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2010Jan 31

The Olympic Torch

On a day amongst snowy weather, brisk temperatures, and proud Canadians, one cannot fight the feeling of indulgence in a special moment. As the Olympic Torch made its way through Brady Square in Sudbury, Ont., it gave Canadians, both young and old, an opportunity to display their passion for Olympic spirit and Vancouver 2010. Although various news outlets were more concerned with Sidney Crosby’s torch carrying path, or the distance covered by the flame, this caravan of hope and excitement could be hard pressed to be as successful without a strong scent from the School of Sports Administration.

A SPAD contingent lead by torch relay marketing manager Andrew Greenlaw (SPAD 2001), has now traveled over 45,000 kilometers to Vancouver, leaping into the record books as the longest torch relay to take place in a single country. “It’s incredible to have a job where you can explore your own country, and be able to do it with the Olympics is just amazing. This is why I enrolled in SPAD. It was a dream come true,” explained Greenlaw, who joined VANOC in 2006.

Greenlaw is joined on the torch relay by the following SPAD alumni: transport and logistics manager Eric Chene (SPAD 2001), operations assistants Kim Russell (SPAD 2008), and Billy Pilon (PEDE 2002), who is acting as a torchbearer host.

While SPAD alumni are playing an integral part in the successful event for the past weeks, it is the next generation of graduates that is making the most of their opportunity in this moment. Jason-Scott Benoit, Reuben Greenspoon, Jamie Howlett, Jason Aguiar, Billy McCreight alongside associate Professor Xiaoyan Xing, and SPAD director Ann Pegoraro all aided in the event in Sudbury.  Pegoraro was also an acting member of the Sudbury Olympic Torch Relay Organizing Committee and volunteered for the VIP activities, hosted by former Laurentian professor Bob Rodgers. She was proud to state that “it was a great LU day at the torch relay”.

It took 22 years for the Olympic Torch to return to Canadian soil, however, this time, it will not be leaving without Canadians celebrating gold medals throughout the nation. It didn’t happen in Montreal, and it wasn’t time in Calgary, but 2010 is our year. Let the Olympic torch arrive in Vancouver, and start off the gold rush.

written by Jan Egert with material by Laura Young

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