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2013Dec 24

Happy Holidays from the @LU_SPAD Blog Team

SPADindexNow that exams are finished, students have traveled home and are with their families for the holiday break. We, the SPAD Blog team, wanted to take a minute and reflect on the past year, look forward to the future and wish everyone a fun and relaxing winter break.

Over the past SPAD students have achieved some incredible accomplishments and the program has grown as a whole. Since January 1st, 2013 the following events have taken place within the SPAD family (all of which you can read about on the Blog):


2013Dec 23

@LU_SPAD Student Athlete Profile: Maggie Brennan


Maggie Brennan, 1st year SPAD student.

Maggie Brennan has had a lot of additional responsibilities this year above and beyond being a 1st year SPAD Student. Maggie is also a 1st year athlete for the Voyageurs Women’s Hockey team, now in the midst of their inaugural season for Laurentian. Recently, we were able to sit down with Maggie and learn a bit about the life of a SPAD student athlete.

Q: Hi Maggie, thanks for sitting down with us to give us and our readers a better idea of the life of a SPAD student athlete. We wanted to just start off by getting a bit of a background on you. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background in hockey.

MB: Hey, yeah it’s no problem! Thanks for having me and asking me to be a part of this. So obviously my name is Maggie Brennan, and I am here at Laurentian in my first year of SPAD and to be apart of the Women’s Hockey team. My hometown is Ottawa, so I live in Nepean, Ontario. I have been playing hockey since I was just little, I have been playing for the Nepean wildcats for the past eleven years.


2013Dec 21

@LU_SPAD Student Profile: Jason Wang – An International Perspective

Third year SPAD student, Jason Wang, has a very interesting story. Jason is originally from China, but has spent some time living in Montreal before making his way over to Laurentian University. Coming from a foreign country, such as China, Jason is able to offer us a different perspective on the program and its merits. Jason is a big fan of the New York Yankees, the Detroit Red Wings, Real Madrid, the New England Patriots, and the Brooklyn Nets. Jason has agreed to take some time out of his schedule to offer us some insight into the life of a student studying far away from home.

227fea7Q: Hi Jason, thank you for taking the time to speak with us today. Can you tell us a little bit about your background; where are you originally from, and when you moved to Canada?

I was born in China. Specifically, the Mandarin-speaking city of Beijing. I spent most of my childhood in Beijing. My elementary school days and my first year of high school were in Beijing. My family and I moved to Montreal when I was around 14 years old. We have lived there since.

Q: Did you study anything else before coming to the School of Sports Administration at Laurentian University?

Yes, when I first arrived in Montreal, I went to a “welcome class” for a year. The purpose of this class was to learn the french language. After completing this class, I was able to enter College Charles-Lemoyne for my remaining high school years. After this, I went to Cegep Maisonneuve for two years where I studied Social Sciences and Math. In 2011, I began my studies here in the Sports Administration program here at Laurentian University.


2013Dec 18

@LU_SPAD Student Profile – Dawson Reale: Young Entrepreneur


Dawson Reale – The Ultimate Collector

First year SPAD student Dawson Reale is the owner of The Ultimate Collector here in Sudbury. From a young age, Dawson has had a passion for both business and sports. The Sudbury native has been selling sports memorabilia online since 2008. What started as a hobby, has quickly grown into something much bigger. In 2011, he expanded his business into a physical storefront out of his father’s sports shop, Pro-Am Sports Excellence on Barry Downe Road in Sudbury. Authentic, Original and Affordable is his slogan and that is just what The Ultimate Collector offers.

Dawson attended Lockerby Composite School before coming to Laurentian University to study in the Sports Administration Program. SPAD encompasses everything that Dawson is passionate about; sports and business. In high school, he decided to step away from the sidelines, and pursue the business side of the industry.

It’s clear his family has had a huge influence on him. Dawson’s father Dominic Reale is also an avid sports fan, and he is very thankful as he has been instrumental in getting Dawson’s business to where it is today. Both businesses compliment each-other very well; Customers come into Pro-Am Sports Excellence looking for jerseys or other sport related items, and often end up leaving with unique sports memorabilia from Dawson’s part of the shop!


2013Dec 17

A Frosh Perspective – Part 3

By Blog Writer Matt Sallows 

At #JMSM13

At #JMSM13

As the cold December days go by, we find ourselves bundled up inside our new fresh SPAD wear trying to stay warm in the northern Canadian winter. Final exams have started, and once again, we face the stress that comes with being a responsible university student. Students are busy studying and the stress is starting to take its toll with long nights and early mornings. As the daylight hours get shorter, they get longer for us SPAD students as we prepare to complete our first university semester.

Now that December has started, we have a chance to reflect on how great of a month November was. There were so many great events, and fun times that we had with our new best friends. It is hard to believe, but the SPAD family continues to get tighter and tighter as we move throughout the year. November’s highlights included the SGA 3on3 Basketball tournament, the John Molson Sports Marketing Conference in Montreal, SPAD frosh scavenger hunt and the 1st ever poster day. What a very fun month that was enjoyed by all.


2013Dec 13

@LU_SPAD Student Athlete Profile: Cam Brooks


Cam Brooks, our very own OUA All-Star in action.

Cam Brooks, 4th year SPAD student and 4th year defense for the Varsity Men’s Soccer team, completed a four month summer internship with XMC Sports and Entertainment from May to August of this year. He then returned to Laurentian for his 4th and final SPAD year and his 4th season as an key contributor to the Men’s Soccer team. He recently talked to us about the Roller Coaster that was his 4th season with the team and his academic aspirations surrounding his final year in SPAD.

Q: First off Cam, congratulations on what is an incredible accomplishment, a 4-time OUA All-Star in as many years. Tells us a bit about the season through your eyes?

CB: Thanks Cam, it was a big honour to be named a first team all-star again this year. It was nice to be rewarded for the hard work that I put in and the excellence that I strive for every single day and in all facets of my life, academically and athletically.


2013Dec 10

@LU_SPAD Championship Selling GAME DAY™ Highlights

GAME DAY™ 2013

GAME DAY™ 2013

On Friday November 29th, 2013, Tom Blake’s Championship Selling course came to an end, with the 5th Annual GAME DAY™ held at Alumni Hall. Nine groups of third year SPAD students (with a few notable exceptions) presented case solutions to nine different high-profile companies. Students had the opportunity to put their sales skills to the test by presenting to representatives from companies, which included: The Canadian Paralympic Committe, Great West Life, LG Electronics, Molson Coors, Mondelez, CIBC, Procter & Gamble, Pepsico, and Sprout.

The Championship Selling course is unique to Laurentian University and SPAD. This is the 5th year that Tom has run the course through the program, and it offers a totally unique experience to students. Every second week throughout the semester, Tom would make the trip up to Sudbury from Toronto, to lead two, three hour sessions. During these sessions, Tom would lead great hands-on activities, which enabled students to practice their selling skills. Tom promised to teach willing students three things throughout the course:

  • How to get a better job
  • How to be better at the job
  • How to better at life

He delivered on his promise. Getting a University degree is the first step in becoming successful in the business world. However, it is experiences such as these, that allow students to develop and demonstrate the skills necessary to make it in the industry.


2013Dec 6

1st Year Sports Statistics Poster Day Highlights

Poster Day 2013

Poster Day 2013

On Tuesday December 3rd 2013, Dr. Vincent’s first year Sports Statistics students held their research poster presentations. The presentations took place inside the West Residence conference room. During the course of the semester, 29 student pairings conducted statistical research on a topic of their choice. The presentations were an opportunity for each of them to reveal the results of their research.

The assignment required students to test hypotheses of their choosing. By gathering information on each of their respective topics, students were able to analyze results through the use of statistical models. Each poster displayed the results of each student’s individual research. During the one hour session, students and guests toured the room, visiting different poster stations. It’s during this time that every group had the opportunity to explain the results and contents of their poster.

Topics covered a wide variety sports, testing everything from the sophomore slump in the NBA, to the relationship between fighting and winning in the NHL. The presentations were all quite impressive. It was apparent that every group took pride in their research, and it was reflected in the quality of each poster. Sports Statistics is a new class, therefore this was a new and exciting opportunity for everyone involved.


2013Dec 3

@LU_SPAD Frosh Scavenger Hunt

On November 24th, SPAD Council hosted the annual Frosh Scavenger Hunt. The event, much like every year, signifies the end of Dr. Pegoraro’s first year Colloquia class. The scavenger hunt is always a great way to bring the frosh class together, and test their SPAD knowledge!

The class was divided into 10 groups, with each team being assigned to a council member. Given the size of this year’s frosh class, Russ Lavis was needed to fill in as the final the group leader. A draft was held to determine each team. Council President, Sean Meyers, did a great job of finding embarrassing Facebook photos for the draft slideshow; no frosh or council member was safe!

The scavenger hunt is a test based on what the frosh class has learned in their first three months at Laurentian. The list features a number of questions and challenges, which requires each student to think on their feet. Many of the questions are based on general SPAD trivia, putting the frosh’s knowledge of SPAD history to the test. The class was even tested on how well they knew the SPAD council members, and their hometowns! Some challenges also required groups to find some of Laurentian’s most notable landmarks, such as the Ghandi statue outside of the library. Other challenges were slightly more complicated, and had higher point values because of it.