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2011Oct 31

The Story Thus Far…

By SPAD Blogger Andy Leach

The First half of the Term Recap

As we reach the mid-point of the semester, it is time to look back upon the story so far, and recap the SPAD experiences enjoyed by staff, students, and alumni alike. To begin, we welcomed the latest crop of talent which SPAD has to offer – the frosh. The frosh had an excellent day of bonding with each other through paintballing, and food, as well as having a chance to meet the students and professors that will help guide them through their time at Laurentian University.

Shortly after the frosh were settling in, the SPAD council launched the latest line of SPAD Wear. This year’s SPAD Wear is all Reebok apparel, and includes sweaters, polo’s, t-shirts, hats, tracksuits, as well as a new addition – women’s apparel. The SPAD community eagerly awaits the arrival of their orders show that students, faculty, and alumni alike can show their pride for the SPAD program.

Thus far, we have been lucky to welcome three guest speakers. These speakers have all been able to offer students insight into various career fields, and offer words of wisdom and advice to students as they progress throughout their education and future careers. The first of the speaker series welcome Mr.’s Conway Fraser and Todd Robson to centre stage. The duo offered students firsthand knowledge of media relations, public relations, as well as insight into how the news world operates. The third speaker to grace us with his presence was SPAD alumni Mr. Matthew Jackson. Jackson has had the privilege of working for 5 Olympic Games, including Sydney 2000, and Vancouver 2010. He brought a great perspective towards the event management and was keen to stress the importance of good networking skills to the students. On November 2nd, SPAD will welcome its fourth guest speaker this term, Mr. Rob Faulds, Sportsnet Broadcaster.

This semester brought about the re-launch of the Annual SPAD Alumni Golf Tournament.  The event, held at Shawneeki Golf Course (Newmarket, On.) was a great success, with a good time being had by students and alumni alike. At the end of the warm, sunny day of competition, the team consisting of Cole Julien, Mike Leblanc, and Mike Ondevilla emerged as the winning three-some. The evening was capped off by a steak dinner and awards ceremony to celebrate the individual and team performances of the participants. The event also served as a successful fundraiser for the 4th year sport consulting trip to Denver, Colorado.

Finally, the first of the third-year run events kicked off – the Annual SPAD Flag Football tournament. The tournament saw a weekend of terrible weather, and intense competition. The participants were not deterred by the weather and battled through two days of games with the hopes of reaching the final, which was played under the stadium lights. In the end, the victorious team of Laurentian University students walked away with 12 tickets for the Toronto Argonauts game on October 21st.

Looking ahead, we have the second of the third- year events with the SGA Halloween Party taking place after the reading break. The event – held on Halloween, will take place at the `Pub Downunder` at Laurentian University with all proceeds going towards next year’s field trip.

To cap off, we wish the hosts of the Halloween Party a successful evening, and wish everyone the best of luck with midterm results.

Here’s to ensuring that the rest of the semester is as eventful and successful as the first half was for students, faculty, staff and alumni alike.

2011Oct 27

Happy Halloween

By SPAD Blogger Andrew Berlingieri

SGA Halloween Party

Get your costumes ready! Halloween is just around the corner. A night where werewolves and vampires walk the streets and ghouls and witches fill the sky. The streets are filled with all different types or costumes, from Batman to Spiderman, princesses to fairies, and everything in between. As kids, Halloween was seen as one of the best times of the year. We used to dress up and go door-to-door collecting all kinds of tricks and treats. Although we may not be able to collect candy anymore, we can definitely dress up and celebrate the Halloween spirit.

The Pub Down Under, SGA, and SPAD are holding a Halloween Bash and you’re invited. If you’ve already got your tickets, you’re ahead of the game. If you’ve been too busy working on your costume and haven’t had the chance, it’s not too late. Tickets will still be on sale at the door for $12. There are prizes for the best male, female, and group costumes, which include student bursaries, and gift certificates. There will also be a raffle taking place outside of the great hall Raffle prizes include, two 100 level Toronto Maple Leaf tickets, as well as two Ottawa Senators tickets, and a Golf Canada prize pack.

So even though we can’t trick or treat, we can still celebrate the Halloween spirit. Make sure you come out on Monday, October 31, 2011 to the SGA Halloween Bash. This is a 19+ event and your student ID and another piece of photo ID will be needed to enter. Doors open at 9pm, so be sure to get there early in order to ensure you can partake in the festivities. For more details click on the image to the left or go to Facebook to the The SGA Halloween Bash page. See you all at the SGA Halloween Bash!

2011Oct 15

SPAD hits the Lightening Twice!!

By SPAD intern Geoff Gascon

I am currently doing a Public Relations internship with the Tampa Bay Lightning. I am involved in the daily operations of the PR department and also help out with the Hockey Operations department as needed.

Every morning I start my day by doing the “Lightning Clips”. This involves going online to the Tampa newspaper websites, and other hockey related websites to find articles and other information that is written about the Lightning. I then prepare a document and send it via email to every employee in the company. Even the owner, Jeff Vinik!! This document is also printed and delivered to the coaches, management and other hockey operations staff members. On game days I am also responsible for printing game day media passes and distributing those to media when they arrive at the arena prior to puckdrop. During the game I am responsible for announcing all goals and penalties to everyone in the press box after it has been announced on the PA system. This is done to ensure the media have it written correctly in their stories as well as statistics purposes. During intermission I run a stats package down to both the home and away dressing rooms and after the game I go into the away dressing room to get quotes from 1 or 2 players and the coach. I have met all of the Lightning players, coaches and management and know many on a first name basis which is extremely cool for me as a lifetime hockey fan.

I have really enjoyed my time so far in Tampa as it has been sunny and hot on most days. I was able to drive down to the preseason Lightning game in Orlando at the Amway Center. In Sports Marketing class last year we received a tour of the newly built Amway Center from Dr. Ann Pegoraro so it kinda came full circle for me being there in person. I will also be at (working) every Lightning home game while I’m here in Tampa.

Garrett Hamel and I were fortunate enough to experience live the 8 run comeback by the Tampa Bay Rays against the Yankees en route to one of the greatest comebacks in major league baseball history as they edged out the Red Sox for the AL Wild Card. We also took in a Tampa Bay Buccaneers game against the Indianapolis Colts. We will be rocking out at the Toby Keith concert tonight and hopefully we can get to a USF Bulls game in the near future.

This really is a once in a lifetime opportunity and has opened my eyes to many things involved in the operations of a professional sports organization.


2011Oct 14

SPAD Strikes the Lightening!

By SPAD Blogger Andrew Berlingieri

For the past month, Garrett Hamel has been working for the Tampa Bay Lighting of the NHL. Garrett was asked to provide a brief summary of how his internship is going so far in St. Petersburg, Florida.  Here is what Garrett had to say:

“My internship with the Tampa Bay Lightning is in the Marketing and Corporate Communications departments. My role is mainly that of a project supervisor as I, along with my manager, am responsible for ensuring all marketing and communication materials that require any form of design gets produced on time and to the desired quality. I’m fortunate enough to be in a position where I’m required to coordinate and work with every department in the organization since at one point or another they all need some type of materials produced or ordered.

Garrett takes in an NFL Game

The Lightning organization is currently undergoing a huge brand transformation with a new logo and marketing campaign to start the 2011-12 season. The St. Pete Times Forum, the Lightning’s home arena, is also undergoing major changes thanks to a $40 million privately funded renovation courtesy of Tampa Bay Lightning owner Jeff Vinik. The brand transformation and arena renovations have certainly added to the excitement of my internship as I am being provided an insider’s look at how an organization and facility undergoes such extravagant changes.

As far as my other experiences while I’ve been here in Tampa, there have been a few memorable ones.  I had my first live NFL game experience at the Monday Night game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Indianapolis Colts. I was able to be in the left outfield seats at Tropicana Field for the miraculous game 162 of the MLB season between the Tampa Bay Rays and the New York Yankees. With the Lightning’s home opener coming up on October 17thI’m sure there will be many more great and exciting times ahead.”

2011Oct 13

Jessica Taylor SPAD’11 Brings Her Talents to the Argos

By SPAD Blogger Adam Johnston

Jess Taylor SPAD'11

Jessica Taylor was asked to provide a brief summary of her experience in SPAD thus far, particularly with respect to her to current position with the Toronto Argonauts. Her story is as follows:

“After graduating from SPAD in June 2011, the question “what am I going to do with my life” kept creeping into my head and only being 22 years old, it’s terrifying to think of your next steps after school. The change from being in SPAD for 4 years to having to be a part of the real world is quite intimidating. You start applying everywhere hoping for something to bite, than one day you catch a break. By using the SPAD network I was able to hear about an opening for a marketing internship at the Argonauts and used that connection to assist with my application. It is amazing the impact your connections can have. This internship has now evolved into a full-time position with the team.

As the Marketing Coordinator with the Argos I assist the Director of Marketing in promotional aspects, game day aspects, and overall event aspects, including the upcoming 100th Grey Cup. I am able to apply concepts and skills learned in SPAD to this position. An example is ideas and thoughts used for our field trip project; I needed to use that same thinking process towards developing ideas to increase single game tickets. All the experiences from SPAD have been truly unique and beneficial for application towards careers. Even after leaving the program, those who are part of your SPAD family will always be there to help.

SPAD Woo!”


2011Oct 6

The Wait Is Over -The NHL is back!!

By SPAD Blogger Andrew Berlingieri

It’s that time of year again! Canada’s most beloved sport takes the ice for yet another season. There are many questions still pondering hockey fans across the country. Can the Boston Bruins repeat as Stanley Cup Champions? Will, arguably one of the best players to play the game, Sidney Crosby make a return for the 2011 season? Will he be the same player he was before he got injured? Who should the number one pick be for your fantasy draft? The 2011-2012 season will provide all the answers to these questions.

With the Winnipeg Jets returning to Winnipeg, and becoming the seventh Canadian franchise in the NHL it has really had an impact on Canadians. One can only imagine the excitement that will come across the city of Winnipeg and the province of Manitoba when the puck drops for their home opener on October 9th. The people of Winnipeg have not seen a NHL game from their team since 1996. The excitement will be felt across the country and the fans will be sure to show their passion for the Jets to ensure that their team never leaves Winnipeg again.

NHL starts Today (logo courtesy of NHL)

Although the NHL season officially starts October 6th, the NHL Premiere does not take place until October 7th, with games in Helsinki, Stockholm, and Berlin. Beginning in 2007, the NHL has decided to open their season over seas in Europe. This is to promote the sport in the European countries. It also allows many of the European born players in the NHL a chance for them to have the family and friends come watch them play. The promotions seem to be successful, which is why the NHL has chosen to open their season in Europe for four years in a row now.

With the season beginning less than 24 hours from now, hockey fans across Canada are building excitement and anticipation. Who do you think will win the 2011-2012 Stanley Cup? Is this the year the Toronto Maple Leafs finally make the playoffs? Will the Winnipeg Jets see a playoff birth for the first time since 1996? Will the new rule emphasis on headshots change the game of hockey? We want to hear what you think the 2011-2012 season has in store. Tweet your thoughts to @LU_SPAD!!

2011Oct 5

To the Olympics and Back: The Story of Matthew Jackson SPAD’96

By SPAD Blogger Andy Leach

Nick Arruda SPAD'13 thanks Matthew Jackson SPAD'96 for sharing his experiences with students

On October 3rd, the SPAD students and professors were pleased to welcome 1996 graduate Matthew Jackson to the stage for a presentation about his experience as a major events consultant. In his early years, Mr. Jackson dreamed of working at the Olympic Games. It was this dream that led him to SPAD; the course that he believed would allow him to have the best shot at achieving these ambitious career goals. Once again, SPAD came through, and thanks to the internship program which Mr. Jackson now speaks so highly of, an internship with the Atlanta Olympic Games came into existence.

This was just the start of Jackson’s Olympic experiences, with his hard work and valuable networks allowing him to gain the relationships necessary for him to advance yet further still, even at his young age. Throughout the presentation, Jackson was sure to stress the “importance of personal relationships”, something that he admittedly underestimated the importance of during his time at Laurentian. It was these personal relationships that opened the door for the next step down his Olympic path; Sydney. It was here that Jackson was stationed for 3 years and where he was part of one of the most successful Olympics in modern history. From there, Mr. Jackson’s journey took him to the Salt Lake City Games, the Torino Games, and finally, the Vancouver Games in 2010. This is an exceptional chapter in his life and he now feels it is time to open up a new chapter, and with that, his career as a major events consultant was born. However, his Olympic connections do not end there, with two of his current projects being a consultant for the organizing committee for both the 2014 Sochi Games as well as the 2016 games held in Rio.

One of the concluding messages Jackson wished for the students to take away with them was to “know what you want and don’t be afraid to go after it… even if that means following another path”. He also encouraged the students to keep their eyes open towards the option of working in the events field for a career; one he feels is often overlooked. On behalf of the entire SPAD community we would like to once again thank Mr. Jackson for taking the time out of his schedule to speak with us, and we wish him all the best in this new chapter of his life.

2011Oct 4

Saturday Night Lights-Flag Football 2011

2011 SPAD Flag Football Champions!!

By SPAD Blogger Adam Johnston

The 5th annual flag football tournament was a touchdown for SPAD and everyone that participated. The tournament battled through terrible weather conditions on opening day, with the temperature being as cold as 3 degrees mixed with nearly constant rain. The event coordinators kept the atmosphere light often joking about the playing conditions. With the consistently terrible weather that seems to always follow flag football weekend, the tournament could be renamed as the “Mud Bowl”.

All 12 teams played 3 games on Friday, with the top 8 moving on to the playoffs on Saturday. The action began with the quarterfinals at 3:30, allowing the participants to rest up from Friday night’s shenanigans, and concluded with the final game under the lights with an 8 o’clock kickoff. The final game showcased a team filled with 2nd and 3rd year SPAD students against a team of Laurentian University flag football studs. Needless to say, the SPAD students were outmatched and lost in convincing fashion with a 35-14 defeat. The victors were awarded with 12 tickets to the Toronto Argonauts game on October 21st 2011.

2011 SPAD Flag Football Runners Up

Individual performances were recognized with $25 gift certificates to Buzzy Brown’s for both the male and female MVPs. Melanie Roque took home the female honours by consistently embarrassing defenders all weekend, most notably, nearly breaking the ankles of SPAD’s very own Alex “Pillows” Haystead with a great juke move. Kyle “Tornado” Richey, a second year SPAD student, won the male MVP award, making a mockery of many defenses by spinning his way through them.

Here’s to hoping for a ray of sunshine for the flag football tournament in 2012.