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2010Mar 26

Day 6: SPAD tours Candlestick Park

The 49ers' Locker Room!!

On Thursday we all loaded into the vans and headed into San Francisco to tour Candlestick Park. Dr. Anthony Church had set up a great facility tour and presentation from Candlestick Park facilities staff. When we arrived the first surprise was that we were told to park in the players parking lot – so immediately we were let into the internal sanctum of the stadium. After we all disembarked from the vans, we were meet by the facility management team and ushered into the 49er’s locker room – yep that is right we were escort right into the players locker room. We then spent the next hour sitting in the same room where so many greats had sat before us: Joe Montana, Steve Young, Dwight Clark, Jerry Rice to name only a few. (more…)

2010Mar 25

Day 5: SPAD Presents to Stanford University Athletics

SPAD Stanford Group 1

While one SPAD group was winding its way around the Bay to Cal, two other groups were taking a shorter commute from San Jose to Palo Alto to present their projects to Stanford University Athletics. The groups were well received by a large group at Stanford and proceeded to make two very excellent presentations.

The first group made a detailed presentation on a new consumer group for Stanford Athletics. The detail of the analysis and depth of ideas created some interesting questions after the presentation and throughout the day. Erik Foo, Jarrod Copland, Fernandes Godomon, Josh Gelinas and Kory Crawford spoke to a captivated audience for twenty-five minutes before yielding the floor to the second SPAD student group.

SPAD Stanford Group 2

The second group consisting of Sean Hafey, Martin Landry, Danielle Rounsville, John Atherton and Jason Little made a detailed presentation pertaining to social media. This including an in depth analysis of the state of social media in NCAA athletics, professional sport leagues as well as detailed suggestions for the use of social media by Stanford Athletics. Again the audience was very receptive to the to presentation and the ideas. Both presentations and the ability to work for Stanford were great opportunities for SPAD to shine once again.

After the presentations, we had a great lunch on campus followed by an extensive tour of the Stanford Athletics facilities (thanks Kevin Blue). On a beautiful day, it was awesome to spend the day walking around one of the premier university campuses in North America. Great day for SPAD!!

2010Mar 24

Day 5: University of California Bears meet SPAD

Cal Bears and SPAD

A winning combination SPAD and Cal Bears.

On Wednesday we were finally in the home stretch for presentations. The day saw the group of Rob Campbell, Darren Kachkowski, Shawn Stephenson, Mike Kloepfer and Rob Adams make their way around the Bay to University of California in Berkley to meet with the Athletic Department.

The group worked on a very detailed marketing project for Cal which was well received by the attendees. Our students once again showed a high quality set of solutions for the host organization and left a lasting impression on Cal.

2010Mar 23

SPAD Field Trip: Golden State & Stockton Thunder

On the fourth day of the field trip SPAD student groups were in full presentation mode. Besides the presentation to Oakland A’s, students presented to the Golden State Warriors and Stockton Thunder.

For Golden State, the student group looked at ways to improve the team’s social media presence. For most organizations, social media as become a hot topic. Thankfully the SPAD students were able to provide some good advice and ideas to the Team. Great work by the SPAD team consisting of Danielle Funger, John Hood, Brian Gallant, Pierre Huneault and Kyle Davidson !!

The Stockton Thunder were treated to some good advice and ideas from ‘hockey’ mad Canadian students. As most people know, SPAD knows hockey and this project allowed students to showcase this knowledge and provide good ideas to Stockton for their local fan base. SPAD and Hockey – an inseparable duo. Way to do SPAD proud Ryan Best, Sean Wilson, Nick Polito, Kurt Mispel-Bayer.

2010Mar 16

The SPAD Field Trip Day 4 – More Presentations!!

SPAD and the 1989 World Series Trophy!!

So the first presentation was out of the way, which was great! But we still had six more groups who were working on and honing their presentations. So Monday evening saw these groups and the faculty and grad student panel back in the hotel “boardroom”. Groups presented, the panel critiqued and some lively debates happened. Finally it was time to call it a night – well for the panel anyway – as there were 3 presentations scheduled for Tuesday.

First up on Tuesday was the Oakland A’s from MLB. This group had the pleasure of presenting at 9 am and got the day rolling with a start. After spending countless hours working on their research and crafting their presentation, the team of Billy McCreight, Greg Stephenson, John Barrett and Justin Seresse headed off to Oakland and The Oakland Coliseum. Again the client organization was a gracious host for our students who, once again, definitely exceeded their expectations with an excellent presentation, including some immediately implementable solutions to the issues presented by team management. (more…)

2010Mar 16

SPAD 4th Year Field Trip – Presentations Begin

SPAD and the San Jose Earthquakes

After a long flight on Saturday the student groups started doing their practice presentations on the ground in San Jose. Sunday saw students working furiously on their projects and then stepping in front of the panel of faculty and graduate students to practice their presentations. Some individuals on the panel started to be referred to as Simon or Simone Cowell (- hmm wonder who that was?) . Truly the experience was a boot camp for the students but all of the criticism was aimed at getting them more than ready to step in front of the real audiences  – their clients – the sport organizations. So after many hours in the “boardroom” in the hotel in San Jose, SPAD students started their presentations on Monday. The first group to present was the group who worked on a project for the San Jose Earthquakes. The student group included Nicole Thebaud, Jan Egert, Steven Rachkowski, Erika Campbell and Erin Vagnini. They were supervised by SPAD Faculty Dr. Tony Church and Prof. Tyler Aird. According to Dr. Church, the students’ presentation was well received by the Earthquake administration and included a lively discussion of the students’ ideas for the club. After the presentation there was  tour of the Earthquakes’ facility (which got 2 thumbs up from Steve and Jan the soccer experts) and then the customary celebration with faculty members after all was said and done. What a great kick off to the Field Trip presentations!!

2010Mar 8

SPAD knows the way to San Jose!!

The SPAD 4th year Field Trip is in the San Francisco area this week to deliver consulting projects to various professional and amateur sport teams. Headquartered in San Jose, the students and professors arrived late Saturday night after a very long travel day that started with a bus ride from Toronto to the Buffalo airport, followed by a flight path from Buffalo to Phoenix to Los Angeles and finally on to San Jose.

After finally getting a night of sleep, the student teams were up early to start their practice presentations in front of the panel of judges – professors and graduate students. This process took up most of the day and into the evening as the groups continued to fine-tune their presentations.

Today the hard work finally pays off as the first group will be off to present to the San Jose Earthquakes this afternoon – pictures and story to follow. On Tuesday, the trip will swing into high gear with presentations to the Oakland A’s, Golden State Warriors and Stockton Thunder.

2010Mar 4

Randy Pascal SPAD’85: In the News!!

Great article on SPAD Alumni Randy Pascal by his friend Ken Campbell who writes for the Hockey News:

Ken Campbell & Randy Pascal enjoy some hockey together

Here is an excerpt from the article:

By Ken Campbell 2010-02-27

VANCOUVER – When Randy Pascal and I were growing up, we dreamed of playing in the NHL. Hardly puts us in exclusive company.

But as is the case for the vast majority of kids, reality set in somewhere around our teens. Neither of us could skate or shoot or pass or do pretty much anything well enough to get out of house league, although we did have one helluva year playing alongside Marc Maisoneuve back in Bantam.

Randy’s father, Al, was once a prospect for the Chicago Blackhawks, so I’m not sure what his excuse is, but alas, our dream of taking part in the highest level of hockey died early.

Or not.

For the rest of Ken’s article visit the Hockey News. Thanks Ken for the great article and Randy – can’t wait to hear more about your time at the Olympics.

2010Mar 3

SPAD Students on LU Radio Thursday!!

SPAD at the Olympics

This Thursday SPAD students who attended or worked at the Olympic Games will be guests on “The Sports Hour” with Shawn & Steve on CKLU radio here at Laurentian University. Here is what Shawn and Steve has said about the upcoming show:

O CANADA! So the Olympics are over, and Canada walked away with 14 gold medals, and 2 new records. We definitely put on a brilliant show that people will be talking about for years. Congratulations to everyone around the games for making it a monumental success.

THIS THURSDAY, MARCH THE 4TH ON THE SPORTS HOUR, WE’LL HAVE SOME OF THEM IN STUDIO! We’re loading up the CKLU studio with Olympic goers, so that all of you loyal listeners can see the games from new perspectives. We all sat in front of the TV for 2 weeks, and enjoyed it as fans. This Thursday, you’ll hear what it was like to be behind the scenes at the games, making everything work. Then, you’ll hear what it was like being a fan right in the middle of it all, taking in the events. Last but not least, you’ll hear what it was like to experience a whole country come over by Olympic fever, after driving across most of it, just to be there. We have lots of guests, all in studio sharing their once-in-a-lifetime Olympic experiences. Be sure to tune in Thursday at 10AM, locally in Sudbury on 96.7 FM, and around the world at WWW.CKLU.CA !!!

2010Mar 2

Shawn Upson SPAD’95: Headed Home from Olympic Adventure

Shawn says goodbye to the Olympics

Shawn Upson has left the building – or should I say he has left the Olympics. He has posted some final stories on his blog and here is what was on his Twitter feed this morning:

Just waiting for my luggage, the kids are on the other side of that door waiting…c’mon bags, hurry up!!!

I can’t believe it really is all over, I’m surprisingly sad. Indian buffet is helping me cope with the sadness

It feels weird in the city, like a massive house party-everyone gone home and you’re left sitting alone on the couch saying “wow, now what?”

From Shawn’s blog:

Friday Feb 26: today is a sad day indeed. It’s my last bus ride to Whistler, for my final shift. Where did the last 15 days go? How can it feel like I’ve been here forever, yet at the same time wonder how the time flew by?

I decided this morning to make one final attempt to get into the Olympic Store at The Bay. Every time I’ve been there it’s at least an hour long lineup, even at 11 pm at night. There was a rumour going around that they were going to open 24 hrs for the final weekend, but that’s not the case. This morning was no different, huge line and I had to catch myfinal bus so time for a desperation move — use my creds to get past security, and it worked! Why didn’t I try that a week ago?