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2010Sep 30

Intern Experience: Marketing the Toronto Blue Jays

By Sean Carroll, SPAD 4th Year Student

Imagine you could work for favourite sports team for a summer.  Now think about spending that same time period in Canada’s biggest city.  Well, that is exactly what I did this summer.  I was fortunate enough to get an internship with the Toronto Blue Jays’ Marketing Department.  It was definitely an unbelievable experience that I will never forget.

On any given day I would take on various tasks that were both routine and interesting, as anyone in my position would want to soak up as much knowledge as possible, regardless of the assignment.  I would start my day off typically between 8am and 9am and check my email to see if there was anything that needed my immediate attention.  At some point early in the day I would receive information from my boss with regards to the previous day and input that data into reports.  Nearly every Monday, the Marketing Department would meet at 10am to discuss the upcoming home games, various promotions and updates on marketing strategies that could assist the Organization down the line.  After daily reports were complete, I would look through various newspapers to collect paid and promotional ads for the team and file them accordingly.  Now, obviously these seem like regular intern responsibilities, but some of the coolest things that I was able to encounter happened at different points throughout the summer.


2010Sep 28

A day in the life of a SPAD Frosh: An interview with Brianne Pankoff

By Lukas Hayes, 4th Year SPAD Student

I recently had the opportunity to interview one of the SPAD Frosh students and find out a little more about her experiences with the program.  Here is what Brianne had to say regarding SPAD:

SPAD First Year students: Caroline Rankin(l) and Brianne Pankoff(r)

Q: “So Brianne, tell me how you came to find out about the SPAD program.”

A: “In my grade 12 Exercise Science class we had a SPAD student come in and tell our entire class about the program. I was originally planning in going into Kinesiology without much enthusiasm about the science aspect but I was willing to go into it because I wanted to do something in sports. When I heard about SPAD it was literally what I had been interested in all along and I had had no idea a program like that existed. The student made the program sound both fun and interesting. The key things that really stood out for me were when they mentioned the internship and the field trip. Until that point, I had never even heard of Laurentian. When I went to check out campus and the program, they had everything up for me for the day. I had a great tour guide and got to meet with Ann and learn more about the program first hand. This aspect was cool because how often do you meet the director of your program for any other program/school.”

Q: “How did you feel coming to SPAD? Did the introduction letter and facebook group help to alleviate the nerves?”

A: “I had heard so many good things about SPAD as well as how close the program becomes over time. I wasn’t really nervous at all because I figured there’re only so many people in this program and we don’t really have a flexible schedule. We’re all going to have to be friends and spend time with each other for the next 4 years. Also everyone was really good about the facebook group. A lot of upper year and student council SPAD students added you to facebook and offered advice and were totally open to any questions, SPAD or general university life related. It was also nice to talk to some other frosh before getting to Laurentian to kind of get to at least know some people before arriving. In my case, you pack up and move 6 hours north where no one you know is remotely going even close to the same school.”


2010Sep 24

SPAD Frosh Day: More than just a program: it’s a lifestyle!

By Cole Julien, 3rd Year SPAD Student, Student Council Vice President

SPAD Frosh Sharing Funny, Personal Stories

SPAD Frosh day started out with a brief meeting where the SPAD Council presented the frosh with a short slide show to tell the frosh what this program is all about and to show them what they have to look forward to in the future of this wonderful program. The council and frosh swapped names, hometowns, and funny stories about one another to get to know each other before a long day of activities.

After the meeting everyone had pizza and pop for lunch and the frosh got to know each other a little better with a couple icebreaker games. This is where the competitive nature of SPAD started to show in all the young frosh. After lunch the frosh were challenged both physically and mentally in a game of paintball at Dodge This! in Garson, Ontario. The frosh played in a series of games including elimination in the main field and capture the flag on Hamburger Hill. By the end of afternoon all the frosh were covered in paint head-to-toe with the majority of them having bumps and bruises from battle. There were even some frosh that didn’t want to leave because they were having such a good time.

SPAD Frosh taking a break from the Paintball action

After returning to campus, Frosh Day ended with the frosh attending a meet and greet with faculty and upper year students. There were more upper year students then ever before. This gave the frosh the opportunity to meet more people and ask questions to the students that were in their shoes just a few years ago. The frosh had the pleasure of being introduced to the Director Dr. Ann Pegoraro, Secretary Lynn Levac, Assistant Professor and Internship Coordinator Dr. Anthony Church, and Professor Tyler Aird. Both faculty and students enjoyed burgers, hotdogs, chips and pop for dinner and for desert the frosh were lucky enough to enjoy a SPAD cake in the shape of the SPAD logo, which was a SPAD Frosh day first. In the end SPAD Frosh day was a success and the future of SPAD is in great hands.

SPAD Frosh Class of 2014!

2010Sep 21

SPAD Kicks off the Year in Jerseys & Flags!

By: Brent Hurley, 3rd Year SPAD Student

L-R Tyler Stewart (Yankees) & Stephen Tihal (Leafs),3rd year SPAD students

This past weekend SPAD celebrated “Sports Day in Canada” with National Jersey Day Friday and our first event of the year, the SPAD Flag Football tournament spanning Friday and Saturday.  The event was organized by four upper year SPAD students, and was graciously sponsored by Gatorade, SGA, Vrab’s Independent Grocers and New Orleans Pizza and many others. A big thanks to all our sponsors – no SPAD event is possible without your support!!

On Friday as the tournament got under way, numerous SPAD students and staff could be seen wearing their team’s colours or their favourite player’s jersey in support of National Jersey Day and Sports Day in Canada.  With the hockey season just around the corner, a few NHL jerseys were spotted, including one of the new and beautiful Toronto Maple Leafs jerseys.  Besides that, a couple New York Yankees jerseys were spotted as the MLB playoffs inch closer and obviously a variety of NFL team colours were seen around the field as the football got under way.

The tournament featured 12 co-ed teams vying for the SPAD Cup.  Under blue skies on Friday, the tournament kicked off with teams ranging from all engineers, to an almost all girls team, to a few SPAD teams.  Games were played eight on eight, with a minimum of two girls being on the field at all times.  As day one winded down, two of the SPAD teams (“Julien Salads” and “Swagger Daggers”) finished the round robin 3-0 and appeared to be on a crash course to meet in the finals when the playoffs got under way Saturday.


2010Sep 14

SPAD Celebrates Sports Day in Canada

This week the first ever Sports Day in Canada and SPAD is planning to celebrate! This national day of celebration of Sport happens this coming Saturday – September 18. The link below provides further information on the National Event. Link to Sports Day in Canada Release

As the release states, “to rally support for Sports Day in Canada, national Jersey Day will be held on Friday September 17.  Across the country, Canadians can show their love and support for sport by wearing a jersey, team or club uniform to school, work or play.  People of all ages are being encouraged to join the movement and proudly wear their hearts on their sleeves”. SPAD Faculty will be wearing their jerseys to work that day and encourages all students and alumni to do the same. So wear your jersey to work/school – take a picture and send it along to us and we can upload to the SPAD Pictures feed. Do you support the Leafs, the Canadiens or Team Canada? Let us see your colours and your passion for sport!!! email pictures to

On Sports Day in Canada, SPAD will host the 4th Annual SPAD Flag Football Tournament sponsored by Gatorade. The Tournament will commence on Friday, September 17th and will be held in conjunction with Sport Day in Canada on September 18th. This year’s tournament aims to be the best yet and gives participants the opportunity to win many fantastic prizes. The grand prize features Buffalo Bills tickets for the entire championship team. Teams can also win tickets for the entire team to a Sudbury Wolves game, and the SGA Frosh concert. In addition, there are many other great prizes to be won! SPAD would like to thank  all the sponsors of this event:


2010Sep 10

SPAD Frosh Day Today

I bet that title brings back a few memories for SPAD Alumni out there! Paintball and BBQ on tap for today. I thought I would post a picture of the new track and athletic facilities for all to see. Nice addition here at LU.

Had a great first week of classes! Met the incoming SPAD Frosh on Wednesday in our SPAD 0100 class and learned some interesting tidbits about some of them. There was a great debate on favorite hockey teams and players and we got to know everyone’s hometown. Seems that SPAD is big in the Peterborough area this year and it might be hard to keep all the “ALEX’s” and “JOHN’s” sorted out. We have students from all over Ontario, Alberta, across Canada and even from China this year. Also had first class for 3rd yr SPAD in Sport Marketing – looks like it should be a good class with lively debate -wouldn’t expect anything less from SPAD Students!

As usual the first week has been hectic. Big welcome back to all returning students and to our student council lead by Chris Ackroyd. Chris has assured me that the Council has some fun planned for this year including a new offering of SPAD Wear  – so stay tuned for details on that. We hope to have our SPAD student bloggers selected and ready to start posting next week so get ready for some great inside stories on life in SPAD. Enjoy the Frosh Day and the weekend ahead – and the start of the NFL Season!

2010Sep 1

SPAD in Scotland – Summer 2010

A Blog Post by SPAD Internship Students Julia Kay & Victoria Kulczycki

Where to start…

Being in Scotland has been amazing so far.  We are both working for Scottish Gymnastics which is located on the Stirling University Campus in Stirling which is in the middle of Central Scotland.  The offices are in Airthrey Castle on campus and the office windows look over the 9-hole university golf course, can’t really get any better. The organization was able to help us rent a flat in a little village just outside of Stirling called Menstrie.  We are only a 45 minute train ride to Edinburgh and a 30 min ride to Glasgow and taking the bus to work only take five minutes. To say the least we are perfectly situated which has made things a lot easier!

Living here has been an adjustment, such as driving on the other side of the road, the accent (that was a tough one to get used too), and currency to only name a few.  We work Monday to Friday, but are done at noon on Fridays which fits perfectly with all our traveling plans.  We have already been to St.Andrews, Edinburgh and Glasgow several times, York and Blackpool.  St.Andrews was amazing as it was already getting ready and setting up for The Open, the beaches were beautiful and the university was incredible.  There are endless things to do in Edinburgh and Glasgow.  Edinburgh has a more cultural feel, with the castle and parliament buildings being there but also has a great student vibe as it is home to several different Universities and Colleges.  Glasgow though is just an unreal time; we found out that it was the place to go if you want a great Scottish night out. Endless rows of night clubs and gorgeous markets with restaurants and museums, oh and did we mention the shopping!!