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2012Feb 29

NHL Trade Deadline 2012: Not much happened!

By SPAD Blogger Andrew Berlingieri

Monday, February 27 marked one of the most exciting times of the year for hockey fans, Trade Deadline Day. It is the day hockey fans wait for every year. It is a day that all of @LU_SPAD wishes was a national holiday! Will a star player be traded to their team? Will the trade deadline be a bust, or will it produce blockbuster moves? Hockey fans across North America sit and hold their breathe as General Managers from all 30 National Hockey League teams take phone calls and send text messages. This years deadline looked to be promising with many big name, star players, like Rick Nash, Jeff Carter, and Dustin Brown to name a few, circling the rumour mill.

The deadline appeared to start a couple days early, with a huge trade taking place for the Columbus Blue Jackets’ Jeff Carter. Carter was traded to the Los Angeles Kings in return for defense man Jack Johnson and L.A.’s first round draft pick in 2013. Once this trade took place it appeared to many that this years deadline would be an exciting one. This was certainly not the case. A mere 15 trades were made on Monday, one less than in 2011, and 16 less than in 2010. The Vancouver Canucks were the Canadian team who made the most impact on deadline day. After losing in the Stanley Cup Finals of last years playoffs, the Canucks added grit, and depth to this year’s roster acquiring Zach Kassian from the Buffalo Sabres. The Sabres received the highly touted Cody Hodgson in return and the experts are calling it a great trade from both sides. With the 6’4” 230lbs Kassian headed to Vancouver, look for the Canucks to make another Stanley Cup run come April.

Although some may call the 2012 deadline a bust, it was very similar to last year. The reason for this? Well with the playoff race being so tight around deadline time, teams are unsure of whether or not they are a buyer or a seller. Teams are hesitant to give up assets because they could still be in the playoff race come April, and that player may assist them in getting there. Perhaps former coach, and NHL on TSN hockey analyst Marc Crawford summed up this year’s deadline with this tweet, “Trade Center 2012. Too many buyers too few sellers. No bargains and deals hard to complete. At least we saw return of the pure Hockey Trades”.

It looks like we will have to wait 364 more days to see what next year’s deadline has in store. And will it ever become an @LU_SPAD Holiday?




2012Feb 28

@LU_SPAD Sport Consulting Trip 2013: Miami Wins!!

Miami 2013!!

By SPAD Blogger Andrew Leach

Every year the 4th year SPAD students take their talents to sporting organizations across North America, next year will be no exception. The SPAD community is pleased to announce that in 2013, the SPAD students will be taking their talents to South Beach, with a highly anticipated trip to Miami. Sun, Sea, Sand, and SPAD….MIAMI 2013!

This year, the third year students had 3 locations which were presented as options for the trip. These options were Miami, Orlando/Tampa Bay, and Chicago. Each location was well presented and provided a plethora of excellent opportunities for the students to assess. Throughout the month leading up to the presentation day, the students had been actively voicing their opinions in various forms, including spirited Twitter disputes, friendly banter, and class discussion. This brought a tense atmosphere into presentation day.

Chicago was first up, and set the bar very high for the following presentations. The excellent presentation by Nick Arruda illustrated the  ample supply of sport organizations to choose from, as well as a variety of extra-curricular activities to provide entertainment for students, students were both engaged, and interested. Next up was the Orlando/Tamp Bay pitch by Jamie Howlett, Andrew Berlingieri and Kory Lafreniere. This location provided many avenues for the students to explore. With added components of Disney World, and beaches, the students were able to overlook the added cost of the trip. Leading into the final location, the contest was neck and neck. Finally, Miami took the stage presented by Andrew Leach (me). This option provided the best of both presentations witnessed to date. With ample supply of sport teams combined with the sunshine of Florida, students began to “warm up” to the idea of this being the desired destination for the trip.

After all was said and done, the stage was set for the final vote. The vote would be elimination style rounds, or until a team received 50% plus 1% of the votes, making it a majority decision. The votes were in and Miami took an early lead. It looked like it would be a landslide victory, however, late surges by both Chicago and Orlando/Tampa Bay kept matters close. In the end, Miami obtained a majority vote, securing it as the destination of choice for 2013!

There is still much to do before the trip is materialized, but with the talents and work ethic of the SPAD students, there is no doubt that budgets and deadlines will be met, and that the trip will be as successful as possible.

2012Feb 8

PepsiCo Foods Super Bowl XLVI Presented by the SGA: A GIANT Success!

By SPAD Blogger Andrew Leach

PepsiCo Super Bowl presented by SGA

As the New York Giants were crowned Super Bowl champions once again, members of the SPAD community, both student and faculty, were immersed in the festivities at Laurentian’s Pub Down Under. The beer was flowing as the crowd became engrossed in an evening of good humour, football and competition. At the end of the evening, a good time was had by all, even those discouraged by the result of the evening, including the devoted Dr. Pegoraro, who’s beloved Patriots yet again failed to deliver when it matters.

From a football viewpoint, the game was filled with some quarterback mastery, with both Brady and Manning playing intelligent, consistent football. However, Manning’s inspiring fourth quarter proved to be the deciding factor as the Giants took the game by a score of 21-17. But from a party standpoint, despite some minor technical speed bumps, and some excessive megaphone usage from SPAD’s own Jackie Weallans, the party was a success. Throughout the evening, spectators were engaged through Twitter contests as well as some enthusiastic minute to win it games including relay races, musical chairs, and card stacking contests. These events helped keep up the spirits of spectators and maintain a friendly and enthusiastic crowd.

To top of the competitive games and football enthusiasm, the crowd was also entertained by a tremendous raffle, including prizes including signed Phillip Rivers memorabilia, clothing, and a variety of gift cards. This added to the atmosphere, with fans hoping to take home the big prize. However, at the end of the day, it was SPAD’s own Alannah Della Vedova who was the big winner, taking home the San Diego Chargers jersey, signed by Phillip Rivers himself.

On behalf of the SPAD community, we would like to thank all those who attended, as well as the many sponsors who generously supported the event, making it a successful night for all.

2012Feb 6

Pack Your Suitcase: SGA/AGE Suitcase Party on Thursday

SGA Suitcase Party Feb 9th

By SPAD Blogger Adam Johnston

Picture this; you are lying on a white sandy beach with a cool breeze through your hair. You look to your right and see you miles and miles of ocean and to your left is a beautiful swim-up pool bar surrounded by palm trees. A resort staff member is at your service bringing you whatever your heart desires. This can be your reality for the cheap price of $10 with a purchase of a ticket for the SGA/AGE Suitcase Party presented by Breakaway tours. With the purchase of your ticket you get a chance to win a $2000 travel voucher from Breakaway Tours. If you are not the lucky one to win the travel voucher, you still have a chance to win an Xbox 360 and Ottawa Senators tickets. There will also be a raffle with prize’s values totalling over $700. The best part is that if you aren’t in attendance, you still have an equal chance to win the prizes.

The event itself is being held at the Pub Downunder on campus on Thursday February 9th. The theme for the party is Mardi Gras and there will be prizes for the person that ends up with the most beads at the end of the night. The event is 19+ and valid ID is required to enter the Pub. Doors open at 9 pm but entrance is not guaranteed so get their early.

Tickets are being sold from 12-4 from the 1st to the 3rd and from the 6th to 9th of February in front of the Great Hall. Jeff Tremblay, one of the event organizers is very excited for the party, “The event is going to be great, everyone will enjoy themselves with an awesome theme night and a ton of people walking away with great prizes”.

So come out and buy a ticket for the chance to have the trip of a lifetime, and if nothing else a great night.

2012Feb 1

2012 Laurentian University SPAD Hockey Tournament: A Great Success!

SPAD Tournament A big Success

The 2012 Laurentian University SPAD Hockey Tournament was full of tough competition, and plenty of excitement! The first day began bright and early at 7 am, with the RG Rangers taking on the Pucking Beauties for the Mixed Division and BDC taking on the defending champions Skoal Pike for the Competitive Division. Every team was eager and excited to get on the ice in hopes of starting off the tournament with win number one. The second day of the tournament, seen some of the highest scoring games of the entire tournament with Dirty Mike & the Boys losing to the V.E Rebels by a score of 8-4, and the Flying Frenchmen dominating the Beaver Blaster 7-0. Finals began at 8 am sharp Friday morning with the Pucking Beauties taking on Off in the Showers, and Welcome to the Jungle taking on the Pylons. One of the hardest battles of the tournament came during the semi-finals between the Sudbury Sharp Shooters and the Wheeling Nailers from the competitive division, it came down to 45.2 seconds left in overtime when the Wheeling Nailers were able to score and earn their ticket to the finals. At the end of the tournament it was Skoal Pike who took the championship title for the third year straight in the Competitive Division, and Off in the Showers took their first championship win in the Mixed Division.

The annual Faculty versus Staff Game was held between finals on Friday, and it was nothing short of fierce competition and rivalry to determine who would hold bragging rights until next year. In the end, it was the Staff who took a 7-1 win over the Faculty. Following the game, Ray Coutu stated “This game is the hi-lite of the year for the players! After the game the Faculty members were already looking forward to next year’s match to redeem themselves.”

We would like to thank all of this year’s sponsors including, Laurentian University Office of the President Dominic Giroux, Point to Point Communications, Dog House Sports Bar and Eatery, Laurentian University Printing Services, Dabba Development Inc, Vrab’s Independent Grocers, SGA, Southridge Mall and Gloria’s Restaurant.

As well, the tournament committee would like to give a huge thanks to all the volunteers and players who helped make the tournament a success! A special thank you to Jackie and Olivia for arriving each day full of energy to do the announcing and score keeping at the Carmichael Arena. Look for a facebook group and sign-up dates in the fall around campus to put your team in. We hope to see each and every one of you out at the tournament again next year!


Team Celebration

Great Action at the Tournament

2012 Mixed Division Champs!