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2011Dec 20

Happy Holidays from @LU_SPAD!

Happy Holidays from SPAD

Hard to believe how fast the Fall 2011 term has gone by! As I write this post, students are finishing up final exams and heading home for the holidays. This fall SPAD welcomed the Class of 2015 and watched the SPAD Class of 2011 make their way into the sport world and join the @LU_SPAD alumni family.  SPAD students has enjoyed visits from SPAD alumni such as Matthew Jackson, @Legault_Phil,  Randy Pascal and Clay Leibel. Industry professionals like Rob Faulds @ConwayFraser and @ToddRobson helped ensure that our new Sport, Media and Communication class got started on the right foot.

The 4th year students are out on internships and the class is well on  its way to raising funds for the 2012 Field Trip to Denver. The 3rd SPAD students are taking Event Management to a new level this year in preparation for their trip next year. This fall saw the return of several annual SPAD events such as the SPAD Flag Football Tournament and the re-launch of the SPAD Alumni Golf Tournament. The SPAD Grey Cup Event moved to the Pub Down Under and a new partnership with Aramark Food Services provide a great food menu, including wings, nachos and ribs for the event.

I am pleased to say that SPAD has renewed its partnership with the SGA/AGE here on campus and have run some successful events as a part of this partnership. It is great to see groups on campus coming together for successful student engagement. We hope to continue to build this partnership as the year moves forward.

The SPAD student council organized another successful year of SPAD Wear and for the first time SPAD Alumni Wear, something that we hope to expand in the coming years. The council also arranged a successful trip to the JMSM conference in Montreal, a great Frosh Day and ran the 3rd Annual SPAD Frosh Scavenger Hunt.

SPAD students have continued to excel and many have received accolades and bursaries to support their studies. SPAD 3rd year student Kendra Lilly shared her experience as a competitive curler with other aspiring young athletes at the Sportlink Guts and Glory Lunch. SPAD students continued to contribute to Laurentian’s success in CIS sport, including the Men’s Soccer team (Patrick Smoke, Liam Dougherty, Cameron Brooks), the Women’s Soccer Team (Julie Lopez), the Women’s Cross Country Team (Gracie Tetzlaff), the Voyageur Golf Team (Geoff Wolfer, Brennan Doyle), the Lacrosse Team (Blaine Syme, Jack Somerville, Robert Pollock) and the Women’s Basketball Team (Katarina Schwabe, Danielle Harris).

The 2011 year has been a great ride and we are all looking forward to what 2012 will bring – look for a preview of 2012 in the next blog entry in early January. As always, follow us on Twitter @LU_SPAD for the latest news from SPAD.

We would like to thank all our partners and alumni for their continued support of SPAD and our students – without your involvement, we would not have the great program that we do.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us in SPAD.

2011Dec 13

Pointstreak Sport Technologies and SPAD – A Winning Combination

Pointstreak Sports Technologies, recently profiled in Sport Business Journal, is a 10-year-old Toronto firm, that produces Web-based scoring and statistical systems for 3,000 professional and amateur sports leagues worldwide. According to Pointstreak data, the company serves 2.6 million players in hockey, baseball, soccer and lacrosse, according to Pointstreak data. Several @LU_SPAD Alumni are employed by Pointstreak, and below is an interview with recent SPAD 2011 Grad Alex Lea on his employment with Pointstreak as shared with SPAD Blogger Andrew Berlingieri:

Q: How did you hear about/gain interest to apply at Pointstreak?

Two of my friends who had graduated ahead of me held current positions at Pointstreak. They had informed me that there was a new basketball division opening up. Considering my basketball background and experience with the SPAD program, it seemed like a perfect fit.

Q: Can you give us a brief background on what working for Pointstreak entails?

Pointstreak provides technology driven sports management solutions to amateur and professional sport organizations. My current position is as an account representative where my responsibilities are to sell the Pointstreak solutions to clients and then manage the accounts that go along with these sales.

Q: Tell us a little bit about your experience at Pointstreak thus far.

Pointstreak has been an incredible experience so far. Being placed in a sales environment is a tough task right out of university but it has challenged me in ways that I have not faced previously. The added pressure in a sales environment gives you the incentive to work hard in order to meet quotas and goals. The office environment has been incredibly easy to adapt to as Pointstreak provides a young yet knowledgeable environment.

Q: How is SPAD playing a role in this new company?

Every day I can apply knowledge from the SPAD program whether it’s day-to-day business knowledge or sports related issues. The biggest role that SPAD has played in this company is the sales course taught by Professor Tom Blake. His knowledge and sales methods that brought me out of my comfort zone in class, has allowed to me apply these techniques to the job and be successful.

Q: Do you have any advice for SPAD students graduating in 2012?

One piece I would give students that are graduating in 2012 is to take everything you can out of the sales course with Tom. You will soon learn the connections and knowledge that Tom Blake possesses that will contribute to a successful future out in the business world.

Alex hopes to continue and expand his experience at Pointsreak, using the knowledge he has gained from the SPAD program. On behalf of SPAD, I would like to thank Alex for his time and wish him well as he continues to make @LU_SPAD proud.

2011Dec 5

The 2012 SPAD Hockey Tournament Presented by Hot 93.5 FM & Rewind 103.9 FM

By SPAD Blogger Adam Johnston

2012 SPAD Hockey Tournament

The SPAD hockey tournament is one of the favourite weekends of the year for many students.  This year it is happening from January 25th-27th 2012. It is not only one of few times that we get to compete like we did in minor hockey but the social atmosphere around the tournament is amazing. The memories of battling with and against your friends will last a lifetime.

For most of us, we haven’t experienced competitiveness that is in the air at the tournament since the days of minor hockey. It’s one of few times where you can try your hardest without feeling ashamed. It can take you back to the days where winning is the only thing that matters. Where the other problems in life don’t exist for the next forty-five minutes that you are on the ice. It is truly refreshing to bring back those old emotions that most participants felt in their childhood.

Although the emotions felt in the tournament are very much the same as in minor hockey, the SPAD vs. SPAD rivalries are something special. It has been the custom of the tournament to have at least one frosh team (1st year), a second year team, a third year team and then a team of veterans (4th year). When these teams play one another, the win is no longer the only thing at the line. Pride and bragging rights become increasingly important in the minds of the players during these games.

Registration will be on December 2nd and 5th as well as January 10th and 11th outside the Great Hall from 1pm-4pm. So get a team together and come compete in what is sure to be another phenomenal weekend on and off the ice.