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2011Jan 29

36th Annual Home Hardware SPAD Hockey Tournament – Saturday Results

By: SPAD Blogger Nicole Fraser

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Thanks to all participants and to the Sponsors for making this such a great event!

2011Jan 28

36th Annual Home Hardware SPAD Hockey Tournament – Friday Results

By: SPAD Blogger Nicole Fraser

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Thanks to all our tournament sponsors:

2011Jan 27

36th Annual Home Hardware SPAD Hockey Tournament – Thursday Results

By: SPAD Blogger Nicole Fraser

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Thanks to all the SPAD Hockey Tournament Sponsors:

2011Jan 26

36th Annual Home Hardware SPAD Hockey Tournament – Wednesday Results

By: SPAD Blogger Nicole Fraser

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2011Jan 26

SPAD Student Athlete: Kendra Lilly curling her way to the top!

By: Cole Julien – SPAD Blogger

Kendra Lilly, 2nd Year SPAD student sizes up the shot

Kendra Lilly is a 2nd year Sports Administration student and is the skip for the Laurentian Varsity Curling team, but that’s not all. Kendra is also ranked as one of the top junior curlers in Canada and has represented Northern Ontario at Junior Curling Nationals for the past two consecutive years and will do so again this year. I was lucky enough to sit down and interview Miss Lilly and ask her some questions about the game of curling.

Q: How old were you when you started curling and what inspired you to continue curling at a competitive level?

A: I started curling when I was 5 years old, and I continued to curl because I enjoyed the game and probably more than anything because I’m a very competitive person.

Q: What is it that you like most about curling?

A: I guess the thing that I like most about curling is that it gives me opportunities to travel all over the country, and that it requires a lot of thinking and strategy so every game is different.

Q: What is like to compete at the National level?

A: It feels pretty amazing representing your province at the national level. The atmosphere is much different than any other event, and curling 12 or more games in a week can make for a very tiring week. All in all, it’s a very exciting event and I hope to be back next year representing Northern Ontario once again.

Kendra is competing at Nationals this week- Go Kendra!!

Q: What would you say is your greatest curling achievement?

A: My greatest curling achievement would have to be placing 3rd at last years nationals in Quebec.

Q: What does the future hold for you in curling?

A: Next year is my last year of juniors so I hope to make it back to Nationals. After that, I will probably take the year off because of my internship/fieldtrip, and the following year I hope to play on a competitive women’s team.

Kendra will be competing in this years Junior Curling Nationals in Calgary, Alberta from January 29th – February 6th. On behalf of SPAD I would like to wish Team Lilly good luck throughout the weeklong event.

**You can follow Kendra and the rest of Team Lilly throughout the National Competition at

2011Jan 25

36th Annual Home Hardware SPAD Hockey Tournament Schedule

By: SPAD Blogger Nicole Fraser

This is the full schedule for the Tournament. The scores will be updated every two hours per day of the tournament on the respective blog pages.

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2011Jan 25

36th Annual Home Hardware SPAD Hockey Tourney is upon us!

By: SPAD Blogger Brent Hurley

The best weekend of the year is here. Put away the books and sharpen your skates, because the action kicks off this Wednesday! The 36TH Annual Home Hardware SPAD Tournament features a total of 23 teams, with 13 in the competitive division and 10 teams competing in the mixed division.

SPAD will be very well represented in this year’s tourney, as there are four SPAD teams vying for the competitive championship, not to mention numerous SPAD individuals scattered throughout the mixed division. In the competitive division, a group of first years has assembled to form The Royals, while the Nammerville Hammers will be making their second appearance at this sacred event. Another rookie team in the tournament will be the Peterborough Pipe Layers, who are comprised

SPAD Hockey Tournament Begins!!

of mostly frosh and they will be battling the veteran SPAD squad Cecchetto and Sons in their division. This battle of new vs. old will surely peak during the game Thursday night against each other at 7:00 pm at the Sudbury Arena. Be there, you won’t want to miss this one!The tournament will conclude Saturday afternoon at the Sudbury Arena, with the mixed championship happening at 1:00 pm and the competitive championship immediately following at 2:00 pm. Regardless of the final standings, this is shaping up to be another epic tournament and weekend. For the first years, another unique SPAD experience is at your fingertips.

A big thanks goes out to all the tournament sponsors and fabulous (SPAD) organizers who make this weekend possible and keep this tradition going. Here’s to another great year and wicked experience for all! Be sure to check the SPAD twitter and for updates during the tournament and a follow-up story with all the highlights!

To all the players: Skate fast, shoot hard, and don’t rip the sweaters. And remember,

“Pain heals. Chicks dig scars. Glory…Lasts forever.”

2011Jan 25

Checking in as a Hoosier: Scott Campbell, SPAD’10

Special Contribution by Scott Campbell, SPAD ‘10

Scott Campbell, SPAD'10: life in Hoosier land

It’s hard to believe how fast four years of SPAD goes by. The memories of sitting in first year statistics thinking, “How am I going to get through this” are still vivid. But through all the highs, lows and experiences of university life, it’s amazing how quickly four years passes you by. For me, my education is going to extend beyond my Laurentian career, as I’ve just recently embarked on a Master’s in Recreation & Sports Management from Indiana State University in Terre Haute, IN. Oh, by the way, the people of Indiana are referred to as ‘Hoosiers’, in case that threw you off!

The decision to come to the United States for a post-graduate degree has been something that I’ve always wanted to do, but it was certainly a complex decision narrowing down the specific school. Unlike Canada, there are significantly more Sports Management programs in the US, which makes it somewhat difficult to narrow down which schools may be a fit for you based on several factors including Cost, Location, Course Offerings, Faculty, among others. Eventually I accepted ISU’s offer of admission in September, and from what I began working for Titleist after finishing classes last April, I spent my last day there on December 30th, and packed up shop for Western Indiana.

Through the first week of classes thus far, one thing is clear, that SPAD can do a lot to prepare you for whatever path you embark on. We take three classes per semester here, myself currently enrolled in Media Relations in Sport, Law &Risk Management and Advanced Sports Marketing. Already, I know that my education from SPAD has prepared me not only with factual knowledge in a variety of disciplines, but allowed me to add other important skills such as being comfortable presenting, engaging in the class, and being an asset in other campus activities through my experiences at Laurentian.


2011Jan 24

Win a Wii With Tony Lee – The XXX Rated Hypnotist

By: Michael Przybylowski – 4th Year SPAD Student

The fourth year SPAD class hosted the annual Tony Lee Show on Saturday, January 15th.  Tony Lee is a brilliant X rated hypnotist who has performed over 6,000 shows worldwide.  The event was a smashing success for the fourth year class as they continue to fundraise for their upcoming field trip to New York City.  The event was organized under the guidance of Professor Tyler Aird with the organizing committee consisting of Eric Spence, Eric Philipow, Alain Brouillette, Antoine Ste-Marie, and Michael Przybylowski.

The show kicked off with some hilarious comments from SPAD’s own Matthew Medaglia, the MC for the night.  Matt used his usual talent to introduce Tony Lee and then the show was off and running.  Within no time, Tony had the whole audience laughing, some of them almost right out of their seats.  Using his secret hypnosis process, Tony soon had 20 willing volunteers who had no idea what they were in for.  Some of the acts performed included pretending to be the opposite sex, watching your imaginary pig be taken away to an uncertain demise, licking whip cream off our surprised MC who was his usual good sport self, and practicing newly learned martial arts moves.

Overall, everyone seemed to have a fantastic time with an evening fulfilled of laughter; just another SPAD event on a cold Sudbury evening.

2011Jan 14

SPAD Student Athlete Kyla Csumrik: Basketball is her game

by SPAD Blogger Lukas Hayes

Kyla Csumrik makes her move

I recently had the privilege to interview Kyla Csumrik, Shooting Guard for the Lady Vee’s basketball team.

Q: So Kyla, when did you start playing basketball, and what attracted you to the game?

A: I started playing in grade four. We had a really good Orillia Lakers program and I just decided to try out.

Q: I’ve heard of that program and only heard good things. What made you decide to choose number 9? Is there any significance to it?

A: There’s really no reasoning behind choosing number 9. In high school I wore number 3, but when I came here it wasn’t available, so I went with number 9 instead.

Q: Who’s your favorite NBA team and player, and why?

A: The Boston Celtics. I like that they have such good chemistry on the court. Everyone who’s on that team meshes together really well. My favorite player is Rajon Rondo. He’s had to overcome so much to get to where he is and has really developed well in the past couple of seasons.

Q:  That’s true, they have such a legacy of winning. Obviously having a team in Sudbury there is going to be a lot of traveling. What’s your favorite part of road trips?

A: My favorite part of road trips is the bus rides and traveling around Ontario. I think it’s a great experience to not always have to be in Sudbury every weekend and to see friends when you go to the different places. It’s good to travel around Ontario and to get to see all of the different university campuses.

Q: Where was your favorite road trip, and what made it so significant?

A: Last year at Thanksgiving, we flew to Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. We played four games of very intense basketball in four days. It was such a great road trip and we had a lot of fun getting to know each other and to go sightseeing. Throughout the years I have been on the team, I have had the opportunity to travel all over Canada. I am very lucky to be a student athlete!