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2013Oct 31


Check out the latest addition to the “SPAD Video Zone”. The video features highlights from this month’s SGA Cup.

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2013Oct 29

@LU_SPAD Internship Profile: Benoit Roy – TrojanOne/Voyageurs Hockey

803302_10153370399055508_1557649678_nFourth year SPAD student, Benoit Roy, has been very busy over the past six months with two different internships. He has been involved with various organizations during his time here at Laurentian. In May, Benoit began a four-month internship with TrojanOne, where he worked as an Assistant Coordinator.  Furthermore, in September, Benoit began an internship with the Laurentian Voyageurs hockey teams as a member of the “Hockey Operations” crew. The former SPAD Council Vice President has agreed to take time out of his busy schedule to answer some of our questions, and provide some insight to any student looking to pursue similar internships. We are thrilled to have him back on the blog! Here is the interview:

Q: Hi Benoit, thank you for taking the time to speak with us today. You’ve been extremely busy over the past 6 months with a couple of internships. Over the summer, you spent some time working with TrojanOne as an Assistant Coordinator. Can you tell us a little bit about the position you held, and some of your everyday duties with the organization?

BR: Absolutely! At TrojanOne, I was in an interesting situation where I was the first intern to hold the position I was in. I worked directly with President and CEO, Mark Harrison, and I supported the variety of tasks he completed on a regular basis. This included prospecting and developing strategic partnerships for TrojanOne’s sport and cause properties ranging from Rugby Canada to Youth Science Canada. I also assisted the Consulting and Partnership Marketing departments by creating proposals and activations for strategic partners and developing sponsorship prospecting strategies for a variety of properties. In my position, there was a great focus sales and sales administration.

Q: Seems like you had a very rewarding experience! Were there any challenges associated with being the first intern to hold that position?

BR: It was an extremely rewarding position – working with the President of a prominent sport marketing agency, for me, is among the best ways to gain an entry into the industry. Just having an opportunity to witness his work ethic and see how he conducts himself with other industry pros is extremely valuable. However, this did come with some challenges. Working with Mark, I was required to complete work at a high rate which made it difficult to write with significant detail at times. However, the work I was assigned greatly related to the material taught in SPAD which certainly helped. Also, given I was the first intern, there was no past intern I could contact to provide some insight. Despite this, I knew any internship would be challenging and I gladly welcomed this unique challenge.


2013Oct 26

A Frosh Perspective – Part 2

By SPAD Blog Contributor Matt Sallows

First year student Matt Sallows has agreed to be part of a SPAD Blog series which will be documenting his first year experiences. Here is the second entry, in his own words:

Frosh Team at the SGA Cup

Frosh Team at the SGA Cup

As I sit down to write this, it is hard to believe that Halloween is just around the corner and that means we are already two months into the school year, with only six to go. With October nearing its end, I find myself looking back and appreciating the program I have chosen even more. I’m also appreciative of all the amazing people I’ve met thus far. October is a crazy busy month for SPAD frosh. We experienced our first “SPAD Event” (the SGA Cup), First Year Council Representative Elections, and the daunting and dreadful time known as midterm season! We made it through it all and we did it together because we are a family; a family that we have come to love already.

October started off fast and furious. As most of us frosh have now become accustomed to life away from home, we can now start to fully participate and appreciate all that Laurentian has to offer. Let’s start with the flag football tournament known as the SGA cup. A team organized and captained by yours truly, led a team of high-flying SPAD frosh against the best Laurentian had to offer. Our first challenge, the round robin, where our team came out firing, rolling over all three teams we faced. The team was amazing and I was impressed with the level of commitment, effort and heart that could have only come from a family, a SPAD family. Unfortunately for us, our strategy became too predictable and our walk of fame was short-lived and we were defeated in the playoffs. Not to worry, we are already working on our game plan for next year. We will be back!


2013Oct 23

@LU_SPAD Internship Profile: Diaries from “Smashville” – Brianne Pankoff – Part 2

Brianne Pankoff, 4th year SPAD student, is currently interning with the Nashville Predators of the NHL. In the highly anticipated part 2 of the “Diaries from Smashville”, Brianne has taken the time to discuss the work she is doing while on internship this fall. Brianne gives us a great idea of what responsibilities interns with NHL franchises have. Here is the interview.


Brianne standing in front of Bridgestone Arena, Home of the Nashville Predators!

Q: What is your official position with the Nashville Predators organization?

 BP: I am one of two Corporate Partnerships Interns . I report to the Senior Account Manager and am on the “service” side of Corporate Partners department. On the service side I also help out with Premium Seating and Suites for concerts.

 Q: What are some of your responsibilities and duties in this position?

 BP: On the service side of Corporate Partnerships we execute all of contractual obligations of the partnerships. This means that while the account executives create the partnerships we carry out the things such as activations, signage, giveaways, etc. that were a part of the contract. In addition to implementing these practices, my biggest role would be tracking and recording everything that we do, so that in our mid and end of year reviews we can present to the partners what elements they paid for, and show them the return on those investments. This includes taking pictures before and during games of EVERYTHING sponsored from the rink boards, to the jumbotron, to fans buying concessions, as well as screenshotting social media mentions, and logging tv, radio, and in-arena advertisements.


2013Oct 21

@LU_SPAD Internship Profile: Darby Reive – TrojanOne


Darby (far left) with a group of fellow interns.

Current 4th year SPAD student Darby Reive is working on his internship with the Consulting Group at TrojanOne. He has taken some time out of his incredibly busy schedule to answer a few question that we had for him, showcasing his internship and gaining valuable advice for other SPAD students.


Q: What is your title/position with your current internship?

DR: I am an Assistant Analyst with the Consulting Group at TrojanOne.  The Consulting Group works with non-profits, a wide range of sports organizations and entertainment properties to fulfill their sponsorship needs.

Q: What is a typical day with this position like? What are some of your duties and responsibilities?

DR: A typical day for me is divided among tasks related to client projects and administration. Client project tasks take up the majority of my time and vary greatly.  In the same day, I can be conducting a valuation of one client’s sponsor rights fees and later, be responsible for the finishing touches on another client’s final report.  While every project is different, they all require a lot of research and insights on the client before any consulting takes place. It’s cool to have to become an expert on a particular topic or organization or sport in such a short time span.

Administrative tasks are consisted of anything I do to keep the Consulting Group organized. Every other week, I direct a meeting for everyone to be updated on the status of current client and internal projects. I maintain a library of databases, subscriptions, and sponsorship reports and proposals. I’ve also been able to help in the making of a business development plan to focus the Consulting Group on gaining new clients. (more…)

2013Oct 18

Inaugural LU “Pink The Rink” Event

PINK IN THE RINK2Something exciting is taking place in our community! On November 2nd, SPAD, the Voyageurs Women’s hockey team, and the Northern Cancer Foundation (NCF) are teaming together to host the inaugural “Pink The Rink” event. The fundraiser will be taking place at Countryside Arena, when the Voyageurs host rival Nippissing Lakers for a 7:45pm puck-drop. Join us as we help the Northern Cancer Foundation’s fight against breast cancer!

A number of fundraising initiatives  will be taking place on the night of the event. There will be a ceremonial puck drop to kick-off the night. Other events include a raffle draw, a bake sale, a puck toss, a t-shirt sale, and more on the night of the event! All funds raised at the event will go directly to the Northern Cancer Foundation. Event organizers are working with Laurentian’s “Pub Downunder” to throw a fundraising event on the night of Friday November 1st – stay tuned for more details on this! (more…)

2013Oct 16

2nd Annual LU 3v3 Basketball Tournament

1379195_10151960934078659_592517359_nIt’s almost basketball season, and third year Event Management students are bringing back the popular 3 on 3 basketball tournament! The event will be taking place at the Ben Avery Gym on Saturday November 2nd, from 9am to 6pm. This year’s tournament will consist of one competitive division and one co-ed division. Each team should feature three to five players, with a registration cost of $80 per team. There will be a number of prizes available to be won throughout the day. Registration will be held in the Great Hall every weekday leading up to the event.

Also, the tournament will once again feature the popular three-point shooting competition. Furthermore, a BBQ will be taking place on the day of the event, and complimentary food will be provided to all participants. Check out some of the highlights from last year’s event:

For more info on the event, you can visit the official event Facebook page, follow the tournament on Twitter,and check out their Vine account (LU 3v3 Basketball)!

2013Oct 14

@LU_SPAD Alumni Profile: Adam Johnston – Senators Sports & Entertainment

The NHL is back, which means a busier schedule for many of SPAD’s alumni. Recent graduate, Adam Johnston, is currently working as a full-time account manager for the Ottawa Senators (Senators Sports and Entertainment). Adam has kindly agreed to take some time out of his busy schedule to tell us a little bit more about his everyday duties with the Sens, and offer insight to current students looking to pursue a career in the field.

200px-Ottawa_Senators.svgQ: Thank you for taking some time to answer our questions. Can you explain how you got started with the Senators? What’s it like working in Ottawa (Kanata)?

AJ: My pleasure to answer your questions, Kel. I was supposed to be doing an internship with the Communications department of the Senators in the fall of 2012, but the NHL lockout eliminated the opportunity. I was really looking forward to the internship, so it was a bit of a disappointment but allowed me to really enjoy the last year of my degree. I asked my contact in the communications department (SPAD Alumni) for a referral to the sales department because I started to figure out that it was the area of the business I was most interested in. I interviewed for a sales internship and received the offer shortly after. After interning there for a couple of months an account manager position opened up which I applied for and I have been working in the role since that time. Ottawa/Kanata is a great place to live and work with a ton to do without the big city feel of Toronto.

Q: Was working for a hockey organization one of your aspirations when you first entered the program?

AJ: Growing up playing hockey and being a fan of the NHL, I always thought it would be interesting. I didn’t have a clue what actual jobs would be involved on the business side of the sport at the time but always something in the back of my mind I suppose.


2013Oct 12

SPAD Wear is Back!

UAimagesOne of the most exciting times of the year is finally back! The SPAD student council is happy to announce that Under Armour will be the 2013-2014 supplier of SPAD Wear. This years SPAD Wear promises to offer great quality products that members of this program can be proud to wear.

This years SPAD Wear is offering many items to be purchased. The items offered include: two types of T-Shirts, hats, shorts, golf shirts, hoodies, sweater jackets, sweat pants, and a track suit. SPAD Wear will offer women’s and men’s options.

SPAD Wear is a great way to represent yourself and the program you love. If you are hanging out with friends and family, in class, at other academic events, working on an internship or in the sports industry, this gear is a reminder of where you have come from and the family you have gained through this program.

If you have any questions at all or  just want to find out more about SPAD Wear and the order process this year, please feel free to contact either SPAD Student Council President Sean Meyers at, or Social Convenor Cam Baker at

2013Oct 11

@LU_SPAD Recruits at OUF 2013

By SPAD Blog Contributor Sean Meyers


Council President Sean Meyers on the floor at OUF

Laurentian Student Brand Ambassadors and Sports Administration students Simon Tomlinson and Sean Meyers were attending their first OUF and were ecstatic about the opportunity to complete the ‘Circle of Life’. “Having been recruited at this very fair I know exactly how unsure and insecure some of these students feel about making such a big life decision at this age. It was really interesting to see the University recruitment process from the other side, trying to recruit the students. It was a lot of fun talking about a school and program which I love” states Student Council President Sean Meyers. Sean and Simon answered plenty questions and provided personal insight on the school to hopeful Laurentian University students.