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2010Nov 30

SPAD & the Grey Cup: The Tradition Continues

Photo from

By Lukas Hayes, SPAD Blogger

This past Sunday, November 28th, 2010, the Montreal Alouettes took on the Saskatchewan Roughriders in the 98th Grey Cup. The event took place at my hometown of Edmonton, Alberta from the confines of Commonwealth Stadium. This battle promised to be great as it was a rematch from the famous “13th man” loss suffered by the Roughriders the year before.

SPAD students once again put on the event and truly made the game an exciting spectacle. Although the CFL does not always get the credibility it deserves when being compared to the NFL, any championship game brings a certain level of excitement that can be appreciated by all. The SPAD student event staff put on many fun-filled activities during commercial breaks, and gave away many prizes as usual for any SPAD event. SPAD frosh student Scott Rodgers managed to secure VIP seating for himself and 3 friends by showing off his best touchdown dance. In the second half, it was another group of SPAD frosh that got the seats by winning a CFL game of Family Feud. Many DVD’s and other prizes were given out for various trivia games throughout the game. In addition to the activities, each attendee was given raffle tickets to put into prize boxes. One lucky person even secured tickets to the Ottawa Senators vs. the New York Islanders game.


2010Nov 26

SPAD Welcomes Back Clay Leibel (SPAD 2006)


By: Cole Julien, 3rd Year Sports Administration Student and SPAD Student Council Vice President

Clay Leibel (SPAD 06) and current SPAD students

CLAY LEIBEL graduated from the Sports Administration program here at Laurentian University in 2006. Clay has always been a very determined and harder worker, even before coming to Laurentian. For example, Clay was given the opportunity to scout for the Barrie Colts of the Ontario Hockey League (OHL) prior to attending university and was able to continue to work with the Barrie Colts while attending Laurentian University. Since graduating, Clay is recruiting and working with hockey players for the Orr Hockey Group, one of the top agencies in North America. On November 19th, 2010, Clay made his return to Laurentian University to talk to some current Sports Administration students about what he has done since graduating and what SPAD students can do to get a head start on their careers even before graduating.

I was lucky enough to interview Clay after his presentation and here are some of the answers Clay gave to my questions:

Q1:             What is some advice you would give to students that aspire to become an agent or work in the hockey industry, recruiting players?

Clay: You have to get out there at all levels and work at it. I think the most important thing is that you love what you do and have fun with it. It may sound cliché, but it is definitely a marathon not a sprint. Looking back on things, initially, getting involved in scouting for a few different teams (starting at the Tier 2 level when I was quite young and then working with an OHL team) was a crucial step to establishing the necessary contacts and gaining the necessary experience that I would need in order to become involved with such a well respected agency like the Orr Hockey Group.


2010Nov 26

2nd Annual SPAD Frosh Scavenger Hunt

By Cole Julien, SPAD Blogger


2nd Annual SPAD Frosh Scavenger Hunt Winners!!

The SPAD Colloquia class took part in the 2nd Annual SPAD Scavenger Hunt on Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 in their final class of the semester. For all the SPAD Frosh it was the first class they passed in their young University careers – congratulations to all!!

The students were divided into 7 teams and each team had to complete as many tasks as possible in an hour and a half. There were a range of activities and questions to answer, which had the SPAD students speeding around campus for the entire time. The honour of hoisting the SPAD CUP was on the line.

It was a heated battle that brought out the competitive side of all the students – something not hard to do in the SPAD program. In the end it came down to who wanted it the most. Team #7 and Team #3 tied for 3rd place with 194 point, Team #4 came 2nd with 196 points, and Team #6 blew everyone out of the water with a total of 216 points to take 1st place and the SPAD Cup. After the scavenger hunt the class relaxed and enjoyed some beverages and pizza. All competitors enjoyed the event and felt that it was a great way to end the semester and get ready for exams.

Winning Team: Team #4

Cody Cousineau, Brian Kelly, Liam Dougherty, Natasha Dufrense, Jonathan McQueen, Dave Richardson, Meron Tecle, and Evan Wallace.

2010Nov 23

SPAD & the Grey Cup: Looking for a Repeat

Joey, Marcel & Jean-Marc - hoping for a repeat performance

This weekend is the 98th Annual Grey Cup featuring a rematch from last year’s game: Montreal Alouettes and the Saskatchewan Roughriders. SPAD will have a presence at the game, as evidenced from the picture on the left. Joey Abrams (Football Operations Assistant & Scout, SPAD ’05), Marcel Desjardins (Assistant General Manager, SPAD ’93), and Jean-Marc Edme (Defensive Assistant & Football Operations Assistant, SPAD ’08) are making a return to the Grey Cup this year with the Montreal Alouettes.

So make sure you cheer on your favorite team and SPAD Alumni while watching the Grey Cup this Sunday.

2010Nov 22

SPAD and Movember: A Hairy Tale

By Brent Hurley, SPAD Blogger

The month formally known as November, has all but officially been re-named to help raise awareness about prostate cancer. On Movember 1ST, 2010 boys and men worldwide started growing moustaches in support of the fight against this disease. Based on the similar idea of October being breast cancer awareness month where everyone wears pink in support, Movember features males rocking moustaches.

Being the always supportive people we are, obviously many SPAD students can be seen around campus with unnecessary hair on their upper lips. Whether it is a nice full handlebar moustache or more of a caterpillar across the lip, all efforts are respected. This obviously leads to both males and females judging and complimenting dusters. For us guys that can’t grow in a full thick beauty (yet), Movember simply provides us the opportunity to not only be extra lazy, but also try to grow the dustiest duster.

Imran or Officer Thorny?

At just over the halfway point of the month, there are some great ’staches already filling in. Imran Gill is doing his best Officer Thorny impression from Super Troopers as his moustache thickens up and keeps him warm under his goalie mask. Also using his years to his advantage, Luke Hayes looks to grow a good start into a proper moustache by month’s end. Not to be out done by the greybeards, many of the frosh fellas can be seen with some noticeably extra stubble, which just might be considered more than a missed spot (shaving) by the conclusion of Movember. Unlikely to be so lucky is SPAD President Christopher Ackroyd, who actually just discovered his fourth moustache hair (looks like three and a half, but we’ll round up).

Stay tuned for a follow-up article in early December to review some of the best SPAD dusters and also hopefully have some news on the SPAD ladies support (we all wore pink, where’s the MO!?!). We’ll also have some pictures of the finest SPAD ’staches, so keep up the support! For all those of age, don’t forget to hit the pub (moustache and all) Wednesday December 1ST as the Pub Downunder does Movember.

2010Nov 18

SPAD at JMSM Conference: Cabbie Loves SPAD

By Lukas Hayes and Cole Julien: SPAD Bloggers

Link to Cole's Interview with Cabbie

When 30 SPAD students get together for a weekend, it’s inevitable that there will be a lot of fun times and memories created. This couldn’t have been truer for the Montreal trip that we embarked on from November 11th-14th for the 15th annual John Molson Sport Marketing Conference.

The trip started out shaky, as we had a tire blowout before we could leave. A quick call to Enterprise solved the problem, and we were on our way. The convoy arrived in Montreal with time to get ready and hear the representative from the Montreal Canadiens speak for an hour. Thursday night was “rep your team” night, as all 30 SPAD students wore their favorite jersey out on the town.

SPAD & Cabbie: Great Combination

The weekend progressed as we heard from more speakers from different groups, including Reebok-CCM, the Philadelphia Eagles, Synchro Sports, the Montreal Alouettes, Field Day Inc., the Surin Group. Saturday night saw the conference go to the John Molson brewery for a dinner, open bar, and a presentation from Cabral “Cabbie” Richards. Cabbie shared his various stories from traveling with different athletes and gave good insight into what the media personalities experience in the sports industry. Cabbie took the time out to do an interview with SPAD Blogger Cole Julian (take a look by clicking on link above) and took a picture with all of us in attendance.

Overall it was a very fun-filled and educational weekend as SPAD represented Laurentian proudly. Many of our students asked intelligent questions and took the opportunity to network with different speakers after their presentations. I’m currently writing from the van ride back home and can see a lot of tired faces in our convoy. Although we are worn out, everyone had an amazing time and look forward to going back next year.

2010Nov 16

More from Matt the Canadian Intern: Dawn of a New Era

By Matt Medaglia, 4th year SPAD student

The Dawn of a New Era

Ceremonial Face Off

Charlotte, NC – October 15, 2010, the Charlotte Checkers hosted the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins in their inaugural home opener in the American Hockey League. Leading up to the event, it was easy to see the stress and chaos overcoming those in the office, including myself; you only get one shot at this – don’t mess it up. There were 12,512 (capacity is 14,100) spectators in the Time Warner Cable arena, where we are secondary tenants to the Charlotte Bobcats. The opening face-off was a treat, Michael Kahn (Checkers owner) along with Rod Brind’amour, Jim Rutherford (Hurricanes owner), and David Andrews (AHL commissioner) were on-hand to kick-off hockey in Charlotte.

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to experience and witness the transition from the East Coast Hockey League to the American Hockey League. Opening night was a successful one and was a testament to how hard the front office of the organization has worked to make the transition as seamless as possible.

During my first four months here I was able to learn about the scope of many different aspects of the business. My duties ranged from corporate partnerships to sales and marketing. An important component of the transition was creating awareness about our new players and the different style of hockey that should be expected by Checkers’ fans. Given the region that I am in, south-east America, the excitement and hockey knowledge is very different in comparison to what most of us are used to. Essentially, they are not crazed hockey maniacs like we are in Canada. Hockey is essentially the fourth sport, after football, NASCAR, basketball in Charlotte. The work-load was very relaxed so I was able to maximize my learning and experiences by attending meetings, asking questions and having the opportunity to work in all departments.

Charlotte Checkers Game Time!


2010Nov 11

SPAD & NFL Football: Great Match!!

By Lukas Hayes, 3rd SPAD Student

SPAD & the Buffalo Bills!!

What a weekend! A number of students (8 of them SPAD, including: Lawren and Sean Carroll, Kory Lafreniere, Brianne Pankoff, Caroline Rankin, Lukas Hayes, Brent Hurley and Cole Julien) had the opportunity to take in the NFL game between the Buffalo Bills and Chicago Bears over the weekend. This game is part of the “Bills in Toronto” campaign that the NFL has been conducting. We left on Saturday afternoon so that we would have plenty of time to take in the sights of Toronto and relax for a night before the big game. On a side note, we watched Hockey Night in Canada on the Saturday night, which left a lot of Leaf fans in a sour mood in our hotel room.

The next morning, we moved hotels to a downtown location that was within walking distance of the Rogers Center. By the time we arrived at the hotel and got settled, it was time to go to the game. Walking around the Rogers Center, there were numerous promotions and giveaways for the crowd to enjoy. We all collected towels to wave for the Bills, and headed inside. The atmosphere inside the building was electric to start the game. It seemed that there were more fans of the storied Bears franchise than Bills, and the rivalry continued all game. I could tell that all of us were very into the game, as we cheered loudly for any action. The halftime show featured the band Hinder and a lot of festivity. The game progressed, and the Bills ended up losing a heartbreaker 22-19. The game was very close and came down to the final few snaps.

The rest of Sunday saw us relaxing in the hotel, as we were all exhausted from an entertaining, fun-filled day. Monday morning saw us load up the mini-van at 5:30 AM in order to make our sport marketing class. Unfortunately, the early exit was for naught, as Dr. Pegoraro’s flight had been delayed and class was canceled. The early wakeup was the only downside to an otherwise awesome weekend!

Check out the View

Game On!!

2010Nov 10

SPAD Halloween Bash

By Cole  Julien, 3rd Year SPAD Student

SPAD VIkings!

SPAD held their annual Halloween Bash in the Pub Down Under on November 2nd, 2010. The event was a success to say the least. The event sold out and the Pub was packed all night, right up until close. LU students got in the Halloween spirit and went all out when dressing up for the event. There were some of the best costumes that I have ever seen. The event had it all, from a “witch” to a “guy in a shower”. But the best of the best were voted upon and awarded with the following awards:

Best Female Costume – A Chile Miner
Best Male Costume – Alan from the Hangover
Best Couple Costume – Pauly D and Vinny off of Jersey Shore
Best Group – Characters from Aladdin

There were also prizes raffled off outside of the Pub. One of the more notable raffle prizes was a team Canada jersey that was won by SPAD Council President Christopher Ackroyd who was dressed up as a modern day Viking alongside Brent Hurley.

Just another fun and successful SPAD event.