb 5

SPAD Day! Message from Bob Wanzel

SPADLogo1Feb. 5, 2014:

I read the Globe and Mail paper today and realized, in my mind, it was a SPAD day.

The Report on Business section had a story on Rogers and the NHL television contract. Quoted in the story was SPAD grad Dale Hooper, senior vice-president of marketing and consumer insights at Rogers.

The sports section had a story on the Ottawa RedBlacks, the new CFL team, and quoted its General Manager, SPAD grad Marcel Desjardins.

How perfect is that for SPAD, a business degree in Sports Administration!

Once again I’m struck by how proud I am of all the SPAD grads. No matter your career path, you all contribute to making society better.

I was reflecting on the loss of two SPAD profs, Billy Harris and Steve Harrington, who both contributed greatly to SPAD.  I realized that I started my SPAD teaching career in 1974 and 40 years later we all have a program that should fill us with pride.

I encourage everyone who reads this note to be a SPAD supporter so that today’s grads feel part of the family and great tradition. Keep the university aware of your contact information (, help a new grad when needed, be a part of the SPAD golf tourney if you are around, contribute financially to the program when possible and join us at SPAD alumni social evenings if you are in the area.

Alumni drove the initial success of SPAD and a strong alumni thrust will keep SPAD as a dominant program.

Best wishes in your endeavours.


Dr. Bob Wanzel

Professor emeritus

School of Sports Administration

2014Feb 5

Tony Lee Puts on a Memorable Show!

Tony Lee On Stage

Tony Lee On Stage

On Saturday, January 18th, SPAD Council welcomed world renowned hypnotist, Tony Lee to Laurentian University. The show took place at the Fraser Auditorium and was attended by nearly 400 students! The night got underway with an opening stand-up comedy set by former council President, Scott Rodgers. Up next was a local Laurentian band called “Gino and the Jesters”. They rocked the stage for a 40 minute set, consisting of many popular cover songs, and some original tunes as well.

Tony Lee was next to grace the stage, and he did not disappoint! A dozen students were hypnotized and gave the audience some good laughs throughout the night. It’s safe to say many were probably very embarrassed after they realized what they had done! A ton of credit goes to second year representative, Evan Kwan, for coordinating the evening, and getting Tony Lee up here in Sudbury!

This is the third time Tony Lee has collaborated with SPAD council to bring his show up north. For those unaware, Tony Lee has sold out over 6,000 worldwide, and is known as the “crudest and most talked about hypnotist in the UK, US, and Canada”. A big thank you to Tony for supporting the program, and delivering another hilarious show! We hope to see him again next year!

Closer View of the Main Stage

Closer View of the Main Stage

For those who may have missed the event, here is a taste of the atmosphere inside the Fraser Auditorium:

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2014Feb 3

The Voyageurs Varsity Basketball Teams and The CBCF in Collaboration with @LU_SPAD Host “Shoot For The Cure”

1609599_10153650812845147_1833029723_nOn Saturday January 18th, 2014, a group of 3rd year SPAD students planned an event at the Women’s and Men’s varsity Basketball games, Shoot For The Cure. This event was hosted in the Ben Avery Gymnasium  by both the CIS and the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (CBCF). This event was hosted in order to raise awareness and money for the foundation through he game with t-shirt sales and raffle prizes.

The games taking were place were extremely exciting, keeping all fans engaged and on the edge of their seats!

The Women’s game started at 6pm and ended in an unfortunate loss to the York Lions Varsity Women’s team. The Men’s game tipped off at 8pm, with the Men’s team pulling off the thrilling 1 point victory over the York Lions, 86-85. The Women’s team joined in the festivities and awareness building of the event by wearing pink jerseys in support of the foundation.


The Laurentian University Women’s team supporting the cause!

During the game, many activities were taking place around the event. Raffle tickets were being sold all night with various prizes to be won. T-Shirts were being sold and a great half-time show was being run during both games. By hitting various shots from different spots on the court, different prizes could be won. During the game, 3rd year SPAD Student Mike Mione knocked down a half court shot to win a tablet!

One of the event organizers, Jon McQueen, had this to say about the event.

“It was a great event, we had a really good turnout tonight. The SGA and Skaters edge were very supportive of this event, and T-shirt and raffle sales went extremely well. The half-time contest went very smoothly, we had a large participation rate from the fans. The event has done everything we had hoped for, by raising both awareness and money for the CBCF.

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