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2010Oct 25

Lane MacAdam: SPAD is Unique, Connected and Innovative.

Lane MacAdam (SPAD 1983)

On Saturday night, Laurentian University honoured Lane MacAdam as one of the Top 50 Alumni. SPAD 3rd Year Student Lukas Hayes had the pleasure of asking Lane a few key questions about his time here at LU and SPAD – here is what Lane had to say:

Best memory of SPAD at LU?

I would have to say our 4th year field trip. We travelled to the “Big Apple” and made presentations to IMG, Sports Illustrated, the NJ Devils and the Northlands Coliseum. While it was a little intimidating meeting with some the sport industry’s most prestigious organizations, we showed them that a little program from a small University could play with the best.

Proudest SPAD/LU moment?

While not necessarily a SPAD moment, winning the CIAU national soccer crown certainly ranks as one of my proudest moments at LU. I was co-captain and also named CIAU first team all star. It was a great way to cap off my varsity sport experience at Laurentian.

The SPAD network- Have you used it/still in contact with other alumni? How powerful is it?

I use the SPAD network almost everyday. Having worked in sport for over 26 years, I cross paths with SPAD grads all the time. We have grads involved in leadership positions in every aspect of sport management, from pro sport to the not for profit world to event management and the business world. The network is very much alive, active and continually growing. I met many current students this past weekend who I am sure to be in touch with again at some point.

Key characteristics needed to succeed in the sports industry (or related industries)?

The number one characteristic is passion. Sport by its very nature elicits passion in people. If you follow your passion, combined with hard work, and patience, good things will come.

Three words to describe SPAD?

  • Unique
  • Connected
  • Innovative
2010Oct 22

SPAD Alumni Ken Derrett: Be Passionate

Brent Hurley, 3rd Year SPAD student interviewed Top 50 Honoree Ken Derrett – here’s what Ken had to say.

Ken Derrett (SPAD 1978)

Best memory of SPAD/LU – probably by the end of 4th year….had just got back from the CIAU Men’s Basketball Championships and realized we had built a mini PR dept within the Athletic Dept and had helped promote a bunch of great teams and athletes across the country……

Proudest moment at SPAD/LU – I think being recognized by the Athletic Department at the year end banquet with a special Voyageur Award….for doing things I just liked doing…..having said that the participation in the 25th and 35th Reunions were great nights for many of us grads and for the program. (Hint – what is happening with the next one?)

The SPAD network- Have you used it/still in contact with other alumni? How powerful is it? – the two reunions are great examples of how strong the Network can be. I have been fortunate that I have some great friendships that I have maintained through SPAD. The strength of the network starts with each student and each grad…and the school can continue to foster the growth of it.

Key characteristics to succeed:

  • Passion ( they don’t teach that)
  • Willingness and ability to adapt to change in your department, your company and your industry.
  • Coupled with change, ability to be creative and innovative. You don’t need to be the most creative person, however we are all being asked to bring new ideas and change to our business to help grow it.

SPAD is:

  • Unique
  • Relationships
  • Rich
  • Special
2010Oct 21

Dave Bedford: The Power of SPAD

Cole Julien, 3rd Year SPAD student recently had the chance to talk with SPAD Alumni Dave Bedford about his experiences and memories of the SPAD Program here at Laurentian University.

Dave Bedford, SPAD 2007

1) Best memory of SPAD at LU? Proudest SPAD moment?

Interesting question, as I don’t really break out SPAD specifically from Laurentian University in terms of memories.  I guess I would have to say my best memory of SPAD is that in first week of first year I met a classmate named Charles Hamilton, and to this day we are best of friends.  I have two proudest moments — the first is being chosen for the NHL internship in 1980 (only one student per year was chosen) and the second was attending graduation in 2007 with (former SPAD Program Director) Dr. Bob Wanzel in attendance.

2) The SPAD network- Have you used it/still in contact with other alumni? How powerful is it?

I am constantly in touch with SPAD alumni.  It provides a great network, but more importantly many of my long time friends were part of the SPAD program.

3) Key characteristics needed to succeed in the sports industry (or related industries)?


4) Three words to describe SPAD?


2010Oct 20

Laurentian University and SPAD Celebrate 50 Years of Awesome Alumni!

SPAD Celebrates Awesome Alumni

As part of the 50th Anniversary Celebrations at Laurentian University, the Laurentian University Alumni Association will be recognizing 50 graduates who are the epitome of Laurentian University’s core values – Excellence, Collaboration, Community, Diversity, Equity & Accessibility and Quality of Life – and who exemplify these values through their scholarly, creative, professional or humanitarian contributions. A Gala Event is being held this Saturday, October 23rd, to celebrate all 50 Alumni chosen for this honor.

At SPAD we are extremely proud that 4 of our Alumni will be included in the 50 celebrated by Laurentian this week. The following are profiles of these 4 SPAD Alumni. Check back with the SPAD Blog throughout the week as we post short interviews with each of the recipients and celebrate the uniqueness that makes SPAD the premier sport management program in Canada!

David Bedford (SPAD 2007), Vice President, Marketing and Communications,  Toronto Argonauts

David Bedford brings over 25 years of sports and entertainment sponsorship and promotional marketing expertise to his current role as Vice President, Marketing and Communications for the Toronto Argonauts of the CFL.  From 2005 to 2010, Dave served as Executive Director, Marketing and Communications for the Canadian Olympic Committee. In that role, he was responsible for all brand building efforts for the COC, including Canada’s participation in the Olympic and Pan-American games.  Bedford led the sponsorship, advertising, promotions, media and public relations, events and stakeholder relations campaigns, as well as launched social media efforts and generated millions in brand impressions and incremental revenue for the COC with projects including “Paint the Town Red”, Canada Olympic House, the Canadian Olympic School Program and the Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame Gala.  Bedford also served as a Chef de Mission of the Canadian Olympic Team, the highest honor in Olympic sport, for the 2004 Athens Olympic Games.

Prior to joining the COC, David worked for over 5 years at IMG in both Canada and the U.S. in various capacities starting with Managing Director, Soccer Canada Properties and Director, Corporate Sales and Marketing, and culminating with Vice-President, Olympic Marketing Worldwide.  David also owned and operated his own marketing communications firm called Sizzle Communications from 1993-1999 with clients including General Mills Canada, M&M Mars, Gillette, Colgate-Palmolive, Smith & Nephew, Cadbury Allan, Ralston Purina, Warner Bros., Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Universal Studios, the Toronto Blue Jays, the Montreal Expos and the NHL. Dave has given back to SPAD over the years in so many ways, not the least of which has been his contributions in the classroom where he has taught the introductory courses for SPAD, bringing his wealth of industry knowledge and experience to the current SPAD cohort.

Ken Derrett, (SPAD 1978), Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer , San Diego Chargers

A native of Winnipeg, Manitoba Ken came to Sudbury to study at Laurentian University. His career has seen various positions in several sport leagues, associations and organizations. His initial setting of employment was the Canadian Football League (CFL). He began in 1978 and completed his duties in 1988. During the ten year period Ken was involved in a number of league projects, mainly the development of business and operating plans revolving around the Grey Cup Championship. Following his departure from the CFL. Ken found himself as manager for Sports and Entertainment Properties at Labatt Breweries of Canada from 1978-1995. Throughout his tenure with the Labatt Brewery organization he managed a variety of sport properties including the NFL, Canadian Olympic Association, Toronto Blue Jays, the Canadian Curling Association, Hockey Canada and the Common Wealth Games. He was able to develop numerous strategic relationships during his stay most notably with the Canadian Country Music Association, TSN and the SkyDome.

With a vast portfolio and a career filled with experience and expertise Ken jumped into the National Basketball Association (NBA) with the newly created NBA Canada in 1995. He found his role within the company as managing director and eventually assumed the position of senior vice president for global marketing partnerships for the NBA in March of 1999. As a veteran in the field sport business Ken has once again found a new spot for employment when he joined the San Diego Chargers of the NFL in 2001. In 2008, Ken was awarded an honorary degree from Laurentian University in recognition of his contributions to the sport industry and in raising the profile of SPAD and LU. Continuing to make his impact on the sport world, Ken was recently promoted to the positions of Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer with San Diego Chargers.

Dale Hooper (SPAD 1991), Vice President Marketing, PepsiCo Beverages Canada.

Dale Hooper is Vice President of Marketing for PepsiCo Beverages Canada. He has more than 17 years of experience in the consumer packaged goods industry with PepsiCo, Frito Lay Canada, and Cadbury Chocolate Canada. He has developed products, marketing programs, and advertising campaigns that have been adapted in many countries around the world.  Dale also has extensive experience in Partnership Marketing.  He has worked with all the major sports organizations, record labels and networks.  Many of the programs have won Canadian Marketing and Promo Awards.

Dale acts as the Communications Director on the Canadian Paralympic Committee Board of Directors. He also sits on the Boards for the Association of Canadian Advertisers, OnexOne, is a member of the Laurentian University SPAD Advisory Committee, and was a member of the 2007 Grey Cup Advisory Board. Dale is a tireless supporter of SPAD and is perhaps one of the best brand ambassadors SPAD will ever have.

Lane MacAdam (SPAD 1983), Director-Sport Excellence, Sport Canada

Director of Sport Excellence at Sport Canada, Lane MacAdam has spent over 25 years serving at the highest levels of Canadian amateur sport. From 1991 until 2002, he was President and Chief Executive Office of the Canada Games Council. He has served on numerous sport councils and committees, and was Vice-President of the Canadian Sport and Fitness Administration Centre and a Board Member of the Canada Games Council. He is currently a member of the Own the Podium Steering Committee and Co-Chair of the Canadian Sport Centres Coordinating Committee.

Lane played varsity soccer while attending Laurentian and was captain of the soccer team when it captured the national title in 1983. He received the Laurentian’s Voyageur Award for Athletic Excellence and is a Member of the University’s Hall of Fame. Lane is currently pursuing his MBA (SPAD) at Laurentian and we look forward to welcoming him to that alumni group very shortly.

2010Oct 15

Matt: The Canadian Intern

Matt Medaglia, 4th year SPAD student and intern with the Charlotte Checkers was interviewed by the local FOX morning show.Below is a link to the video interview. Look for Matt’s interview to start around the 6:06 minute mark and note the fantastic opening from Matt.

Matt – The Canadian Intern

More to come from Matt when his internship blog post goes live  – stay tuned!!

2010Oct 14

SPAD Internship: CFL’s Hamilton Ticats

Jessica Taylor's Internship Story

By Jessica Taylor, 4th Year SPAD Student and Brent Hurley, 3rd Year SPAD Student


The Canadian Football League (CFL) has been in existence since the 1860’s. The Hamilton Football Club was formed in the later years of that decade. Therefore, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats franchise has been involved in the CFL for a total of 151 years. This summer for my internship, I got the opportunity to be a part of that rich Hamilton history by working with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in their Marketing Department, an opportunity that will not be forgotten.

On a typical day, I would enter the office usually between 8:30 and 9:00 in the morning. From there, I would normally check my e-mail first thing in case there was anything pressing that had to get done immediately. On occasion I would be asked to scan the Hamilton Spectator, a local newspaper, for news stories pertaining to the Tiger-Cats and save them to the system accordingly. Although this may not seem as the most interesting job, I was more aware of the happenings within the organization.

Due to the fact I was involved in the marketing department that allowed me to attend internal game day meetings with other staff members involved with game day. Near the beginning of the summer it was more preparation work to ensure each element of the first few home games were properly looked at. During these meetings I learned at lot in terms of how much preparation and work needs to be done ahead of time before a game. The organization for the games actually begins sometime in March or April and the preseason games don’t happen until June.

Typical Day in the Office for a Tiger Cats intern!


2010Oct 12

WIN an all inclusive trip for 2 – SPAD Suitcase Party!

This week is the last week to buy tickets for the SPAD Suitcase Party!!.

Merit Travel, SPAD & the SGA present the Annual Suitcase PArty
A $10 ticket will get you entry to the Pub Downunder (the location of the event) along with a chance to win the above 3 top prizes. You do not have to be there to win BUT YOU MUST have a ticket!!

A grand prize draw of an all inclusive trip for 2 with the second and third place prizes of Ottawa Senator’s box seat tickets, and lower bowl Toronto Raptor’s tickets.

SPAD Suitcase Party - Oct 16th

Other raffle prizes include: Toronto Raptor’s tickets, Toronto Maple Leaf tickets, Quicksilver swag, Gift cards and plenty more.

There is a beach theme in effect for the party and prizes will be given out for best dressed male and female. So come on out Saturday October 16th in your best beachwear to the Pub Downunder!

A prize will also be given to the person who buys the most entry tickets.

You can buy tickets in front of the Great Hall between 1pm and 4pm daily. Tickets are also available from the SPAD office (F330) and the SGA office.

So get out there and get a ticket – and win a trip for the Fall Break week.

2010Oct 12

SPAD Bowling Never Disappoints

By Cole Julien, Vice President, SPAD Student Council

SPAD Bowling Makes a Return

SPAD Bowling took place on Wednesday, October 6th and what a night it was. The night started off with a group of 45 SPAD students gathering to watch Roy Halladay make his MLB Playoff debut with the Philadelphia Phillies and the Doc did not disappoint. He made his mark in MLB playoff history by throwing only the second NO HITTER in playoff history and the first since 1956. After the excitement of the baseball game was done, the group of SPAD students went to Plaza Bowl to put their bowling skills to the test. Everyone got to compete against each other in two games of friendly competition. Some obviously were better than others but in the end it didn’t come down to who won or lost. It came down to having a good time and creating a bond with SPAD students from frosh to fourth year. After bowling ended the group returned to residence and enjoyed the rest of the night. After it was all said and done, October is now known as DOCTOBER and 45 SPAD students have created memories that they will never forget.

2010Oct 7

Wanted: Your SPAD Photos!!

Click to see SPAD Photos

Yes we want your SPAD Photos!!! We are looking for ways to showcase SPAD and show everyone out there a little of what happens inside SPAD here at Laurentian. So if you have photos of SPAD events, SPAD students, SPAD hockey, and well anything relate to just SPAD – send them in. We will add them to the SPAD Flickr Photostream – see the icon at the left, you should also see one at the top of the SPAD blog that looks very similar – just click on it and you will be able to see all the photos uploaded to date.

So if you have photos, please send them to the SPAD Blog Team:

Cole Julien:

Brent Hurley:

Lukas Hayes:

2010Oct 7

SPAD Shinny Hockey is Back for 2010!

SPAD Shinny is BACK

SPAD Shinny is a perennial hockey league hosted at various arenas in Sudbury. Offering an environment in which the backyard hockey player can play alongside the highly skilled, in a no-pressure hockey league. Males and females alike are encouraged to work cohesively as a team. The league begins on the 15th of October, and runs until the 1st of April. Scheduled Friday afternoons at both 1 pm and 2 pm, games are played primarily at the Carmichael Arena, and Sudbury Arena, home to the Wolves. The four team league consists of an 18 game schedule, with equal balance between one and two o’clock games, as well as a numbered jersey, all this for the small fee of $200 (including a refundable $20 jersey deposit).

This years’ league will also provide statistics postings, including; goals, assists, save percentage and penalty minutes. Player registration is daily in West Residence from 11am until 2 pm, during the week of October 4th -8th. Posters are located at various places around campus. Please feel free to contact any organizer or the SPAD office if any questions arise.

This is a great experience and a good way to spend Friday afternoons. Last year’s league ran smooth and I found the weekly games to be a great way to get off campus once a week and play Canada’s game. You’ll meet new people and if you sign up with friends, the organizers will do their best to ensure you play on the same team. Feel free to contact us with any questions and we look forward to seeing you Fridays. Sign up now!

Michael J (     Matt R (
Andrew H (     Geoff G (
Shannon O (     Stephen T (