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1st Year Sports Statistics Poster Day Highlights

Poster Day 2013

Poster Day 2013

On Tuesday December 3rd 2013, Dr. Vincent’s first year Sports Statistics students held their research poster presentations. The presentations took place inside the West Residence conference room. During the course of the semester, 29 student pairings conducted statistical research on a topic of their choice. The presentations were an opportunity for each of them to reveal the results of their research.

The assignment required students to test hypotheses of their choosing. By gathering information on each of their respective topics, students were able to analyze results through the use of statistical models. Each poster displayed the results of each student’s individual research. During the one hour session, students and guests toured the room, visiting different poster stations. It’s during this time that every group had the opportunity to explain the results and contents of their poster.

Topics covered a wide variety sports, testing everything from the sophomore slump in the NBA, to the relationship between fighting and winning in the NHL. The presentations were all quite impressive. It was apparent that every group took pride in their research, and it was reflected in the quality of each poster. Sports Statistics is a new class, therefore this was a new and exciting opportunity for everyone involved.

Dean of the Faculty of Management, Dr. Stephen Havlovic was also on hand to take in the presentations. He spoke to the class after the presentations, and talked about how impressed he was with the work that was on display. Dr. Havlovic also spoke about the importance of gaining hands-on experience through projects such as these. Learning to back up statements through research is vital to many aspects of life.

Students were also required to vote on different categories during the presentations. The winners of each category was revealed at the end of the presentations.Winning teams took the opportunity to deliver acceptance speeches. Ultimately, Kevin Miller and Seth Board were named the top presenters, with their research topic “Is Calvin Johnson The G.O.A.T.? Calvin Johnson’s 329 Receiving Yard Performance” (Poster shown on right).

Poster by Kevin Miller and Seth Board

Poster by Kevin Miller and Seth Board

At the end of the evening, students had a chance to debrief with pizza and pop refreshments. The inaugural poster presentations were definitely a great way for students to gain hands-on experience in statistical research. Being able to support arguments through the use of statistical models is something that will help these students throughout their post-secondary studies. To view the different posters from the presentations, click here.

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